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First no capital L and now this?
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So DA is getting sued, along with other repackagers of the Stable Diffusion art-theft-laundering tool. I don't think class-action lawsuits ever really amount to much, but at least it's something. Which is more than ArtStation is doing and the polar opposite of what DA is doing by continuing to run its own white-label version of Stable Diffusion. What's cool about this page is the explanation of how Stable Diffusion works. Now, the lawyer may be overstating his case a bit, or perhaps he's just leaving out a detail that he's considered and didn't think important enough for the summary: If the portion of each of those 5 billion stolen works used in a given output is small enough, then derivative works wouldn't be infringing. Same logic behind sampling in music. I think the term is de minimis but I'm not going to swear to it. However, due to the black-box nature of these generative AIs, there's no way to know that DreamOn or MindJammer or Wall-E or whatever isn't spitting out something
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I was very mad about the whole dreamUp AI "art" thing and now I don't have the energy to be mad anymore. I'm just tired. I was going to do a whole blog post but... ehh. I'm not leaving dA yet,but I'm gonna give it a break for a while and see if staff (are allowed to) come to their senses or if Wix pulls an Elon. In the mean time, you can find my work on the art gallery section of my personal site where I tend to post longer descriptions/musings than I do here. I also have an art tag on my blog on that same site. I'm also posting all my art to my new Mastodon account at I know at least some of the artists I follow have Mastodon accounts: If you don't want to sign up for Mastodon (which can be a headache because you have to choose an instance), you can also subscribe to anyone on Mastodon via the RSS feed by adding ".rss" to the end
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I just posted a blog post beginning a reread of the Animorphs series, covering the first two books. It's a follow-up to a post about whether the series finale works as an anti-war war story. So if you want to see me rant about a book series I enjoyed as a preteen, you can head over to my personal blog. Also worth your time if you haven't already seen it: Lord Ravenscraft's Animorphs video essay (and follow-up, and second follow-up about the TV show).
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Good morning and how are you doing today? I just wanted to say thank you for giving me a llama badge thereallinebyline. Please be sure to browse my gallery when you get the chance, as there are some artworks you might find intriguing, and hey, if there are artworks you absolutely adore, do not be afraid to leave faves on those particular artworks.



Thanks a lot for visiting my page and giving a llama! ♥

I wish you Happy Holidays and all the best! ♥

Thanks for the fave!

You're welcome! I'll definitely be taking a closer look at your gallery soon when I get time.

you have nice works ~