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Inspired by the look of the GDM3 login manager, the goal is to have a theme that is as fully transparent and out-of-the-way as possible. This means a panel that blends right into the desktop, simple flat, transparent buttons, and the bare minimum when it comes to menus and elements that overlap the workspace.

The theme works on GNOME-Shell 3.14, 3.16, 3.18, 3.20, 3.22, 3.24, 3.30, and 3.32; use whichever version you need.

  • 2019/06/22 - Fixed custom toggle switches not working in GNOME 3.32
  • 2019/03/17 - Added version for GNOME 3.32
  • 2018/11/03 - Added version for GNOME 3.30
  • 2017/05/01 - Added version for GNOME 3.24
  • 2017/03/03 - Added version for GNOME 3.22
  • 2016/04/22 - Added version for GNOME 3.20
  • 2016/01/26 - Added version for GNOME 3.18
  • Added version with GNOME 3.16 support
  • New look/functionality for certain elements in 3.16 version because of GNOME changes

Wallpapers used in preview:

Music in preview

There are a couple known minor bugs in the GNOME 3.14 version, which don't show up in the 3.16 version:
  • Occasionally, a modal dialog will have a full black background instead of dimming
  • The panel clock has no shadow until you first mouse over it or open the activities overview
  • The date label doesn't show up until the second time you open the calendar popup

If you have a fix for a bug, please share it with me so I can update it.
The theme is on GitHub here

Available for Arch Linux on the AUR

License: CC-BY-NC-SA

If you like my work, feel free to send me a buck
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xD It's been a while!
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Here I am again asking for update to Gnome 3.26...Please!!! Please   It will be much appreciated!   
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It still works fine on GNOME 3.26, I just haven't updated the description ;)
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Lol... Yes it works but spamming syslog ;)
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Oh? What do you mean? If I can get the errors then I can probably see what's wrong and fix it. 
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Update For Gnome 3.26
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It still works fine on GNOME 3.26, I just haven't updated the description ;)
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So I just came back to Linux after using only Windows for a few years. Installed Fedora and went hunting for a theme on gnome-look. Found this dope theme and decided to check it out on DeviantArt.. and then I took a look at your other work. 

You know what's crazy? I used to use one of your older projects Chronos... I even commented on it back in 2013 hahaha I guess I'm a fan of your stuff
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Hahaha that's great, thanks for sharing! I guess so :) 
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Excellent theme. How do you change the opacity level of the drop-down menus in the panel? Which part of the css? This is a great theme and exactly what I was looking for. Thank you.
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Thanks! You can change the dropdown menu opacity around line 158, by:
.candidate-popup-boxpointer {

The "-arrow-background-color: rgba(0,0,0,0.8);" controls the colour, so you can change it to whatever you like. The 0.8 is 80% opacity. 
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Great, it works perfectly, thank you very much! Trying to change also the notification banners to something a little darker. Attempted but it's not working. If you could let me know how to change that, if not, no worries! Thank you for your great work on this. Makes 3.22 much more like 3.16.
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No problem! You can change the popup notifications around line 2938, the .message stuff (and the .message:hover, focus stuff below). 
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Works perfectly again! Thank you so much - so glad you are responding to user comments promptly years after you have put this up. Great stuff. Very impressed and thankful. 
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It's good to know that people still use the theme :) It's the only one I keep updated after all these years. 
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Just reinstalled my OS and one of the first things I did was reinstall your theme. Excellent work. It's a staple!
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Nice, thanks! Happy it works with the weather extension too, since I don't recall adding any additional support for it XD
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This is exactly what ive been looking for Judge 
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I'm running Ubnutu Gnome 16.10 and would love to install this theme, but can't figure out how or find instructions. What is involved in installing this theme? I would love to use it. Thanks!
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