War for Mobius Act 1 Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

Finally the black begins to fade away and Sonic rubs his head to help clear it.

He takes a moment to look around at his surroundings, noting that while he was knocked out, they must of carried him somewhere else.  Not carried, the pain in his arms and legs tell him he was dragged.  

Sonic quickly realizes he's in some sort of glass tube.  Diamond Glass.  Looks like regular Glass but completely unbreakable.  Well at least unbreakable to Sonic's knowledge.  His head hurt almost as bad as the last time he tried.  

Outside his glass prison Sonic could see wires strung out across the floor connected to the tube and then strung up a nearby wall to where Sonic couldn't see.  There were a lot flashing lights and switches along the walls.  Above Sonic there are three bright lights and a fourth light that seems to be broken dead in the center of the other three.  Or what looks like one.  

That is when it hit him.  He was in the blasted Roboticizer.  

Sonic kicks the glass, however all he does is smear some of the mud off his shoes.

A voice echoes into the tube, "Don't bother, though Doctor Robotnik enjoys watching prisoners struggle, you won't be able to bust that glass."  It was Snively.  Sonic ignored him and kicked again.  Even if he couldn't break the glass, maybe he could knock the glass loose from the machine.  

Sonic keeps kicking the machine.  His efforts are rewarded with a pain in his leg and foot and a large smear on the glass.  He slumps against the other side and glares at the glass.

"I warned you.  Don't worry soon you won't feel the pain anymore.  Or anything but loyalty for the Robotnik Empire!" Snively laughs echo throughout the glass tube.  

It couldn't end like this!

With renewed energy Sonic begins kicking the Diamond Glass again.

It can't end here, not now, not like this!

Sonic begins using both feet against the glass.  He couldn't let them all down.  Not Uncle Chuck, not his family, not the Freedom Fighters in Knothole or the many groups throughout the planet.  

Again however, though as hard as Sonic tries, he can't seem to break the Diamond Glass.  Not a crack.  He wasn't even sure if he was scratching it.  

Sonic slumps against the back of the Tube again and looks up.  The fourth light bulb begins to glow an almost peace giving light.  

Will he remember anything?  Feel what was going on?  

And what was that Shadow that just moved across the Glass?

Snively reclines in his chair and puts his feet up on the console.   Technically he wasn't supposed to, but so far none of the Robots had ever reported him, or that Robotnik simply didn't care.  Either way it was good to relax.

And after finally capturing the accursed hedgehog who had been a thorn in his side for so long, he finally could relax.  

Though many of the times the speedy hedgehog had thrown the metaphorical wrench in Robotnik's plans, it had not been Snively's fault, Robotnik always took his anger out on Snively.  However with the blue hedgehog's capture, Snively was likely to be reward.  Praised.  Perhaps even promoted!  Maybe Robotnik would finally move him from the pathetic outpost he was stationed at here, back to the command center in Robotropolis!

"That's right Uncle Julian, nothing can go wrong now," Snively chuckles to himself.

Of course he took it back a few moments later when the lights in the facility went out.

"Quick there isn't much time before the emergency power kicks in!"  Rotor tells the others.  Over the comlink.  Sally doesn't waste time with and answer and moves over to the nearby control station and hooks NICOLE up to it.  

"NICOLE, access controls for the Roboticizer."

"Accessing Sally.  Controls accessed."

"Unlock the Roboticizer!" Sally commands, and with a quick click, the glass walls on the machine raise up releasing Sonic from the tube.  

"What are you guys doing here?" Sonic asks.  Sally smiles.

"The goal of the Knothole Freedom Fighters is to free Mobius From Robotnik's control, however part of that goal involves having Mobians around to enjoy it," She explains, "our first priority is to our fellow Mobians."

Sonic scratches the back of his neck, "Thanks.  I guess I owe you one now huh?"

"Actually we're even.  Remember you rescued us first," Sally reminds Sonic.

Sonic makes a mischievous grin, "Wanna see me do it again?"

"Get the lights back on, NOW!" Snively hollers at the techbots working frantically, "Get some SWATbots down to the Roboticizer!  Don't let the Hedgehog escape!"

"Sir, all SWATbots squads are unavailable," one of the Techbots replies.  


"Upon your orders they all shut down for maintenance."

Snively jumps out of his chair and heads over to the Techbot's station, "WHEN DID I GIVE SUCH ORDERS!?"

"Bringing up file."

The file pops up, but instead of being Snively's orders, it's a picture of a walrus making faces.  

"It can't be!  They've hacked the system?!  That's impossible!" Snively hurries back over to his master controls.  "Quick reactivate them before they-"

A loud explosion sounds from the Roboticizer room.

While this is going on, Bunnie and Antoine are pinned down in a hallway attempting to cover the groups escape route.  However the Buzz-Bombers firing upon them have the better range.

"W-w-w-what are we to be doing!?" Antoine stutters out.

"Just hold the line Sugar'Twan until Rote and Sal bust the Blue Boy out!" Bunnie responds.  She picks up a nearby wrench and chucks it into the closest Buzz-Bomber.  The wrench impales through the Buzz-Bombers middle section causing it to explode.

Antoine attempts to do the same however all he manages to do is toss  the his wrench over the metal drum he's using for cover.  

"What is keeping them so long?" Antoine whines.

As if on cue, suddenly the Buzz-Bombers are destroyed.  Sonic stands in the remains.

"You rang?"

"Boy are we glad to see you hon, where are Sal and Rotor?" Bunnie ask him.

Sonic gestures his thumb over his shoulder, "Setting this place to blow sky high."  At least none of the nearby Mobians will be getting Roboticized any time soon!"

An explosion echoes through the hall and Sonic stretches his legs.

"That's my cue.  Sal says to meet her by the usual spot!"  With that the blue hedgehog makes his way back down the hall.  

"Ya'll heard the man, let's move!"  

Rotor and Sally duck behind a box as a group Motobugs race by.  

"Looks like the system is back up and running," Rotor notes, "too bad we didn't have time to copy the Roboticizer's information."

Sally nods, "We'll just have to get it next time.  Come on the Generator is this way."  

The two hurry down the corridor and turn the corner.  In front of them stands a large metal door painted red.  There appears to be no way to open the door.  

Sally kicks the door, "How do we open it?"

Rotor smiles, "Say please."  He then taps the wall searching for something.   Soon he finds a hidden panel.  Rotor pulls the panel opened and discovers a small control switch for the door, "NICOLE's turn."

Nodding, Sally hooks NICOLE to the switch, "NICOLE, can you open the door for us."

"Negative Sally.  Do to the alarm the terminal has been locked out of the door controls.  However....it seems I still have access to the computer inside the room."

Rotor and Sally look at each other.  "Can you cause the Generator to overload and explode?"

"Checking....it seems so.  Shall I make it happen?"

Finally the lights flick back on.  

"Report!" Snively growls at the Techbots.

"Sir the lights have turned back on."

"Well no duh!  I can see that!" Sometimes Snively wonders why the techbots could be so simple minded, yet be the brainiest of all the bots.

"But sir we did-"

"Wait...is it me or are the lights getting brighter?" Snively asks as he shields his eyes from the growing glow of the overhead lights.  He then notices it's not just the lights the computer screens are glowing brighter too.  

"Sir, the Generator seems to be overloading."

Snively rest his face in his hands, "Oh I hate my life......"

One by one the light bulbs begin blowing out.  The Computer screens follow shortly.  Soon the room is pitch black.  

"The big guy is not going to like this....."

Sonic manages to catch up to Sally and Rotor about the same time the hall turns pitch black.  Rotor pulls out a small Flash light from the military grade tool belt he wears, and flicks it on.  

"Ready to juice and jam guys?" Sonic asks.  He pauses to sniff the air, "You smell something burning?"

"NICOLE overloaded the Generator.  It's burning up all the systems," Sally explains.

"And it's going to explode soon.  So we gotta get out of here quick," Rotor adds.

"Quick is my middle name," Sonic brags, "Grab on and we'll juice out of here."

Rotor and Sally grab on to Sonic, "Are you sure this is safe?"

"We'll I've never had two passengers before, but it's safer than staying here," Sonic explains.  

"Fair enough.  Let's go!"

The Trio race down the hall.

"In here 'Twan!" Bunnie shouts as she shoves the coyote into an ventilation shaft.  The duo barely pull the cover closed before a team of SWATbots run down the hall they were just in.  

"That was too close to being comfortable," Antoine comments.  

"Keep movin' hon," Bunnie orders, pushing him forwards, "we still have to get to the Usual Spot to meet up with the others."

The two travel through the air duct for what seems like miles.  Finally Antoine pauses at another grate.

"The coast is seemingly to be clear," he says peaking out.  He tries to push the grate off but finds it stuck, "I cannot be getting it opened!  Mayhap..."

"On it Sugar," Bunnie raises squeezes up next to him, "You might wanna duck down."

Bunnie reels her metallic arm back and smashes it into the grate, puncturing through it.

"Oops," Bunnie apologizes, "Looks like that was too much...."

"Not to worry," Antoine smiles.  After Bunnie pulls her arm back in, he sticks his own arm out, "I can almost....reach....the...."

"Better hurry, Sugar'Twan, sounds like something is coming."

"WATCH OUT!" Sally yells to Sonic.

"Hey, no backseat driving!" Sonic shouts back as the SWATbots' lasers blast overhead.

Rotor sigh, "Turn Left up ahead and head straight.  That should put us back in the main hallway."

Sonic does as he's told, almost whipping Rotor and Sally into the wall as he does so.  The laser fire burns holes in the wall behind them.

"Watch it, or it won't be the SWATbots that do us in!" Sally scolds him.

"Excuuuuuuse me Princess, but maybe you would have liked it back in your cell, your highness."

"My cell?  We rescued you!" Sally reminds him.

Sonic scratches his head, "Oh yeah.  I forgot."

Suddenly the hallway is rocked by a large Explosion.  Sonic loses his balance and the trio end up rolling down the hallway to the far wall, slamming hard into the wall.  The smell of melted metal and ozone begins filling the hall, as well as a few other unpleasant aromas.

"Ugh, smells like we must have busted open one of the toxic waste storage tanks," Rotor remarks, plugging his nose to keep out the smell.

"Great, if that catches fire, this whole place will go sky high." Sally moans, picking herself up.

Sonic shakes his head, "Wouldn't that be a good thing?"

"Not with us still in here," Rotor reminds him.

"Right," Sonic gets to his feet, "I'll clear the path up ahead.  You follow behind.  When the path is cleared I'll come back and get you."

"Alright.  Just be careful," Sally warns as she helps Rotor to his feet.

Sonic nods and races down the hall.

"He has no idea where we're going does he?" Sally asks the Walrus.

"Not a clue." Rotor answers back.
The long awaited Chapter 5 of War for Mobius.

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