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Maine sunday, 1813
He is afraid saying it
will make it a beached saying
crooning with shelled soldiers
ground against the bottom
like stones in a stomach.  Like whales
a marriage must surface, too,
sometimes found washed ashore
with baying gulls calling
like blackmailers that slicken
a man's grip.  Even a sea
smoothes down mussels,
indigestible stones and figureheads
with redundant poetics begging
to be laundered back to the surf
for one last tack.  The myth ran out
and an empty house was driftwood
to the dunes, knowing a larger tide
one day will crush it over the man
and build a rocking chair
out of his mauled sky.
He waits outside for a tail
to crest the waves.  
"I have ended it."
:icontherealneix:TheRealNeix 1 0
New Islands
Recently a mountain
floated past Panama
and washed ashore
and was discovered,
despite a pair of dim
eyes, by two ancient
chessmen ambling
along a burned up
beach in Florida.
And, though secretly
young, the mountain
from the sea with four
sea legs proclaimed in
a sonnet he would grow
older than the marshland
and cousin alligator, the
two rooks now greeting
him would beat his rugged
feet to the Fridgian tree line
groves, where they’d meet
Dido all a wand’ ring, scarcely
remembering her Punici lines.
Those rooks, with their long bills,
clamored up the Galapagosian
hills and rode the mountain further
up the shore to a salt crusted beach
house, home to the Spanish Kings.
There is a new lord with his hookbilled guards, gesturing
with swords to the sunken ships between here and Europa
forgotten and but a dark dream dredged up by an islander
with a pointy stick and a bellowing voice.
“I am still waiting for the Duchess of Haiti, Sun King!”
:icontherealneix:TheRealNeix 0 4
Through the
         pale glass on the
     shelf I
want to trace
     my finger along you
searing this shape
             into red wine
That fire
          on your crisp shoulders
is all
    and all
            I will decide to tell
them about when
             you send me
             back home,
my subscription to
            has just
run out.
:icontherealneix:TheRealNeix 0 4
Dido is driving on
county road 9
past the last defenses
they put up beside the
town’s water tower
where we enjoyed
more than just the summer time.
We are sitting in Syracuse
palm shade but rather it
is café cloth made so what
lies did you tell sis so
she would burn you down
in Mississippi style right
there on the blackened grain lined beach
and I knew one day a
man would set down in
the corner store and ask
about the little embers
cast like scarab beetles and
say his name was Hannibal and
I was wondering if you could sell me
a few saddles and some spears
because Elkhorn was just annexed down the road
and we could be next.  I am
counting all the scarab beetles
strangely clicking on the
gravel road as you come
wailing and on fire in my
At Carthage we have decided
to build a telephone pole
and stick it in the sand
so the elephants can feel
small, again.
:icontherealneix:TheRealNeix 0 1
Ice Shelves
you simply need to stop
lying quietly with the
walrus clan.
it may be cold, and they ignited
thick an ironed sheet
but I insist:
the car will not wait forever
on the ice shelves (they are melting)
besides, soon it will be getting very
:icontherealneix:TheRealNeix 1 1
Darwin is tossing the iguanas back into the sea
on a stretch of land the cello has only imagined
like the flightless birds photographed in the
museum presided over by Hooke and the crazies
locked away in the country side all those years
ago before we rounded cape horn in a canoe and
tried to see as best we could how a dragon could
                                                                         fly into the sea.
:icontherealneix:TheRealNeix 3 4
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Sweet Dreams and All That Jazz
Sweet Dreams, and All That Jazz
Piano man in the corner,
Fingers waltz in Three Four,
Cigs lit dimly, cracklin' in a tray.
Rhythm taps on the floor from shoes
And shoe laces. From tables spanked by hands.
From air bopped by peoples heads.
Chords strung out in rows,
Lines, dangling from rooftop
To jazz-top. Swingin'.
Bass layin' a line in the side,
"can't pass that", she sings,
the broken chords thump-thumpin'
Beating my heart faster,
Slappin' frets with thick wire,
The air of smoke bouncin' from the low.
Cracklin' lights matchin' fingers
Sweepin' 'cross the board, breakin',
Planting roots for the trees.
The trees sproutin' into trumpets,
Matchin' the sax with improv',
Piercin' my skin with it's guided scales.
Back arched, moon man, pushin' air
From his lungs, through the mouth, to the mouth,
Brewin' blue batter with quick fingers.
Jazzin' up the skylights,
Bringin' it down, through the ground.
And it sings.
Sax man in front,
Spittin' Blues from golden mouths,
Like Autumn leaves from dy
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Petals On Piano by yhdenenkelinunelma Petals On Piano :iconyhdenenkelinunelma:yhdenenkelinunelma 12 25
Barrels and Barrels
Skin is a simple green dress
upon which he lays his complaints.
smooth sheets of rock
house the hips of my mother
who once gave birth beneath
a Fig tree.
For him, multitudnous earths pivot--
for there were many earths once,
clotted and trapped, made from
blood fragments of dying red giants
in the cosmos-- stark and wet
with realization.
I am trying to let the exhaust
escape through airholes,
microscopic and multiple
that push open my eyelids
until my bare back is raw
with the scratches of pinpricks
at my fingertips from which
I carve these words into Time.
"Please shape your hands into goldfish,
and cup my jaw."
In reality, my hair is endless--
it is the part of me I wish to send
into eternity.
:iconroulle:Roulle 2 1
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Neal Gebhard
United States
Current Residence: Omaha, Nebraska
Favourite genre of music: jazz?
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Personal Quote: "How often it is that what appears most real to us is in fact not there at all"

I'm Around

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 22, 2009, 2:25 PM
Hey gang, I am sorry for not having much time to get on dA and post!!  I have been looking through my mountain of deviations, and I am loving what I am seeing!!  Thanks for sharing!  Some Neal Updates:

I have been job searching, a lot.  It is very tough, even though Nebraska is one of the least effected states in the US from the recession.  Still, I have hopes and will keep trying.  I am helping out at the volunteer bike repair shop, doing some minor repairs and learning stuff about bikes.  Speaking of bikes, we just completed our 5th bike tour across the state a few weeks ago!!  It was a ton of fun!  Very windy, hilly, and lots of food and good company.  The art show, which happened back in May, was a huge success.  Loads of people stopped by and got to see my photos and my friends' work.  It was awesome!  Thanks to all who came (again!).  

I am currently in Pennsylvania for the week visiting TrixieBelden, aka MOM, and it is a blast.  We just laugh and laugh!  We are both taking summer courses, so we're pretty busy.  I am in a nature literature course which is shaping up to be a really great time!  We are reading "Flight of Iguana" by David Quammen, and it is awesome.  What a writer!  Any rate, I had better cut this short.  I hope you are all well and the summer is going great.  Please drop by and see some of my new work, and I will do the same for you!  Cheers!!!

-Neal Gebhard

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