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Tali and Garrus

its finally done :)

i'm so happy with how they came out. and the price i think, is right. I love you all! thank you treehouse~

now available…
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Oh shit, I have the Garrus one...You made these? I've had that hood for a few years now lol. Though mine is more silky/shiny
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OH! You did thos3e! I have both of them <_<
ayashi77's avatar
I just got Tali hoodie this week. 💖💖 got some many people asking where I got it from. So gave them the link to bioware store and to your DA. I'm waiting for Garrus to be stocked again
Lightningstorm113's avatar
Even if the Garrus one is male only... I'd buy it. In fact... *starts throwing money* I NEEEEDDD ITTT. 
theredshewolf's avatar
The official Bioware store was selling Tali, Garrus, and Wrex hoodies. They may still be available.
VampireSensei's avatar
This is friggen awesome!
I would buy these in a heart beat! (Sadly when I look they don't seem to have them/I can't find them?)
I hope they make the rest of your designs too!
bladedancer111's avatar
these arent in store cant find them sold out?
SausageandTits's avatar
They were in a trial-run to see if people are interested. I really want to see more.
i found this last month and i have been searching endlessly for something other than Garrus. Love him, but i'm a Quarian fanatic! gotta have Tali and Kal's jacket!
KnightsApprentice's avatar
These are simply awesome. I'd had my eye on the Garrus one but when I finally got the money for it, it vanished from Bioware's store. Super bummed about that. But I will patiently wait for another chance at it. Though yeah, like most people I prefer the Archangel armour to the ME3 set.
theredshewolf's avatar

I'm with you there. I believed Archangel was Garrus' signature look. but they chose ME3 so oh well.

hope they restock!

KnightsApprentice's avatar
Yep, if you google an image of Garrus, it's the Archangel armour he shows up in nine times out of ten. And considering it took me months to get the money together, they better, lol.
ReignitedN7's avatar
I ordered the Garrus one (for my hubby- I have an N7 one) before they took it off from Holiday!! Thank you so much for designing these!!!
theredshewolf's avatar

thanks for supporting them!

I hope their success means more of the designs will show up in the future. :)

Verulo's avatar
Neither appear to be on the BioWare store at all anymore. Any idea what happened?
takisis's avatar
I dont see a Tali one? :( SADNESS
Firestream175's avatar
I hope they think about making the wrex hoddie, totally worth the money :D
InfamouslyJules's avatar
I made an account on this site just to tell you how much I enjoy these designs. I ordered the Tali one last week. I expect it to be here sometime next week (I live in Canada, so I have to wait a bit long for my shipment). I can't wait. I'm going to practically live in my Tali sweater. I might get the Garrus one later on as well.... something I can bum around the house in that makes me feel like Turian Batman.
Thank you for coming up with these designs. They're gorgeous and they turned out beautifully. Though I will admit that I liked your original designs a little more, these are still beautiful, and I just have to congratulate you on getting them "published" (not sure if that's the correct word to us, but you know what I mean).

Not saying you have to do one, but are there chances of a Miranda design? I feel like I'm one of the ten straight girls that actually like Miranda. She's still my homegirl! lol
KazzyMoyashi's avatar
I totally ordered both of these and they're finally being processed in MI for shipment~ I'm so excited~

Though, I do wish the Garrus design had been based more off of your design (as in the ME1-ish design) instead of his ME3 outfit, but oh well. Either way, I'm hoping he'll be in before Christmas so I can wear him Christmas morning. XD
ToxicXneuromance's avatar
Hey let me know how these fit. I saw your earlier post and our bust is about the same.
I'm too nervous to by the wrong size. Lol. So please tell me your opinion!
KazzyMoyashi's avatar
Hey there.

I just got my sweaters in today. Garrus is a bit big, but comfortably so - it was the smallest size (Small), so it's fine overall. tali fits like a glove, but I like my sweaters form-fitted without being too tight, so if you like that, then get a Medium (that's the size I ordered). If you want a bit more room to move (as in an inch or two), I'd say go for a Large.

I'm happy with my Medium Tali and Small Garrus sweaters~ ♥ So much love.
Puppethunterr's avatar
Amazing :D I got the Garrus hoodie for my girlfriend hehe :D
DougieFresh66's avatar
Congrats lupodirosso! I am so glad they finally made your hoodies! I hope to see more and I should be wearing a garrus by Christmas!
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