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Test rendering. Some missing details and tweaking needed but overall content :)

June 19: Noticed an error with the hair. Fixed. Tweaking face. General cleanup. Close to finished.
June 18: Shoes and gloves pretty much done. Face needs tweaking. Starting waistpack map.
June 17: Shoes half done.
June 16: Will start shoes today.
June 15: Bandanna almost finished.
June 12-14: Work taking time up. Maping textures.
June 11: Fine tune eyes. Test texture.
June 10: Waistpack half done.
June 9: Bandanna top finished. Extrude knot. Continue waistpack.
June 8: Bandanna started.
June 7: Hair and eyes started. Shoes and legs tweaked. Bandanna started.
June 6: Weekend's over, back to work lol. Modeling tonight.
June 5: Shoes almost done. Hands too big. Started head and hair. Toned legs some more.
June 4: Legs too long. Adjusted. Working on shoes.
June 3: Little modeling done. More business. Started shoes.
June 2: Business has taken up modeling time. Hopefully tonight...
June 1: Noticed arms and body are disproportionate. Will readjust tonight.
May 31: Extruded collar. Added neck. Tapered body. Shortened arms and skirt.
May 30: Started waist pack. Added collar. Thickened and toned gloves. Toned legs.
May 29: Noticed character is not of identical height to similarly proportioned ones. Adjusted. Cleaned up thorax. Started arms and gloves.
May 28: Started. Assemble reusable assets and references. Collect Gouraud swatches.

W.I.P 10 W.I.P 9 W.I.P 8 W.I.P 7 W.I.P 6
W.I.P 5 W.I.P 4 W.I.P 3 W.I.P 2 W.I.P 1
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May 26, 2016


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