War for Mobius Act 1 Chapter 7

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One month has passed since Sonic Officially joined the Knothole Freedom Fighters.

Not surprising he’s become somewhat of hero in the eyes of those who live in Knothole.  He’s fast, strong, brave, and unfortunately he can also be quite the show-off.  It wasn’t long before, much to Sally’s distaste, Sonic had developed a large fan following.  Sally insists that Sonic’s fans distract him from the Freedom Fighters’ mission.  Sonic argues that if their mission is to help the people of Mobius, they have to give them heroes to believe in.  

Fans claim they’ve seen Sally at some of their get togethers, however no proof has ever been provided and thus these rumors are usually ignored.

While the fans have caused only minor annoyance to Sally they’ve affected some of the other Freedom Fighters greater.

Johnny used to be known for his speed and dexterity.  Now he’s the second fiddle.  In most missions he’s been reduced to providing as Sonic’s back up or second.  It has been quite the blow to Johnny’s sizeable ego.  Unfortunately there is little Johnny can do about it.  He does his best to avoid Sonic outside of missions, mostly to avoid the mobs of fans.  However he has found that this has allowed him to spend more time working on his other skills.  Sonic may be faster, but Johnny hasn’t been completely shunned from the limelight yet.  

Unlike Antoine.  Antoine seems to have been completely forgotten by the public eye, save when Sonic decides to prank the stuffed shirt.  Antoine, always trying to appear dignified, yet so easily pranked and so easily flustered has quickly become the butt of most of Sonic’s jokes.  Sonic has pranked all his team mates many times, but none come close to how many times Antoine has been pranked.  Antoine feels he’s been reduced to a mere “fuel” in the public’s eyes, and he refuses to take it “standing down”.  

Unfortunately all Antoine’s attempts to get back at Sonic have backfired, either with Sonic being too quick to be caught in the prank, to which it usually then ends up going off on Antoine, or Antoine is too quick in activating the prank to make sure his intended target is the one going to be ensnared in the trap.  Sally is not amused.

Drake the Dog is also a bit offended by the mass amount of female fans Sonic has “stolen” from him.  However, if we are to be completely honest with ourselves, Drake really had no chance with these women and they really had no interest with him to begin with.  Drake has also tried to increase his own standing, but once again has had little success.  In fact most of his backfires have made Sonic looked greater, and for reasons unknown to him, Antoine more foolish.  

Sonic hasn’t only gained fans though.  His “rank” has also risen rather quickly (also to Antoine’s disgust. The blue blur has quickly established himself as an experienced fighter, and though he’s definitely not a master planner, he has proven himself time and time again, able to think on his feet and improvise when the situation calls for it.  This has caused Sonic to be escalated to the “Command Staff” of the Freedom Fighters, going as far to lead his own team on some missions.  And while he does like to show off and sometimes believes he functions better on his own, he has proven himself and decent leader if not just an inspirational one.

When off duty Sonic can usually be found showing off to some of his fans or hanging out at the Chili Dog stand.  Sometimes he does both.  Actually….a lot of the time he does both.  Honestly…sometimes it’s the amount of Chili Dogs he can eat that his fans come to see rather than any feats of Speed or Bravery.  

Today is not really different.  Sonic has just gotten off duty and after inviting Sally to another one of his “performances” and getting turned down as usual, he is just arriving at the Chili Dog stand.  The Stand’s owner has already set out a tray of Chili Dogs for the show, knowing the more Sonic eats, the more customers come to see him.  The more customers that come, the closer to that early retirement he gets.  However, while quite the sizable crowd today; it is actually one of Sonic’s smaller crowds.  This has no real effect on Sonic however, because there is one fan of his that always shows up and that’s all he needs: Himself.  Though the adoring crowd does make it more fun.  

Sonic begins the show in his usual way, “Step right up folks, don’t crowd, don’t push.  But most of all don’t be shy.  Welcome to the greatest show in all of Knothole!  Watch closely now as the hand is faster than the eye, but none is faster than I!”
The crowd cheers as he starts.  Most of them today are young children, so Sonic decides something flashy is in order.  He begins by juggling the Chili Dogs from the tray.  “Well my Uncle always told me not to play with my food, but….”

“More!” some of the kids shout to him.  

“Don’t you worry kiddies this only gets better from here,” Sonic begins throwing the ‘dogs higher into the air.  He then continues the show by quickly moving in a circle himself causing his Chili Dogs to fly up all in different locations.  He keeps this up for a bit letting the spectacle sink in.  Suddenly he changes it up again, throwing up the ‘dogs at different rates so the pattern becomes too erratic to be predictable.  He lets the Chili Dogs get dangerously close to the ground a few times to just to spice up the tension of his audience.  Could this be the first time Sonic makes a mistake?

Don’t count on it.  Soon it’s time to wrap the show up.  Sonic begins catching each one in his mouth before it hits the ground and eating it before moving onto the next one.  When they’re all gone the kids cheer for their hero.  

“Thank you all for coming, I’ll be here all week.  Well, not right here but you get the idea.”

After the show Sonic begins answering questions from the kids.  The question range from “Where he got his shoes” to “Has he ever lost a race” to “Why should I wash behind my ears?”  Kids.

After the questions it’s storytime.  After asking what story they wanted to hear the most, Sonic begins telling the story on how he joined the Freedom Fighters.  The story is mostly true, however Sonic does make himself seem more heroic then he actually was, randomly deciding to fight bad guys with one hand tied behind his back or blind folded.  He also makes it sound like all the other Freedom Fighters look up to him, calling him the “Coolest, handsome-est, and all around fasted guy in the world”.  At this Sonic believes he hears someone gag but upon glancing around doesn’t see anyone, so assumes one of the kids must’ve just choked on their Chili Dog briefly.  

After the story Sonic decides to call it a day.  Thanking the kids for coming, signing a few autograph books which he is rather certain he has signed before and taking a few photos.  And signing a few of those photos too.
After a bit the kids clear out, chattering excitedly on how cool that was or some stories of Sonic’s feats.  Sonic finally takes a seat, “Sometimes taking care of these kids is harder than Facing Robotnik…..”

Sonic begins to relax, however he is quickly interrupted, “Uh…excuse me…”
Sonic looks over and notices one of the kids has remained behind.  The boy is a young fox.  The boy seems to be a regular mobian, save for one distinct feature, He has two tails.  

“And who might you be?” Sonic asks.

“My name is Miles, Miles Prower,” the kid replies reaching out to shake Sonic’s hand.  Sonic does so.

“What can I do for you Miles?”

“I had a question I wanted to ask you.”

Sonic scratched his chin, “A question huh?  Sure.  I’m game.”

“I wanted to ask you…how can I be cool like you?”

Sonic thinks about it for a minute…then 2….then 3….soon 5 minutes have passed.

“….can I?”

“Sure you can,” Sonic replies, “Anyone can.  I just don’t know how to put it to words.”

“Oh,” Miles looks down at his feet.

“Tell you what,” Sonic shrugs, “you meet me here tomorrow, and by then I’ll have thought up a good answer.  How’s that sound?”

Miles looks thoughtful, “Tomorrow?”

“Yeah, maybe I could show you how better than I could tell you how.”

The fox boy mulls it over for a bit, “Sure.”

“Just one question, why not ask this in front of the other kids.  I’m sure they would have wanted to know too.”

Miles looks at his feet again, “They would have laughed at me.”

“Laughed at you?”

Miles holds up one of his tails to Sonic, “They call me a freak because I have this extra tail.”

Sonic smiles, “How do you know it’s not the other one?”

“How do I know it’s…..oh!” Miles starts laughing after getting the joke.

“Don’t let it get you down,” Sonic says patting the fox boy on the head, “After tomorrow they won’t tease you anymore right?”

“Right,” Miles nods, “I gotta go.  If you see Aunt Sally tell her I said hi!”
With that Miles runs off for home.  Sonic ponders for a moment.

“Aunt Sally?”

Sally grumbles to herself as the excessive knocking, well more accurately, pounding on her door continues.  She had been going over some blueprints NICOLE had downloaded from one of Robotnik’s computer banks during one of their raids.  She had been hoping to find the Roboticizor Blueprints, however it looks like once again those were out of reach.  
Not that the knocking had helped.  It barely started a couple minutes ago and had not stopped.  There was only one person she could think of who was that impatient.
“Sonic Hedgehog, hold your horses!” She shouts at the door.  She makes her way across the room and opens it, “What is it?”

“Sorry to bother you but I have a message for ya,” Sonic says with a grin.

“Oh, who’s it from?”

“Miles Prower.  He says ‘hi’.”

Sally relaxes a little, “Miles?  It’s been a while since I visited him.  I wonder how he’s doing.”

Sonic shrugs, “He apparently is getting picked on by the other kids.  He called you Aunt Sally.  What’s up with that?”

The princess sighs, “You better come in.”

As Sonic steps through the doorway he looks around the room.  For the most part the hut seems pretty clean, but Sonic soon decides that it must be because she isn’t using the whole hut.  Her desk, in the corner of the room is covered with papers and electronics, sort of like a mini-Rotor’s Lab.  There are a few books strewn about the floor by the couch, most being tactical and historical books, but a few novels are mixed in as well.  There are also a few folders stacked up on the table next to a cup of...something a few days old because Sally never got around to finish it.  

Upon realizing what Sonic was doing, Sally quickly tries to distract him from how her house looks, “Ahem…well….about Miles….”

“Huh?  Oh right.”

Sally takes a seat on the couch.  Sonic sits down next to her, providing enough space so it doesn’t seem awkward, “Miles’s parents are victims of Robotnik’s takeover.  Like many others, he’s been left an orphan.”

Sonic gives and understanding nod, “Like a lot of us.  Bet it is harder on him since he’s still so young.”

Sally sighs, “Worse is he was born with an extra tail.  This has caused him to be the butt of many of the other kids’ jokes.  Unfortunately he has no one to turn to.  I’ve done my best to fill in for him, but with leading the Freedom Fighters and running Knothole I can’t always be there for him.”

“I see,” Sonic states leaning back on the couch, “I bet that might be why he attaches himself to me.  He needs a hero to help pull him through the tough times.”
There is a moment of silence.  Then of course Sonic breaks it, “Well then I’ll just have to take him under my wing.”

“…say what?”

“Miles already thinks of me as his hero right?”

Sally shrugs, “Unfortunately yes.  Too bad you’re not a good parental figure.”

Sonic winks at her, “Probably not.  But I can be the big brother.”

“You can?”

“Besides, I’m so popular,” Sonic boasts standing up on the couch, “That none of the other kids will tease him anymore if he hangs out with me!”

“…you’re joking right?”


“One, don’t break my couch,” Sally warns the hedgehog, “Two, that isn’t going to solve his

“Sure it will,” Sonic smiles, dropping back on the couch a bit harder than Sally would have liked, “He gets someone to relate to, the kids stop teasing him, and I get to do something other than show off.”

“Wasn’t it your idea to show off in the first place?”

“Yeah, but it doesn’t mean that’s all I wanna do.”

Sally was taken back, “Could have fooled me.”

“We both learned something new about each other today,” Sonic says heading for the door,

“You learned I have more depth to me then you thought…”

“And what did you learn about me?”

“That you’re not as big a neat freak as I first took you for,” Sonic ducks out the door just before Sally’s cup of old…whatever it once was, smashes into door behind where his head had been.

“Sonic Hedgehog you get back here!”  Sally heads for the door about to take off after him when she hears NICOLE calling from the other room.

“Incoming Message Sally….”
Well Chapter 7 is done. A lot faster then I would have expected. Maybe because I was sick and had nothing better to do but to work on it. Figures.

Anyways Chapter 7, the first chapter of the second story arc.

This Chapter is more of the set up. Most of the good stuff in this arc happens later.

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