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Things have finally settled down enough that I am comfortably returning to Aika from Skies of Arcadia.

Thank you very much to everyone who has been viewing and favoring my Pokégirl models. It has increased their appearance at the top of major search engine results considerably! :-)

W.I.P Log:

February 27: Uploaded first iteration here.

February 23: Tapered boots. Thickened thighs. UVing remaining assets.
February 21: Noticed upper lip protruded too much; corrected. Brought depth of lips closer to eyes. Pressed in eyes a tad. Interview is today! Finishing prep! Aika will have to wait!
February 17: Got a second interview! Must prepare! Smoothed out body a little. Pressed eyes in a bit.
February 13: Necklace finished.
February 12: More business than expected. Aika is almost finished. Tweaked boots (still a little big I think), fixing braids. Working on necklace (green without texture). Added hint of pink to lips.
February 11: Maya was glitching and crashing galore. Just fixed >~>
February 9: Might have an interview! Finished ties mesh. Gotta adjust maxilla.
February 6: Distracted with MapleStory and business =~=
February 2: Goggles done. Redo hairbands.
February 1: Redoing goggles. Bottom jaw finished.
January 30: Enlarged ears. Moved nose and it looked weird as fk, so put back.
January 27: Tweaked bangs. Fattened soles. Reduced ponytail ends.
January 25: Detailed eyes a bit. Added more clavicle.
January 23: Moar AO. Minor UVing left. Straightened boots. Back to my website.
January 22: Redid braids. More AO. Fattened necklace and neck. Adjusted earrings.
January 21: Forgot segments in braids. UVing shoulders, arms, and hand.
January 20: Little more UVing. Need to add details.
January 19: Experimenting with sculpting. Suck at it. Little UVing done.
January 17: Been working on my new website and resume. Will return to this project when I can!
January 14: More rang. I'm going to bed lol.
January 13: Almost finished buckles on knees. Going to start teeth.
January 12: Little more 'rang. Little cleanup here and there.
January 11: Started boomerang.
January 10: Adding a mouth, teeth and maybe a tongue.
January 7: Life has thrown me a curve ball. This project will once again take a backseat until I can straighten things out. Least she has a face now lol.
December 30: Chiseled jaw. Rounded breasts. Just about nailed face.
December 29: So close! Something's still missing though (and it's not the glare in the eyes)
December 28: Gettin' there
December 27: Need to tweak face

Current polycount is 16,122 quads / 30,490 tris.

Test render:

DA2Kool Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
Ah yes. The life of an artist. Geez that sounded very tedious, but you model looks amazing.
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December 24, 2016


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