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When Worlds Collide [Tezuka Kunimitsu x Oc] (C4)
Chapter 4 : Pink Petals Of Friendship
Kunimitsu opened his eyes and saw nothing but his ceiling, I must have been dreaming, he thought to himself. He sat up on bed and bowed a little contemplating on the events that happened the night before. He rubbed his eyes before reaching for his glasses on top of his bed's head board. He didn't bother to look at the mirror, instead went straight to the bathroom to take a bath and brush his teeth. After his morning rituals Kunimitsu gathered the papers which were accidentally scattered at the foot of his bed, they were the freshmen application forms that he was scanning through the night before. He packed them into his tennis bag before grabbing his school jacket looking at the time it says 5:40am, he was just on time. He grabbed his comb and faced the mirror, he was sleepily combing through his hair when noticed he couldn't see himself in the mirror. Huh! Where is my reflection? Kunimitsu tried to step to the sides to check i
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When Worlds Collide [Tezuka Kunimitsu x Oc] (C3)
Chapter 3 : Cherry Blossoms
Kunimitsu rushed to his room after helping his mother clean up after dinner. "Kunimistu, what is your hurry?" his father asked.
"Gomennasai. I need to finish something important." He politely bowed waiting for his father to give him permission to leave.
"Alright then, you may leave." His father stated matter-of-factly
"Arigato." Kunimitsu bowed once more before finally rushing up the stairs. I wonder if she's there. He thought in his mind, still confused on why he was excited to see her, being that they only met a few minutes ago. Kunimitsu opened the door to his room and turned the lights on. He scanned at the mirror but he could only see a sky blue room, there was no one there. The room is here, so I was not dreaming. But where is she? She must still be eating. I'll wait for her. Kunimitsu fixed himself up, brushed his teeth, and washed his face before finally getting into his purple pjs. Then he sat at the edge of his bed trying hard to conc
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When Worlds Collide [Tezuka Kunimitsu x Oc] (C2)
Chapter 2 : Spring Means To Start Something Beautiful
Kunimitsu tried to look for something to light his now very darkened room. I know I have a flashlight somewhere in my drawer…where did I place that?...Ah, there it is. Kunimitsu turned on the flashlight, which reflected on his mirror.
"Argh!" Kunimitsu stepped a few step backwards before finally falling on the floor after seeing something strange on the reflection in his mirror.
"Rainan, go look for a flashlight or candle. I think it's in the drawer in the kitchen, the one next to the door." Amani shouted at her brother as she was also searching her room for a flashlight. Ah! There it is, I knew I had one. She turned on her flashlight, which reflected on her mirror.
"Argh!" Amani ran outside her room after seeing something strange on the reflection in her mirror. What was that? That wasn't me. Am I sick? Amani felt her neck to see if she was warm. She was not. Therefore, what did she see in the mir
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When Worlds Collide [Tezuka Kunimitsu x OC] (C1)
Chapter 1 : Reflections Of April
The sun shone brightly through his room that Monday morning as he was fixing his school uniform, he was now a third year middle school student and the buchou of the well-known Seigaku Tennis Club. He knew that there were many responsibilities on his shoulder now.
He was Kunimitsu Tezuka, and he knew his purpose in life, at least for his present age and disposition, was to lead the Seigaku Tennis Club to the National Championship; and he was determined to reach that top step in the ladder of success.
He brushed out a few wrinkle from his jacket and picked up his tennis bag placing it on his left sturdy shoulder as he makes his way down to their kitchen.
"Ohayou gozaimasu!" he greeted as he walked into the dining area.
"Ohayou Kunimitsu, you seem excited for today." his okaa-san greeted him with a smile.
"Hai, today will be a good day Okaa-san, I can sense it." Kunimitsu said with a firm voice and bowed his head for a moment before indulging
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~Love Me~ Yandere!Tsuna x Reader Part 2
You somehow managed to escape the Vongola headquarters where Tsuna had taken you after Valentines day.
You ran to the nearby woods, still wearing the clothes you wore that day he took you with him.
You passed out from all the exhaustion.
The next day, you kept walking farther, angry because you knew you could have gotten farther away if you hadn't passed out.
Upon walking you noticed a white building, it seemed abandoned, so you began to walk towards it when you felt someone grab your arms and drag you inside.
Once inside the person knocked you out. When you woke up, you found yourself in a dark room. You got up and claw at the darkness, you soon felt a doorknob.
When you opened the door, you saw white hallways and rooms with italian labels on them. You then heard footsteps and left the door only a bit open so you could see who was coming.
Your eyes widened when you saw the friend that told you that Tsuna was your admirer. She was on a white hospital clothes and someone seemed to work
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When Worlds Collide [Tezuka Kunimitsu x Oc]
They lived in two very different worlds unaware of each others existence. Each had focused on their dreams, their goals, and their aspirations. Truth be told, they were similar yet so different in almost every way. He stood tall with a commanding stance, one that demanded respect from both the young and old. She stood firm and bold, reflecting an approachable yet serious person that demands both respect and endearment at the same time. His light brown hair with a few strands of blonde that swayed freely with the wind, somehow just increases his appeal to over board. She has shoulder length brown-black hair that she often wears in a ponytail, a few curls that escape her neatly done do, just simplify her beauty even more. He has a permanently stoic expression on his face which makes him look older than he truly is, combined with a stare that will make you melt when you see those yellow-brown orbs look to your very soul. She has a serious look that makes her appear
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~Love Me~ Yandere!Tsuna x Reader Part 1
Tomorrow is February 14th and you were excited because one of your friends said that you had an admirer and that meant that maybe this year you would be in a relationship.
"Hey (Y/N), you see that cute brunette over there?" asked one of your friends.
"You mean the one near the school gates?" You said.
"Bingo, he's your admirer."
+~ le school bell rings ~+
You were in class and your teacher said that you guys were gonna do a class project.
"Alright then, (Y/N) will be working with (some cute random guy of your choice)."
"Hai, sensei" You both said.
You both went to your house to start on your project.
"So (Boy's Name or B/N) do you have any siblings?" You asked.
"Yeah, I have a little sister and an older brother." he said.
"Oh, ok then, I guess we should start on the project now." You said.
+~ next day ~ Valentines Day ~+
"So class, I've graded the projects and the winners are hana and kyoko, congratulations!" said your teacher.
+~ Lunch Time ~+
"I really wanted to win (B/N)" You said.
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What could a Yandere Do? Yandere!Tsuna x Reader
What would you call someone who always admires you?
An admirer.
Now, what would you call someone who admirers you all the time from a distance without you knowing?
You were a transfer student and you didn't know what to expect in Namimori, so you just opened the classroom door and stepped inside.
If only there was a turn back sign before you went in...
You were drenched in water from head to toe.
"Score! the new kid fell for it!"
The cold water couldn't prevent your face from getting hot from embarrassment.
One of the kids patted you on the back,
"This is the welcome we give to any new student, so don't feel bad."
"Quite the welcome you guys gave me..." You mumbled.
You looked around and saw an empty seat in the back, perfect, so you don't attract attention.
You immediately sat down and started ringing out your clothes.
When you were done you looked up and saw a brunette seated in front of you. He was busy finishing his homework, so it didn't seem he noticed you whe
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When You...
When you become aware of death,
you feel you are alive for the first time.
When you feel you are alive,
you care about others for the first time.
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Acceptance and Bravery
world we're supposed to live in,
isn't  inside the interest.
In the real world,
there's suffering,
things don't always go our way,
there's a lot of those.
if you have a dream of becoming something,
you shouldn't run away from that.
You should...
accept yourself the way you are and face the reality.
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Lie through Adulthood
A "Red Lie" is one you tell for your own sake.
A "White Lie" is one you tell for someone else's.
That seems to be the gateway to Adulthood.
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Byakuya Randomness!!! by Theredheadlady Byakuya Randomness!!! :icontheredheadlady:Theredheadlady 0 0 Boys Talk by Theredheadlady Boys Talk :icontheredheadlady:Theredheadlady 0 0 H.O.P.E bAnd 2 by Theredheadlady H.O.P.E bAnd 2 :icontheredheadlady:Theredheadlady 0 0 H.O.P.E bAnd by Theredheadlady H.O.P.E bAnd :icontheredheadlady:Theredheadlady 0 0 I Love Music by Theredheadlady I Love Music :icontheredheadlady:Theredheadlady 1 0


Captain kitty (Neko!Levi X Reader) chapter 1
A pair of footsteps made a soft clicking noise that echoed through the hallway, considering it was night time and every person was asleep (except for this one).
It was quiet. A lit candle in hand was the only source of light the figure had other than the moon light entering through the windows of the hallway.
Where did this hallway lead to? Why this hallway led to the personal quarters of Lance Corporal Levi of the Survey Corps.
With every footfall, the smirk plastered on the figure's visage widened creepily. A candle in one hand while the other hand carried a syringe filled with some peculiar liquid. It's needle glowing due to the light, just like the glow that her glasses had.
Finally reaching the door that separated her from her subject, she grinned. She took out a pin from her red hair and picked the lock. After hearing a satisfied click, she chuckled. She put the hair pin in her pocket and put her hand on the door knob, ready to open it. That grin never aband
:iconlevianforever:levianforever 15 12
Heine x Reader - Chapter 1
Chapter 1
The Eldest Princess
As the carriage finally pulled into the front courtyard of Weisberg castle, the door swung open, revealing a small statured man with red hair and auburn eyes. His appearance could be mistaken for that of a child, but make no mistake, he was a full-grown man. And he was to be the Royal Tutor to the four princes. His name was Heine Wittgenstein. As he approached the gates to the palace, he found himself suddenly stopped by the two soldiers standing guard.
“Hold it there boy” the blonde guard, Ludwig, stated. Heine looked up at him, his expression innocent curiosity.
“Boy? Who do you mean?” Heine asked, honestly confused.
“You of course! You can’t just enter the castle without permission” declared the more energetic guard, Maximillian. Heine instantly pouted, reaching for the letter tucked away into his coat pocket.
“But I do have permission, you see- I’m the Royal Tutor….” Heine began, about t
:iconfmakhr102:FMAKHR102 37 23
Misaki AyuzawaXMale!Reader (2/2)
(A/N: there's mention of abuse and violence, but i dont feel like it really needs the mature content warning, just figured I'd put this up just in case!)
~One work day~
It was finally the end of Misaki’s shift. Stretching out her arms, she walked to the locker room to change and head on home. As she turned the corner, she caught (y/n) just pulling off his shirt, his bare back to her. The fact that he was practically half naked in front of her wasn’t what shocked Misaki, it was the scar that started at his right shoulder and ended at his left hip. She let out a loud gasp and out of reflex, (y/n) yanked back on his shirt.
“What the-!? Misaki!!?”
“(y-y/n) . . . . what? How?”
(y/n) was silent for a minute, then sighed deeply before saying, “Here’s not the place to be talking about this.”
She nodded and after (y/n) left through the back door, she quickly changed and joined him in a walk to the nearby park. He sat on a swing while she lea
:iconneo-chan7:neo-chan7 134 43
Trouble Maker~ Smoker x Reader pt8

           "Something wrong captain?" Steel asks. You blink at the building.
           "I.... I have a bad feeling about this," You admit uneasily. He blinks at your tone.
           "Vice Admiral, we should hold off the mission," He says, turning to Smoker. He blinks at Steel.
           "Why? What's wrong?" He asks. Steel glances back at you.
           "The last time she had a bad feeling-"
           "Steel," You interrupt quietly. He shifts, guilt flashing over his face.
           "Trust me on this," He tells Smoker. The vice admiral lifts an eyebrow, eyes flickering over to you.
           "You're really uneasy about this?" He asks you. You shift but nod. "Everyone get back to the ship," He tells the G-5.
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 122 6
Trouble Maker~ Smoker x Reader pt7

          You let out a cat yawn, ears twitching in your wake. Your feline eyes crack open to see Smoker's face inches in front of yours. He shifts comfortably, fast asleep.  You tense slightly, looking at his face in amazement. You relax, touching his cheek with your paw. His eyes drift open at that you both pause, eyes locking for a moment before you leap off his chest. Ears flickering self consciously you sit at the door, tail wrapped over your paws, ear back as you looked away from him.
          "Hey Trouble Maker," He says, making an ear swivel toward him. "Did you have a nice cat nap?" He quizzes. You couldn't help but purr a laugh, ears flicking in amusement. He smirks at the sound, guessing it was laughter. He shakes his head slightly and gets up. "Lets see if they're back yet," He says, walking over to the door. You pivot away from his boot.
          'Holy cra
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 123 4
Trouble Maker ~ Smoker x Reader pt6

           "Cat punch!" The pirate roars, palm slamming into your stomach. You're sent flying and land shakily on all fours.
           "___!" Tashigi gasps.
           'I'm good!' You assure her, but it comes out a meow. You blink, looking down at yourself before stiffening. You sit back, holding up your (f/c) paws. 'I'm a cat!!' You hiss in shock. You look back up as the pirate runs away, laughing like a maniac.
           "___?" Tashigi breathes, kneeling in front of you. You shift in shock, looking at your cat form before letting out a cat cry. "Don't worry, I'm sure Smoker-san will know what to do," She assures, scooping you up.
           'I'm a cat....' You mew unhappily. Tashigi briskly starts for the ship, but gets distracted by some swords. You let out a huff and leap out of her arms, hurryin
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 144 17
Trouble Maker ~ Smoker x reader pt5

           "I win again Steel, hand it over," You chuckle with a smirk. The dark gray haired man scratches over his brow with grit teeth.
           "Damn, not again!" He cries before promptly handing over his belt.
           "Face it Steel, you got rotten luck," You muse, placing the belt with his shirt and boots.
           "I'll never say I'm unlucky as long as I can make you smile!" He declares, jabbing a finger at you. You chuckle, smiling in amusement.
           "You're an idiot," You tell him. He grins.
           "Lucky~" He chimes.
           "And I win again," You say, throwing down another winning hand.
           "Noooo!" He cries, throwing his hands over his eyes in defeat.
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 134 11
Trouble Maker~ Smoker x Reader pt4

       'No good, what do you think Captain?' Steel asks via denden mushi. You frown at the warehouse from your rooftop view.
       "It's heavily guarded on this side too... Our best bet is try to disperse them and have someone sneak in the opening... Unless Bossman wants to charge in like a bull, that's always fun to watch," You muse, smirking a bit.
        'What the hell is that supposed to mean Trouble Maker?' Smoker's voice questions on the denden. You smile.
        "It's rude to listen in on others conversations boss," You chuckle.
        'Get back here you two, we're gonna need everyone for that plan,' He tells you and Steel.
         "Kay Boss," You chime before gliding back toward the ship. You and Steel reach it at the same time.
         "So, what's the plan Vice Admiral? Who's going in?"
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 144 19
Trouble Maker~ Smoker x Reader pt3

              "I'm so bored," You grumble, laying on the railing. You glance toward Smoker's office door. 'And I haven't seen him all day,' You think with a pout.
              "Oh no, I know that look," Tashigi sighs, catching your gaze.
              "He's been in there all day, he needs some excitement," You muse, making a mini tornado on deck to fuck shit up.
              "Gah! Not again!" One of the G-5 gasp, dodging a bucket that the tornado sent flying at Smoker's door. Some of the marines get caught in the vortex, getting spun around. "Someone stop this!" Another gasps. Smoker comes out at the cries to find the deck getting trashed by the small tornado. His eyes instantly go to you.
             "Trouble Maker! My office! Now!" He shouts. You blink in surprise since no
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 140 13
Trouble Maker~ Smoker x Reader pt2

                 "Answer me," Smoker growls, looming over the former pirate. No good, Steel just smirked at him.
                 "Mr. Marine, you have nothing on me," He snorts. Smoker seemed like he was about to lose his cool. You push his face away.
                 "He won't talk even if you get all glare faced," You tell him as he shoots a glare at you. Steel on the other hand straightens up.
                 "Captain, long time no see," He greets, clasping arms with you.
                 "You don't have to call me that any more Steel," You tell him. He shrugs and smirks.
                 "Well, you wouldn't like me calling you Wind Goddess, so I'm gonna stick with captain," He r
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 153 28
Trouble Maker~ Smoker x Reader

*This is right after he entered the new world, he doesn't have the scar on his face yet, enjoy!*
             "Vice Admiral! She's at it again!" One of the G-5 call. Smoker lets out a low growl, blowing out an annoyed cloud of smoke in the process.
             "Damn trouble maker," He curses, standing up and following after the frantic marine. He had took on G-5 knowing they were a bunch of trouble makers, but you were your own definition of trouble. He goes onto deck just as a gust of wind sends a pie flying into his face. The other marines pale in horror.
              "S-sir!" Tashigi gasps. A laugh echoes the ship, making the other's cringe.
              "Sorry boss, I was aiming for the snitch," You chuckle from where you sat on the top sail. Smoker slowly wipes the pie from his face and glares up at you.
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 238 42
Bad Marine~ Smoker x Reader pt2

         "There's a marine ship there," Jak huffs.
         "Just set anchor at the back of the island," You tell him, jumping onto the railing. "I'll go on ahead and check it out," You add, before diving into the water and swimming for the shoreline. You walk onto the beach, heading for town. It's been a few months since your run in with Smoker back at Logue town. Now that you were in the grandline now, you didn't expect to meet him again. However every time a marine ship came into view, you'd think of him. You let out a sigh as he runs through your mind now. The fact that it would never work between the two of you, only made you want to see him more. You neared town, putting on your hood and lowering your head to hide your face.
             "Tashigi! Hurry up!" You heard a familiar voice call. You stop in your tracks as he appears.
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 113 29
Bad Marine~ Smoker x Reader pt1

          You frown at your bounty in disappointment. "What's wrong Captain?" Your first mate, Balto asks.
         "I was really hoping my first bounty would be higher," You tell him, waving your wanted poster in unsatisfactory.
         "Well we are about to stop at Logue town, it's usually filled with marines," Your navigator, Jak informs you.
          You smirk, "Then I'll just raise some hell in the Pirate King's name," You declare, facing the island that sat on the horizon.
        "Make sure the ship is ready to sail as soon as we dock,"  Balto tells the crew. You jump off the ship as soon as you reach the docks. "See you soon captain," Balto calls as you break away. You just wave and carry on, wondering where you should start causing problems first. As you are looking around, you get bumped into by someone who seems t
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 131 14
Mikoto Suoh x reader: Posession - Chapter two
Readers POV
You woke up, feeling warm and cosy wrapped in the sheets . When You openend your eyes You were confused for a moment, but then everything happening last night came back to you. A shiver went down your back. You slipped your foot out of the bed, and stood up. You looked down, inspecting the big shirt that you were dressed in. You pulled the fabric up your nose and smelled it, as the sweet manly scent entered your nose you felt a little bit of joy, thinking of this kind man having done all those things for you. Then you suddenly had a flashback... There was that other man too... With his burning red hair, burning like the fierceness and anger in his eyes, but also bright, bright like the compassion and kindness in his heart. You had felt a great comfort last night, when he put you back to sleep. A good feeling.
You seemed to have end up in a place with many warmhearted, but still, how could you possible ever trust any person at all. At the other hand, they were of great help,
:iconeva006:eva006 123 10
If I...
If I died,
what would you do?
Would you cry, scream, and blame me too?
If I died,
would you even care?
At my funeral,
would you be there?
If I died,
would you be mad?
Would you be furious
or would you be sad?
Would you want me back?
But even if you did,
could you help?
If I said I want to die,
would it be enough to make you cry?
If I asked you to do me a favor
and end my pain
could you bring yourself to do it?
Or would you refuse and run away?
Can pain really hurt this much?
Or is it all an illusion of my mind?
Is it possible for me
to just bury it all and move on?
Do I really,
as you say,
focus on the past too much?
What if the past
is all that make me whole?
Even if it shatters my heart?
Am I really so petty
'cause I don't have your life?
I guess I am
because you don't lie.
You always say what needs to be said
even if it hurts.
Maybe though...
I don't belong.
Maybe everyone was right.
Maybe I am just ugly and fat
or boyish and gross.
Maybe if I did get a boyfriend
I really would make
:iconloki-laufeyson-girl:Loki-Laufeyson-Girl 23 7
My Fight is Won-Avengers x Reader (Part Nineteen)
Gently he lowered his massive head to you as he nudged your face gently in a sign of thankfulness.
This only made you giggle as you encased his massive muzzle with your arms as best you could.
Knowing this being would never leave you. All you had to do now was escape this cold cell, and find the being responsible for saving you.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~Present (Name's P.O.V.)~~~~~~~~~~~~
With care you pulled yourself away to look into the creatures eyes fully. A small gasp escaped your small lips at the sight before you. Determination and loyalty was all that shinned within his piercing gaze.
Silently you shook your head to rid yourself of unwanted emotions daring to surface. Even after leading this creature to its capture and ultimate imprisonment he still believed in you.
This creature genuinely trusted you, and you alone.
Slowly his large eyes narrowed as he looked on to you with a stern gaze. His dark slanted iris's burned with a raging anger that yo
:iconmaddchaos:MaddChaos 61 41



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Keiichi Vira
I love to read and love to share good stories that totally starstruck myself sometimes stories that me and my friends collaborated ^_^

I'm an Anime and Music Lover...

I love to read poetic and science books, including Mangas ^_^

I love to sing and dance...sometimes i like to cosplay too

I like to capture different scenes like natures...

I like the color Orange, White, Green and Black...


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