War for Mobius Act 1 Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

The meeting room is quiet.  In fact, some of the Freedom Fighters actually have left for home, now feeling no longer needed for the meeting.  Sally leans against the back wall looking at her feet.  Rotor sketches out random doodles of invention ideas on the back of a sheet of paper, the erases it again.  Bunnie rocks in her chair, her metal feet resting on the table.  Antoine marches back and forth in front of the door to the hut, in a meaningless attempt to appear like he's not trouble and working.  Cat brushes his graying whiskers in thought, trying to think of something in his life that he could use to cheer the team up.  

Sonic is long gone.  Not just from the wooden hut, but he has completely left Knothole, and though the speedy, blue hedgehog hadn't been with the team for long, strike that, not even with them a whole day, the village seemed almost empty.  

Finally Sally breaks the silence, "We should've asked him before the meeting.  We can't really expect everyone we meet to be willing to join our cause."

"But Sally-girl," Bunnie objects, "He was willing to join the cause, he just didn't want to join us."

"Bunnie is right my Princess," Antoine adds, "It seems he is having no trust in us."

Rotor shakes his head, "Not that he doesn't have trust, he just doesn't want to see us get hurt.  I mean, the first thing he saw was us at our lowest.  No offense Sal."

"Just like the rest of us, Sonic has to make his own decisions," Sally answers.  She pushes herself off the wall, "And just because he hasn't joined us doesn't mean we can't keep fighting Robotnik."

The old Cat smiles, "That's right Sally.  We're not useless without him.  And we had a plan being made before he even showed up."

Rotor seems to brighten too, "And we didn't even factor him into them yet.  We can still take down old Robo-butt without Sonic!"

Antoine halts his pacing and moves back towards the table, "And we have the bestest tactical minds in the whole Kingdom!"

Bunnie keeps rocking, "That's all good in well, but it's not us I'm worried about.  It's Sonic.  Is he gonna be alright without us?  Should we go after him."

The room gets silent again.  Once again Sally is the one to break the silence.  She places her hands on the table and takes a deep breath, "All of Mobius is counting on us to do our part to put a stop to Robotnik.  Sonic is not a priority and we really shouldn't be putting in man-power or resources to go searching for him."

She lets that sink in for a moment before adding, "Though if we do see him again we'll do everything in our power to help."

Sally's fellow Freedom Fighters nod.  Cat stretches his hand out to the center, "Freedom Fighters forever."

They all move in closer together and put their hands together, "Forever!"

Sally smiles, "Alright then, here's the plan....."

Sonic looks about the entrance of Robotropolis for any sign of SWAT-butts, Badniks, or any potential traps or dangers.  Finding none he moves in.  

The backpack on his back weighs heavier than it should have.  He tries adjusting the straps but it does no good.  He had stolen the backpack, and it's explosive contents from the Knothole Freedom Fighters, and the guilt has been nagging at him ever since.  He shakes his head trying to clear it out.  They'd thank him later.  With these bombs he could take out Robotnik before old Egg Belly even knew he was there.  He'd be the hero of all of Mobius.

So why didn't he feel like one.  

In fact, he felt like a rat.

"Keep it together hedgehog, focus on the mission," Sonic orders himself, "Uncle Chuck always said, 'It's good to let the mind wander from time to time, but never let it distract you from the task at hand!'   Or something like that."

Sonic looks around one last time and then sprints forwards.  He knew where all the security camera's would be.  And he knew which ones he wanted to trip and which ones he did not.  

If old 'Buttnik thought he was on the other side of Robotropolis, he'd send his SWATbots there to find him.  Leaving his Command Building Unguarded.  Or at least less guarded.  

Suddenly Sonic stops and dashes into the shadows of a building.  A figure moved out of one of the factories.  One of the Freedom Fighters?  No way, they could have never gotten here before he did.  

Perhaps they were a spy?  No, that would be too hard.  Just being in Robotropolis's polluted air for too long could make someone sick, no way they'd have a long term spy here.

The only way to know for sure was to get a closer look.  Sonic moves slowly closer.  

The Figure however by now was entering one of the factories.  Wait a minute, that factory was shut down.  Why would anyone be going in there?  Sonic dashes to the door and peaks in.  
Black.  Pitch Black.

Then briefly a bit of light shines through as the figure opens and enters a door on the second level.  

Something weird is going on here.  Could this be one of Robotnik's safe houses?  Maybe it's a secret planning center.  Or maybe it's a hideout for the Freedom Fighters.  

Looking over his shoulder Sonic has to plan quickly.  This could be something important, it could not be.  He may miss his chance to take on Robuttnik if he checks this out.  And if he loses the Bombs he may never get another chance.  

However it was too suspicious to just leave alone.  And there were no guards around here.  Maybe if nothing else, he could find something useful or prevent some Mobians from getting hurt.  

Maybe he can find the Robotisizor.  

"Alright Hedgehog, don't let this hunch go to waste."  Sonic steps into the darkness.  He tries his best to feel his way to the stairs he caught a glimpse of when the abandoned factory was lit up briefly.  Finally his foot bumps the metal bottom stair.  

Holding his breath to help ignore the pain of stubbing his toe, Sonic reaches out and grabs the railing.  He then makes his way up the stairs as quietly as possible.  Each step however lets out a soft metallic clink sound ever time he steps.  Sonic ignores the sound and makes his way to the top.  He then slowly walks across the suspended metal bridge.  For all he knew it was just balancing and waiting to fall.  Sonic carefully clinks his way across. Finally he reaches the other side.  He pauses to feel for a wall.  

The Clinking doesn't.

Sonic can feel his spines stand up on end and a bit of sweat drips down from his brow.  The Clinking is growing louder.  There is even more Clinking then there was before.  

And it was from behind him.  

Sonic turns around and that's when he sees them.  Glowing Redlines, the eyes of an army of SWATbots.  

The lights flick on.  

Sonic is surrounded.  SWATbots fill most of the room, but backing up their numbers were many Badniks and Robians.  Sonic see's the door and is about to run to it when it opens up and two Figures steps out.

"Well if it isn't the your nephew Sir Charles," the Overlander smiles evilly.

But Sonic wasn't looking at him.  He was looking at the now Robotic, blue Hedgehog standing next to the Overlander.  

It was Uncle Chuck.  

"Priority One, Hedgehog!" was all Uncle Chuck said.  

"I couldn't agree more," the Overlander laughs.

"Sir, we've captured the Blue Hedgehog," The Overlander proudly tells Robotnik on the communications system.
Sonic sits surrounded by 'bots, now tied both at the arms and the ankles.  He glares at the Holographic display of Doctor Robotnik being projected by the communicator.

"Excellent Work Snively," cackled Robotnik, "the plan worked like a charm then?"

"Well not exactly sir," Snively shifts uncomfortably.  He straightens the collar on his green uniform, "the other Freedom Fighters don't seem to be with the Hedgehog."

"Don't seem to be with the Hedgehog?  Well where are they Snively!?"

"They don't seem to be in Robotropolis at all, sir.  We've looked everywhere," Snively takes a few steps back, like he's afraid the Hologram can actually harm him.  

Course with all things considered, it actually might be able to.  

Robotnik however looks thoughtful rather than upset, "Then they haven't joined forces then?  How unfortunate.  I did hope on completing the my collection."

"Collection?" Sonic asks.  This causes Robotnik to laugh.

"My dear boy, you didn't really think this was all about you did you?  Yes I have to say you've been a thorn in my side, but nothing more."

Sonic looks puzzled which only makes Robotnik laugh louder as Snively joins in.  Sonic can almost feel the spray from his spit from here.

"This has been about the Princess.  Once I have her I'll have everything I need to defeat the Kingdom of Acorn once and for all." Robotnik's laughter stops, "I had thought after you rescued her team you must have been part of it.  I had been waiting for you to show back up again to capture your whole team, but it looks like you're still on your own."

Sonic's heart skips a beat.

"That's right hedgehog, I know all about your other team.  Your Uncle Has been very informative," Robotnik gestures to the robotic hedgehog now acting as a janitor, "of course you'd be proud to know he didn't tell me until after I robotisized him."

"I'll crush you, you fat piece of-" Sonic growls, but is quickly silenced as a SWATbot hits him in the back of the head with its laser Rifle.  

Sonic's vision begins to fade.  The last thing he hears before blacking out is Robotnik's laughter.
Chapter 4 of War for Mobius.

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