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London Smoke Gnome-Shell

My Gnome-Shell port of my London Smoke GTK2 theme. [link]

Many thanks to Half-Left for all his help ;)

Now works with GNOME-Shell 3.4!

Wallpaper: Winter Frost by ~hombre-cz
Icons: elementary Icons by *DanRabbit

June 5, 2011: initial release
-moved to latest Adwaita codebase (better support for certain things, like rtl)
-fixed double-border in messaging notifications
-added 2px padding in between shell-tab-switchers
-revamped corner-ripple
-bigger icons in search-results
-various other improvements in search-results
-added shadows to notification-tray entries
-fixed padding issues with messaging-notification-bar-right-click-menu
-fixed search-engine buttons (made them fit in more, and added hover/pressed functionality)
-ported over to new GNOME-Shell 3.2 base (added many new features)
-cleaned up notification-popups code
-added inner highlight to menus, removed shadows
-added 100ms transitions to many things
-changed workspace-thumbnail highlight
-moved the readme from the gnome-shell.css to a separate file
-added instructions for fixing the menus with font-scaling factor at 1.2
-fixed spacing between "Windows" and "Applications" buttons
-GNOME-Shell 3.4
-tweaked submenus
-fixed jumping summary-buttons
-added some missing things
-improved visibility of text on hover-buttons
-changed transitions on buttons from 100 to 200 (smoother)
-other random bug fixes
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it looks a bit old already.
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Well, it is an 8 year old theme that hasn't been maintained for years, so that's understandable.

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Yeah, I know. What I had in mind was that it would look better exactly the same, but flat without borders.

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Idk, I feel like that wouldn't really be the same theme anymore, cause to me the defining features are the subtle gradients and the light-dark borders.

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nice bit of style and design
otherwise GNOMESHELL themes are, more often than not, quite unoriginal and boring
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Excellent Theme!!
Many thanks for sharing with us.

I would love to swap positions of 'Windows' & 'Applications' to 'Applications' & 'Windows' in Activities overview, since i have no use for the windows function.
Can you please point me to the code (file/line), since i couldn't find it?!

Thank you (:
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You can't change it, it's coded into GNOME-Shell, not my theme.
What Linux version are you running anyway, this theme hasn't been updated in quite a while.
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I am running GNOME-Shell v3.2.1 (can't remember the original theme name) in ubuntu 11.10 environment.
Thanks for your replay!
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Ah, okay, it would still work for 3.2, yes.
Glad you like it :)
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I like it,very beautiful
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by far my favorite theme on shell 3.4 ... any way i can change font size 15 - 25% smaller for titles? that would make it perfect thank you for your work ... one thing i do not like on these themes is the arrow pointing to the title and you boxed it out.
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Maybe try in GNOME-Tweak-Tool>Fonts>Text scaling factor.
I want try it,but I don't know to download it~
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There's a download button on the right of the page.
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