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My very first shared feature, and I decided to select 10 of my watcher at random, plus 10 people I watch.
What should I feature next? Feedback is welcomed.

:thumb215680168: Vectored Self by ayemjake :thumb211684108: Silent PainIt hurts.
Make it stop.
I don't want this.
Please, help me.
Can't you see I'm dying here?
To hurt someone, is to infuse someone with energy.
To hurt, is to receive someone's feelings.
Are you serious about throwing away this gift?
Do you really want to throw away something that beautiful?
My gift to you?
What are you saying?
What is beautiful about this?
This is pain.
It hurts.
And you should be silent.
There is nothing as beautiful as silence.
The silence.
And the pain, merged.
How could I stay silent?
It hurts too much.
No one can stay silent during this.
The pain is too much.
Please, stop.
Never will I obey you.
Not until you stay silent.
I need it.
I crave it.
The silent pain.
Finally, silence.
Hmm, seems like I went to far again.
But still, the tranquillity of the silence.
The beauty of the pain.
Combined in the almighty death.
akiraxshirogane by A-yaoi-fangirl Suicidal MercenaryThe road is paved with a sea of blood.
The streets are covered with the corpses of victims.
The town, usually bursting with life and commerce.
Now deserted and desolate.
With no one left standing beside me but my shadow.
For my soul had left me...many years ago.
When I drowned myself into a sea of darkness..
I wander the earth..looking for a purpose for my existence.
With all my friends gone or dead...
I'm alone..with nothing to talk to but the voices in my head..
I wonder if I'm still allowed to be alive..
I kill to live...murder to survive...
Day in and day out...this had gradually become my life.
This is the path I had chosen occupation.
Which earns me my daily bread...and increases my infamous reputation.
Hired by unscrupulous thugs and rich crime lords..
I am set for life..make money by the hoards..
I can't say I'm happy with myself nor do I care to listen to drivel.
You want me to carve someone's face in the pavement? Just hand me a chisel.
I am left without morals..
.Message_. by MasukiaMaru :thumb183171119: Vihar elott by Garunrine :thumb212424081:


Ghost Hunt: It's Work by ero-de :thumb173303553: Bridge Over Troubled Water by Silverbeck Clush by tokyorocket :thumb207786305: BangAQUA Mascot by HokaHoka Shining Tower by Exploding-Art Singularity by realityDream Dressage - Stallion Portrait by IllusoryCalm

And a shameless self promotion:
Roses of Love by TheRedLightning Blunge Butterfly by TheRedLightning Missan by TheRedLightning

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Thank you! n_n
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Thanks for it =D
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Thanks for the feature here! =)
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News for sharing! Nice!
Thanks kindly for including me. :D

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Thank you for the feature :clap:
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Thank you so much for the feature. :3
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thank you kindly for the feature! :aww:
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