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  • Listening to: "Daddy" by Psy
  • Eating: Ramen again lol

Creating a journal to chronicle work on a manga series (I hope) to begin in January. I will be doing it entirely myself. Need to redo some of the character designs I've made and will have all of five-days tomorrow in Key West to do so :-)

March 30: I have decided to flesh out more of the story before I continue drawing as it needs considerable change.
February 18: Fleshing out Cayden
February 13: Uploading proof I'm working on this project tonight lol...
February 10: Finally making some god damn progress on something lol.
January 25: Fleshing out some character details. Adding more as I get time to do so.
January 17: Like everything I try to do, business eats up my time @.@

Previous songs:

"What is a DJ?" by S3RL
"Orinoco Flow" by Enya
"Seven Nation Army (Nightcore)" by The White Stripes
"Misleading Title" by S3RL
"Whirlwind" by S3RL
"Walk Like a Man" by the Four Seasons
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