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The Hobbit

Just another photomanip.
I take no credit for stocks used. Ill get around linking all of them soon.
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great work! that looks like a great album cover. (i thinking of rush or yes in their glory days)
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Is this available as a print? Because I would love to have one! A picture within a picture within a..picture.
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It is now atleast lol
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Yay! Now to save up Dollar (US) 
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hahaha, can I like make it really cheap or does deviantart limit me?
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It's been awhile since I read that section, but if I remember correctly there are some limitations on what you can put for pricing based on your account status. Like core-members I believe are allowed to set whatever price they choose. But again it's been awhile so don't quote me on that Sweat Drop 
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Just wonderful !!!!!!! i sooo love it
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Wow, that's really amazing!
Do you have more of this?
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Wow, that's really amazing! 
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That is amazing!!! Beautiful!!!
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I love this! Great work!
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I'm not a big fan of photomanipulation, but this one is wonderful.
A great conception with all the levels. It truly pulls me in.
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An amazing piece, it's quite magical!  :love:
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This is some really good-looking work. It's like Middle-Earth is trying to leap out of my screen.

Other than Gandalf and what looks like the Lonely Mountain though, I wouldn't know that it had anything to do with Middle-Earth, so that element is perhaps a mite weak, but rest assured, this is still an exemplary piece.
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I agree, little reminds of the actual movie, I had soo many great ideas, but couldn't find any good images to use. And yes, it's the lonely mountain. :D
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It's almost...meta...
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