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Inspired by the look of the GDM3 login manager, the goal is to have a theme that is as fully transparent and out-of-the-way as possible. This means a panel that blends right into the desktop, simple flat, transparent buttons, and the bare minimum when it comes to menus and elements that overlap the workspace.

The theme works on GNOME-Shell 3.14, 3.16, 3.18, 3.20, 3.22, 3.24, 3.30, and 3.32; use whichever version you need.

  • 2019/06/22 - Fixed custom toggle switches not working in GNOME 3.32
  • 2019/03/17 - Added version for GNOME 3.32
  • 2018/11/03 - Added version for GNOME 3.30
  • 2017/05/01 - Added version for GNOME 3.24
  • 2017/03/03 - Added version for GNOME 3.22
  • 2016/04/22 - Added version for GNOME 3.20
  • 2016/01/26 - Added version for GNOME 3.18
  • Added version with GNOME 3.16 support
  • New look/functionality for certain elements in 3.16 version because of GNOME changes

Wallpapers used in preview:

Music in preview

There are a couple known minor bugs in the GNOME 3.14 version, which don't show up in the 3.16 version:
  • Occasionally, a modal dialog will have a full black background instead of dimming
  • The panel clock has no shadow until you first mouse over it or open the activities overview
  • The date label doesn't show up until the second time you open the calendar popup

If you have a fix for a bug, please share it with me so I can update it.
The theme is on GitHub here

Available for Arch Linux on the AUR

License: CC-BY-NC-SA

If you like my work, feel free to send me a buck
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