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Fuck Religion by fukuplz<---my fav stamp. It is by


I taught myself how to make brushes, then i applied the same principals to making PS patterns, then custom shapes. I just very recently taught myself how to make gradients + styles; although i am still trying to refine my ability to make styles.

So now you know. I do not do this for a job, or for anywhere else other then deviantART. I do this because i enjoy making applications as well as the prospect of them being useful to someone somewhere. Since i am teaching myself + still have much to learn, any feedback, comments, and/or critique on any application files i post are most welcomed.


I like scary movies by Oktanas Born to murder by cfryant Silent Hill by Zimmette-Stock
Tomb Raider 1 Stamp by jenniferlaura Tomb Raider 2 Stamp by jenniferlaura TR: The Last Revelation Stamp by jenniferlaura
Ooh... shiny... by dbestarchitect Army of Darkness: Boomstick by getanaxe Chainsaw stamp by TheHylianHaunter

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Current Residence: Wisconsin
Operating System: Windows Vista
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Kris Kuksi / William Adolph Bouguereau / Sylvia Ji / Mark Ryden / Natalie Shau
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Hunter S. Thompson / Ben Hamper/Umberto Eco/Shakesphere/Byron
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Tomb Raider / Silent Hill / Resident Evil
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Super Nintendo / Game Cube / PS1 / PS2
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for here, Photoshop 7.0/ microsoft GIF animator / Nikon coolpik L18.
Other Interests
@ the moment, DeviantART.

I'm back

I'm back

Well after almost a year of no computer or internet, i'm back & it's a pleasure. Sure life still sucks; but it sucks much less while being surrounded by awesome deviantART art. ~eagerpee ( Apologies if i haven't responded to a message or comment from you but i've been out.

Theiveing Sites: update!!! please read

Theiveing Sites: update!!! please read

~Here is another chapter on stealing~ updated 08/06/09 So it seems that ~naderbellal ( just got around to my messages i sent him in January asking him why he was stealing peoples application files & posting them as his own. I told him he should remove them, of course he did not. I'm glad he reminded me though, because i have reported them & am sure they will be removed very soon. If you would like to tell him what a low life he is before these are removed, please do! He really doesn't care at all that he is stealing. my post:"These are not yours either! Why don't you just remove all of the files that you stole instead of waiting for so



This is to let you know that Handsome passed away on July 24th, 2009 at 12:03a.m. thank you to every one who had us in their thoughts. x0x0, Tracy ------ This is to ask you to pray, send good vibrations, send love, send light, or what ever you do in a spiritual or religious way to help support my Handsome. If you are Jewish, Catholic, Wicca, Atheist, American Indian, Hindu, have stuff you feel or do or think that have no name, or what ever you believe. My Handsome is dying of pancreatic cancer. You should know my wish for him is to be in as little pain as possible. To be at peace if possible. If you feel like you can help in any way, pl

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Thank you very much for the brushes Halloween
BigA-ntHobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for faving my work too - and thanks to you for the stock! :D
WrappedUpFrodoProfessional Digital Artist
Epic name.
G1mm1ckHobbyist Digital Artist
thank you for the brushes! here's what I made [link] and I hope you like it =D
I do; i LOVE it!!
Would you let me know if you're still active on DA? I use your brushes so much that I'd love to make you a gift of a premium membership--but I don't want to waste it if you're not using the site much any more.