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Guidance is a blessing to both the giver and the blessed.

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Holy wow, you make some awesome LiS art!! @ u@

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separating the game from the image, I must say that I like the style a lot, it differs from the characters which is difficult most of the time with 3D modeling in many occasions of video games, also the direct approach to girls is good , and around is not bad, but I must say that maybe if something looks a little better, only the details of the clothes, especially the pants, outside of that, I like the detail of the eyes, keep it up, you have a lot growing potential

As for the reference to the game and as a tribute, it is excellent and you knew how to capture the essence of the romance between the 2, and the sunset that is observed in contrast to them, was very beautiful.
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Sad but cute! Love it!

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One of my fav games, you did an amazing job!

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Wow, gorgeous! Love your art style!

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I'm glad, thanks! :)

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it's calm and charming. thank you for creating beautiful things like this.

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Beautiful! Love the atmosphere and lighting!

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Dein Stil gefällt mir.

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This looks incredible! 
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You hit me right in the feels with this one. :( Ma girlllssssss

I love it!

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This is AMAZING I don't see much Chloe and Rachel art so it's always a pleasure to see :) 
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Glad you like it, thank you!! pink heart {big} 
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