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Holy snap I haven't blogged in a long time! Let's be real, I'm stretched to the limit with so many fun but time consuming projects, and I majorly fail on keeping my blog updated (I'm sorry!) so if you're wondering what I'm up to....check out my YOUTUBE channel! I'm SO excited for 2014...already working on tons of music & videos...and music videos! Haha! Let's keep in touch on YT for now, and I promise, I'll do my best to keep uploading cool pix here on DA. Here be the youtube link:

For daily updates, the closest thing I use to a blog is...instagram! I update that pretty follow me there for news, hints & tidbits about what I'm working on...or to see lots of photos of my cat. You're welcome. tracihines (also @AdorkableNews for the Adorkable merch updates!)

Here are my latest projects...
LIFE LESSONS FROM A HIPSTER MERMAID (Episode 3: Go For The Coffee, Stay For The Band):…

Also, about to post some creeptastic Samara pix from my last Ghoul Girls shoot! Eeep! Yay! (The Ring is my favorite horror movie, so this made my Halloween!) But you can check out the full set at

Stay up to date with my clothing line, Adorkable Apparel at (got some fun new stuff coming out soon!)

aaaand for now, that's all I'm allowed to talk about haha! MORE coming soon though!

Hope you're all having the bestest New Year ever!!!! I love you guys! xoxo!

<3 Traci
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In anticipation of the Adorkable Apparel launch, we did a fun shoot collab with Tim Wheaton Photography, punking the neighborhood in full mermaid style! I just posted the pix, so feel free to check them out -hopefully they make you smile! (More coming too!)

The launch is almost upon us-thanks so much for your patience while we prepare for the full site to launch! We are STILL holding our pre-sale for the Urban Mermaid Crop Top (featured in these new photos) and will continue to sell it (as stock allows) through the launch and beyond! Grab one here if you're lusting after your own pair of seashells:…

Thanks to :iconleocamacho: for modeling with me and to Merberry Tails for the lovely fins to pair with my tee!

Like Adorkable Apparel on facebook for updates:

Twitter: @AdorkableNews
Tag us: #adorkableapparel (we may feature you on the facebook page & beyond if you do!)

Hope you're all having a marvelous week! xoxo!

<3 Traci
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I am SO thrilled to announce that my version of PART OF YOUR WORLD (the single) is FINALLY available for purchase on iTunes! We've been working hard since December to get this up for you guys, and I sure hope it's worth the wait!

Buy it here:…

Amazon mp3:

Thanks so much to Nina Stallmann and Raiya Corsiglia for the album artwork, and of course to Adam Gubman (Composer/Producer) for making this all possible!

*A note to my friends outside of the USA: unfortunately due to copyright/legal reasons, we cannot sell this single outside the country. I'm so sorry! BUT you can always hear the song anywhere in the world via the official music video:… I appreciate ALL of you and your support so much! Without YOU this wouldn't be possible either! I've got more coming this year for ALL of you so stay tuned, and know that I love you guys!

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New Aladdin pics up! My friend Leo Camacho :iconleocamacho: (my fellow Disney character chameleon & performance buddy-you might remember him as Prince Eric in my POYW vid) and I were recently booked for an Aladdin themed event, and luckily the event booked far enough in advance that we had time to have the costumes made, so we called up our go-to Disney-inspired costuming goddess and friend, JoEllen Elam of, :iconfirefly-path: and acquired these fantastical costumes! Jo truly outdid herself! I also *may* have some other shoot plans in store for these amazing costumes...but more about that later! *wink!*

Raiya Corsiglia, the talented cinematographer who did my Part of Your World music video last December, whisked us away to a beautiful desert location and took some magical photos of us, along with the help of my true-blue and very talented friend Jenny Rae :iconlilraecakes: who was our lighting goddess for the day! I just posted the pics that resulted, and there are event more on my facebook, (along with Leo and Raiya's facebook and pages too)! Here is a link to my facebook for more:

Also, check out this fun little BTS video snippet Raiya made while on set:… ( I totally see a gif in our future! haha)

There is SO much other stuff going on ATM, but more soon! For now, thought this little shoot was a good update for my DA! Hope you guys are doing FABULOUS!


<3 Traci
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I just posted the teaser pic/flyer for my brand new line, Adorkable Apparel. Just wanted to make a little announcement that it's coming soon (Spring 2013!) and I can't wait to officially launch! I hope you guys like! Feel free to share and let me know if you're excited! I can't wait to unveil all the tops in the line....this is something I've always wanted to do, and I think it'll be really awesome to be able to offer products that are different from the made to order ones in my Etsy shop, Siren's Grotto. I think this is something that will be a little bit more affordable and available for my friends and buddies online, and if things go well, this may be another way I can support myself for making music. Think of it as artist merch meets fashion-and beyond! Hoping to create a whole army of urban mermaids with the first crop top release. (-;

Hope you guys are having an amazing week, and I'll keep ya in the loop!

<3 Traci
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In case you haven't checked it out yet, I just released my first music video on 12/11/2012! It's a cover of Part of Your World (music by Adam Gubman)! Watch the video here:… (You can also view at my official website,, or visit my general youtube channel and click on the featured video (and subscribe if you like it and want more!)

The single will be available for download shortly after the holidays!

I got to work with an amazing crew on this project. JoEllen Elam on costumes, Leo Camacho playing the role of the Prince, Raiya Corsiglia on video, Katie Mitchell as my right hand and PA (among many other titles!), Jenny Rae on BTS photos, Jessica Frieling on hair and BTS photos, Lime Crime sponsored makeup, and even Fozzy the dog playing Max! More credits in the video and video descrip-so many amazing people came alongside to help on this project, and I am so thrilled to finally have made my first music video! I hope you guys enjoy it-this is my whole heart and soul right here! (-;…

Also, speaking of the holidays, my producer and cowriter Adam and I wrote a brand new Christmas song, inspired by Neverland. It's my first original Disney-inspired song. I came up with the idea driving in my car a few months ago, and was so thrilled when Adam took a liking to it and decided to help me develop it into our next single! "Neverland For Christmas" harkens to my (and probably many others like me) childhood nostalgia for Peter Pan, all things Neverland and Christmas. It's a song that is very close to my heart, and probably one of the most honest songs I've ever put out there. I hope it touches your heart this holiday season.

Link to download "Neverland For Christmas"…

Also, please check out the Acoustic version of the song as well. (…) 100% of the proceeds from the "Neverland For Christmas Acoustic Mix"  goes to Sandy Hook Elementary, CT. Please open your beautiful hearts and help us spread the word and raise funds for the school's relief and rehabilitation during this very difficult time.

Link to download "Neverland For Christmas (Acoustic Mix)" for Sandy Hook:…

I'd be honored if you would leave some feedback and a comment on iTunes if you like the song! (-;

(both versions are also available for sale on Amazon mp3).

Also, check out my latest website post about my acoustic show coming up Jan. 4th 2013 at Anime Los Angeles! (Hope to see you there!)…
I just got back from my show and panels at Holiday Matsuri and had such a blast seeing so many of you wonderful Floridians! Thanks so much to everyone that came out!

Last little tidbit of news-I hear my Skechers' Bella Ballerina commercial has been playing a lot on tv! Keep an ear out for my voiceover-it's my biggest VO commercial gig to date! I'm pretty stoked about it! I just wish I had tv myself so I could tune in haha, but thank goodness for youtube right? Heeeere it is!…

Until next time!


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Thought it was high time I posted a little update! I got so insanely busy during Halloween that I neglected to keep up with my posts and news about all the cool things I've been lucky enough to be involved in lately! Here is the run down, if you care to check it out....

STAY WITH YOU (The Dark Angel Mix) came out in October, and is now for sale on iTunes! (Buy it here:…) I had lots of requests to make this available for sale after the Hot Topic Halloween videos came out in September, so...your wish is my command! haha. Thanks so much to everyone who has purchased it so far! For some reason this track can't be found on Amazon was supposed to come out on both sites, but until I can get that figured out, iTunes is the place to go! Sorry for any inconvenience there! Feel free to contact me if you're having difficulty purchasing and I'll do my best to help!)

CAUSE & EFFECT (The Acoustic Mix) also came out for sale in October, after Adam and I released the video we made of this track on youtube. You can watch the video (by Cam Oden) here:… and you can purchase the track on iTunes and Amazon! (iTunes:…) (Amazon:…) This was another one that we originally just planned to post on youtube, but we had so many requests to put this out for sale that we decided, what the heck! Sure! Thanks to those of you who contacted us and wanted it on your ipods! (-;

My last October project was my makeup tutorial videos for HGTV. I created five Halloween makeup looks for them this year, and you can watch those videos (in the USA only-so sorry to my international friends!) on their website, You can watch them here...

Dark Fairy…

Poison Ivy…

Sally the Ragdoll…

Effie Trinket…

Blue Scaled Mermaid…

I am also SUPER excited to share this next project with you...recently my friend Kota Wade asked me if I would be a featured vocalist on her latest track with her band, Bad Wolf, and also be featured in their first music video for that track! I was so honored to be a part of the project, and the video just came out TODAY! I got to dress up as a mythical fire goddess to contrast Kota's gorgeous ice goddess, and we were both outfitted by my friend JoEllen Elam of Check it out!


Last but not least, I have a special Christmas present for you guys coming next month-I am SO excited to share it with you! Stay tuned, and Happy Thanksgiving!


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Super excited to announce that a new song is coming to iTunes and Amazon THIS MONTH!

Prepare for STAY WITH YOU (THE DARK ANGEL REMIX)! You may have heard it in the Hot Topic DIY or Die makeup tutorial videos too-they featured it, and now the full version of the song is coming to iTunes & Amazon this month, in honor of Halloween! This song is CREEPY, so don't expect happy Disney Traci music on this one. (-; Charlie Malone did the remix for Adam and I, and we're thrilled with the frightening result. It's definitely not something anyone would ever expect from me, but that's why it's so fun! I love surprises. And monsters. And this is pretty monster-worthy. Perfect as a background track to your Halloween festivities! And if it's not your cup O' tea, have no fear, more melodic, pop-princess Traci music is coming soon!

Adam and I are still hard at work on the album, and in the meantime, I have some exciting video projects in the works! Stay posted to my youtube ( to be the first to see the new stuff!

Also, I was recently in a video collab with youtube celebs/awesome artists Luke Conard and Landon Austin. I acted in their music video for their original song, "A Day We'll Remember." Ingrid (missglamorazzi on youtube) was also in the video too! And you might even spot Jason Munday in a few shots! Watch the video here:…)

I'll write again soon to let you know when you can buy the Dark Angel mix! Thanks so much to those of you who are keeping up with me-it means the world!


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Hey guys! I've got so much this month that's keeping me busy-really excited to tell you about it!

Link to my website post: Let's play the catch-up game!…

First up, my brand spanking new WEBSERIES teaser has been launched: Behold, I give you, Life Lessons From A Hipster Mermaid:…
Subscribe to my youtube channel, to be the first to see Episode 1 (coming soon!). I'm thrilled to be working on this with the legendary Andrew Ducote. (-; You may have seen a few screencaps on here from the teaser-I just posted a couple, and started a new album on here for the series. I plan to post caps and behind the scenes shots in there whenever possible. Keep ya'll in the loop, ya know... (-;

I also got to work with Hot Topic again this past September for another group of way fun makeup videos! I freaking love working with HT. They're so good to me, and are so great to work with. I was stoked to be back in the studio creating some fun makeup for them again, this time, doing my absolute favorite kind of makeup...crazy Halloween faces! You can see the videos on the website at, or go directly to their youtube channel to see them there. I'll link below to the direct vids too. I got to do 4 different looks, and a total of 5 videos. Hope you enjoy! If you're in doubt about what to be for Halloween, my pick is zombie. Zombie anything! I show you an easy way to impress your friends with my zombie tutorial, and a few other simple but dramatic looks as well, using Hot Topic makeup products. Specifically, Blackheart stuff. ALSO, my newest single, a remix of my song, Stay With You, (The Dark Angel Mix) is featured in all of the tutorial videos! Coming soon to iTunes! (-;

Videos on the HT Halloween landing page:…

Youtube direct video links...

DIY or Die (lots of -fake- blood, woo!)…

Zombie tutorial:…

Vampy tutorial…

Skeleton insp. tutorial…

Raver tutorial…

My vlog about it...and other ramblings:…


Also, I am thrilled to announce I'll be back at Holiday Matsuri in Orlando this coming December 2012! They are bringing me back as a musical guest! I hope to see you Floridians there! Get your tickets at:

Guest page:… Heyhey it's me!…

I'll be performing a concert and performing at the Benefit Ball for Toys for Tots! I love how this con gives back! I'll also be involved with lots of other aspects of the con, so you can catch me there Friday, Saturday and Sunday!

Phew! I'm sure that's enough news for now, though there's tons more! I've been filming a ton, so soon I'll be showing you guys more of what I've been up to, if you care to know! (-;

For now... xoxo!

<3 Traci
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I'll be hanging out with the Ghoul Girls on Sunday (Sept. 16th 2012) for a signing at Stan Lee's COMIKAZE EXPO (at the LA Convention Center) so come on out and say hello! I'd love to see you! I'll be giving away/signing photos from the Dark Fairy shoot I did with Ghoul Girls (titled 'Grim Fae' on their site) while supplies last. Come by table number 723 in the Artist Alley! Us girls are going to be all ghouled out in our creepy get-ups, so you also can take pics with some monsters if you dare!

Check out this video announcement too with the details, if you like!…

Announcement on the GG site:…

My site blog:…

Comikaze info. here:

Hope to see ya there!

<3 Traci
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Merpalooza vlog:…

It's THIS WEEKEND folks! See you mermaids on Saturday! (8/11/2012)

Check out the website for all the info!

Vote for your favorite mermaids!…
(proceeds go to Merpalooza and the Make A Wish Foundation)

Merpalooza facebook page:…

Direct link to the story on why the location was changed recently:…

Event Deets:

Date: Saturday, August 11, 2012

Location: The Wyndham, 8001 International Drive, Orlando, FL 32819

Room rates for Merpalooza are $79 USD per night. Make sure you mention MERPALOOZA when you call to get the block rate! Call the hotel directly at this number: (407) 351-2420

Special guests include Mermaid Kylee, Mermaid Sasha The Fire Gypsy and Alexanderia the Great. Also meet famous mermaid tail makers like the Mertailor (credits with Lady Gaga, Kate Walsh and more) and Thom Shouse (credits include Disney's Splash, Annie Leibovitz and more) and so many other awesome mermaid vendors and of course, all the beautiful mermaids who will be in attendance! (Look for my friends and some of my favorite mermaids, Ashley Rowlett, Natalie Atkins and Madeline Masquerade too!)

Aaaaand completely unrelated to Merpalooza, I just uploaded a new cover vid SINGING woooo! Here is a cover of Maroon 5's "She Will Be Loved" :…
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It's almost mermaid time! All the info. at my website blog here:…

Merpalooza website:

Can't wait to get my butt back to Florida! Hope to see you there!!!

<3 Traci
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Lime Crime just released the first (teaser) shot from the Aquataenia Mermaid photo set, advertising a super exciting new makeup item! (Guess who they chose to be their mermaid?!) I am so ridiculously excited to be modeling in this campaign for this amazing company-I've been a fan for a long time, and use LC products on a daily basis. I not only am thrilled with the images, but thrilled to be representing this awesome brand! Check out the first photo released here:…

Also, if you're curious about my costumes and might like to learn a bit more about my cosplay-process and how I got my start, check out my latest cosplay-related interview!…
Thanks so much to Brittney for the interview, and to for the feature! So honored to be there!

I've got more news coming out this week! Upcoming events, new music and more! Let's keep in touch!

<3 Traci
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Just sent out the first batch of the FREE Cause and Effect thank-you bonus tracks! If you haven't purchased Cause and Effect (my newest single) yet, you can buy it on iTunes (…) or Amazon mp3 (…) then send in a receipt or screencap proof-of-purchase to for the bonus track! Only available for a limited time! Offer for the free thank-you track ends when the next song is released! (It's in progress now!)

Also, Hot Topic released one of my new tutorials for Blackheart Beauty, their awesome new makeup line! Ombre lips:… By the way, listen for Cause and Effect in the vid! HT featured my new song...extra awesome! (More tutorials coming soon!)

Till next time...

<3 Traci (website) (facebook) (twitter) (youtube covers) (youtube originals/vlogs)
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Guess who's been cast as the voice of the title character in an upcoming video game? Check out the first glimpse of Para: Lights of Amazonia! (by UniteGames)…
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Check out this makeup tutorial video I did for Hot Topic using their new beauty line, Blackheart!…

Also check it out on the front page of the website, and buy the awesome new products here:…

(And listen for CAUSE AND EFFECT in the bg!) I love working with HT!
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If it sparks your interest, check out this interview I did with Feather Magazine: (I talk about everything from my recent voiceover work, to my involvement with Disney, my Ariel obsession and of course my music!)

Aaaand a new blog on my website about everything from the interview, to new youtube videos, to Lime Crime, friends, birthdays and an upcoming mermaid event!…

Also, just posted a few new shoot pics on here...unofficially titled, the Mermaid Ballerina set haha. (-;

<3 Traci
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New singing cover video...You've Got A Friend (James Taylor)…
(An early Mother's day present for my mommy)

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Link to the vlog:…

Sorry for my sleepy-ness and endless ramblings! Just had to record this for posterity! Jic you felt like watching, link is above...

Btw don't forget to EMAIL us if you buy my latest single, CAUSE AND EFFECT (… /…) Just send a receipt or proof-of-purchase screencap to! We're sending the bonus tracks out before the next single is released! Offer is only available till then!

Kit ya'll!

<3 Traci
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New blog for CAUSE AND EFFECT, my newest single (inspired by Mass Effect!):…

And other happenings...

Buy CAUSE AND EFFECT on iTunes:…

Buy CAUSE AND EFFECT on Amazon mp3:…

If you buy the track, send a copy of your receipt or a screencap proof-of-purchase to for a FREE bonus track! For a limited time only! (Sending out before the next single release!)

Thanks for keeping in touch! Hope you love the new go DANCE! (-:

<3 Traci
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