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Nintendo Baby Room

My roommate's son's room. He just turned 1. Everything minus the NES Controller painted and drawn by Rica Edwards, :iconomengoddess: and I. The NES Controller was all Rica.
The Black part of the wall, just below the Mario 1-1 Level is chalkboard.

Yeah, We're awesome like that
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ladymz93's avatar
Wow and this is just the baby's room
TheRealSurge's avatar
Yeah, well now toddler room.... They tend to grow up. ;)
FMAYahsa12's avatar
Zelda closet... O.O
Sweetlinaa's avatar
The Mario wall is amazing :D
TheDAREBEARRR's avatar
killjoy12342's avatar
diaboliquedoll's avatar
This makes my inner geek happier than I can put into words! :-D The only thing that would be more awesome would be if there was an Atari themed room in the house as well :-)
TheRealSurge's avatar
There's a lot of geekiness in this house here. And although it hasn't been built yet, there is an Atari 2600 Joystick lamp in the works for that room. heh.
ShockWaveX2's avatar
Awesomeness!!!! :toocool: XD
Avialea's avatar
That is dedication. :nod:
Verokomo's avatar
You really did an awesome job. What would i have done to have a room like that! Love it. :)
0Catarina0's avatar
and the camera's clock: 13:37
TheRealSurge's avatar
It's military time here in the states, The hour would be 1:37 PM
Actually, military time is 24-hour time as described here [link] :)
The fun in '13:37' is because it is Internet slang for 'leet' which in turn is Internet slang for 'elite' which translates to something awesome, which this picture DEFINITELY is!
TheRealSurge's avatar
I know what 1337 is, I just can't believe we didn't catch that here. heh.
Melissa-Dreams's avatar
I would LOVE to have this room!!! This is INCREDIBLE!!!!!
HelenaHelenova's avatar
The only thing you have to worry about is if he turns out to be Sony fanboy. Then you'll have trouble on your hands. :giggle:

Super cute room. I :heart: it.
TheRealSurge's avatar
We have Master Chief posters on the ceiling, but nothing from Sony... which is odd, now that I think about it. We'll have to fix that.
thenota's avatar
this is great!!!!
purplestarz's avatar
Hey there, you know my friend Erica, but who are you?
I was going to dismiss this till I saw that this picture looked awfully familiar.
BMyValentine's avatar
That's total badassness
MandyNeko's avatar
So awesome! Totally want to do something like this if I have kids...
TheRealSurge's avatar
You'd make an awesome mom... heh.
jataylor1's avatar
That is so awesome.
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