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Mass update starting September six!
Wed Aug 17, 2016, 7:05 AM
Looking for someone willing to donate so I can commission a comic of one of my stories. XD
Sat Nov 14, 2015, 8:00 AM
How's everyone been? I have been writing like crazy of course.
Wed Nov 11, 2015, 9:03 AM
Well with my return its time to write a story. Of course the first after a hiatus is always the most difficult.
Thu May 22, 2014, 3:54 PM
Minecraft servers don't make themselves
Mon Feb 17, 2014, 7:26 AM
I haven't been working on commissions because working on minecraft server. Today I take a break though. Writing time.
Tue Jan 28, 2014, 8:34 AM
TheRealKyuubi16:icontherealkyuubi16: join and follow my channel. Streaming later tonight.
Sun Dec 29, 2013, 11:31 AM
I am working hard on commissions, but it often takes several days worth of research.
Wed Dec 11, 2013, 9:00 PM
My finals are today was I can finally began working on the commissions and stuff.
Tue Dec 10, 2013, 7:39 AM
Leaving the country. Last chance to get anything out of me before I go.
Fri Nov 15, 2013, 7:43 PM


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Equestrian Heroes


Naruto x ?


Story Start


"Come on Fluttershy you can do this." She softly coached herself as she found herself standing on the other side of the street from Naruto's home. Sure enough, walking the trail was none other than Naruto who was coming in from his early morning training.

Out of reflex, Fluttershy used one of her large wings to cover herself when he began looking around.

Naruto caught sight of the Pegasus and gave her a wave. Taking notice of what she was doing he couldn't help but notice how cute she was. Between her adorable squeaks and demure demeanor, it was hard not to notice. So lost in his thoughts he didn't notice his intense gaze caused a blush to deepen her cheeks.

He took notice of what she was wearing. A lovely floral summer dress that showed off her legs and form and from what he could see her wings were as vibrant and clean as always. Seeing as she was a caretaker of sorts it made sense for Fluttershy to be rather hygienic.

Peeking over her wing Fluttershy took in the stallion's body language having dealt with a lot of bullies because of her shy behavior. Not to mention being the daughter of a military pony Fluttershy found herself a target on multiple fronts. Both the negative experiences from her childhood and her positive interactions with animals had helped her developed a keen sense of another pony's intent.

Her cheeks continued its coloring once she realized the stallion was staring right at her. For a moment she felt like she was going to faint. Swallowing, Fluttershy decided to steel her resolve. Unable to keep eye contact she made her way over to the stallion while doing her best to avoid stumbling and making a joke of herself.

Naruto had come to a stop and waited for Fluttershy to approach him. He took in her appearance and quite frankly he now understood the statement of an angel in a sinful body. Naruto hoped that Fluttershy was going to act positively to the action he was about to do. She had been opening up to him and he was hoping that slowly but surely he could help her out of her shell.

Making the first move, he reached out and brought her into an affectionate hug. "Hey Shy, how was your trip?"

Fluttershy felt herself freeze at the contact. She took a moment to start breathing and allow herself to calm down. 'It's ok. It's Naruto. He won't hurt you. He won't hurt you.' She softly chanted to herself as she accepted the embrace. 'So warm.' She added as an afterthought.

"Good morning, Naruto," She answered, wrapping her arms around him to return the embrace. "It was wonderful." After the Nightmare Moon incident, her mother insisted on seeing her so Fluttershy made a trip to Cloudsdale for the weekend.

The hug soon ended, much to the mare's disappointment.

"How are you parents doing?" He asked as Fluttershy started to return to her normal color.

"They're doing well. Both of them are doing their parts in hunting down the criminals that escaped during the incident so both of them are going to be rather busy the next few months."

"Either way, it must have been good seeing your mom again anyway, you here for a visit?"

"Well, actually I was hoping you could…um, come with me to gather some herbs and plants from the Everfree Forest, if that's okay with you."

"Sure Fluttershy, are any of the others coming with us?" He asked.

"No, they're all busy with helping in the relief efforts and I thought that maybe I could help with some herbs." For the first time, she looked directly at Naruto, though once she realized that her gaze was more than obvious she quickly turned away with a blush.

"Oh, that's ok I guess. Would you like to come in for anything to eat or have you already eaten?"

"I-It's fine, I ate before I came I didn't want to impose."

A warm smile formed on Naruto's face. "You could never impose. Let me grab a few things and I'll be ready to join you." He said as he opened the door and let her inside. "It won't take long." He promised as he trailed upstairs.

Fluttershy patiently waited as she looked around. She had been over to Naruto's home once or twice but she never took time to explore as she never stayed over long enough.

"Alright, are you ready to go?" He asked, walking down with a different pair of clothing than what he was wearing earlier. It was amended version of the training outfit he asked Rarity to make when he first met her. While physically no different than any other outfit he commissioned to the seamstress for this purpose this one held sentimental value for him.


The two walked side by side as Naruto filled her in on some of the events she had missed. It was a shame Fluttershy had to go out of town as her animal expertise would have been rather invaluable during the Ursa Minor attack.

Besides himself, the only other pony who considered going near the Everfree Forest was Fluttershy. Ironically enough considering her timid nature. As such, they went on trips to the forest twice prior to now so Fluttershy could expand her collection of herbs.

Even to this day most of the ponies were still wary of the forest. Rumors and stories of what Naruto and the Bearers in the forest had done of course slowly began to go into the territory of extravagance. Then again, considering they faced Timberwolves and a Manticore not to mention Nightmare Moon and her forces the embellished tales themselves did were hard press to match the feet of facing the moon Alicorn in battle.

"So what plants are we looking for?"

"Um," She began in her usual quiet manner. "You remember the usual herbs correct?"

"Yeah, Angelica, Basil, Elderflower and such right?" He asked, listing the herbs off the top of his head.

"Correct, but there are also four other plants we need to find. Knotgrass, a plant with magical properties and used in a lot of potions. They can only be harvested a few times a year and are pretty valuable. Knotgrass is a rather popular export to the nation of Zebrica and how I make a good deal of my income. During our journey to the tower I noticed several of the plants and herbs, so we'll find them a little deeper into the forest."

When Naruto had first met her he wondered if being the town's Veterinarian really did allow her to afford such a living until he learned she regularly sold plants and herbs to supplement her income.

"Next is Gurdyroot and it looks like a green onion. It tastes rather nasty, but it wards off certain skin affections." Fluttershy then lets out a gasp and took notice of green onions a few feet away from them. "There's some right there." She pointed out as the two of them went over to collect the plant. Pulling out some gloves from the basket she bought, the two of them put on the gloves before carefully removing the onions from their place. Fluttershy warned him that several of these plants were rather toxic and could be absorbed through the skin if one wasn't cautious enough.

"Then there is Gillyweed, a magical plant that can be found by water sources. I think there might be some near that river we encountered and lastly, the Snargaluff, a plant that looks like a gnarled stump and is hidden with vines and I hear it takes more than one pony to harvest because of its dangerous thorns. We have to look for green pulsating pods about the size of grapefruits."

They continued their journey when they came across an animal here or there. Every so often a creature would approach and use her talent, Fluttershy would chat with them.

"It always amazes me whenever you do that." He finally spoke up after a good deal of silence.

"Its nothing really."

"You say that, but unlike a lot of other talents being good with animals is rather one of the more unique ones."

"Well," Fluttershy began. "I suppose it comes naturally to me. After all, nopony would be able to have and get along with their pets if they couldn't communicate with them to some agreement."

"I suppose you're right." He replied as they kept going.

The two continued at this time in silence as they kept a lookout for the plants and herbs. Every so often they would stop to pick up some plants. Finally, the two came across a large clearing hidden by the foliage of the Everfree's large tree.

Despite the fact that it was the afternoon the light within the forest always seemed darker than one would normally perceive. They arrived to the river and began picking some of the Gillyweed. "So what else do we need?" He asked when suddenly a loud and harsh roar echoed from behind the tree line. From behind them appeared none other than a Manticore.

Naruto immediately moved between Fluttershy and the Manticore. "Stand back Shy; I won't let this creature hurt you." Naruto quickly drew out the machete that he had strapped to his back. While it wasn't a weapon he was proficient with, some of these creatures had tough hides he didn't wish to damage his hand on.

"No! Don't!" Fluttershy loudly cried out to him as she moved in between the stunned Naruto and the snarling beast. "He doesn't mean any harm." She said as she walked over to the creature. "Isn't that right Mannifred?" She cooed to the creature as she approached it and placed a gentle hoof on its head. The Manticore responded instantly with a low grumble of appreciation, closing its eyes in bliss.

"Manfred?" Naruto echoed with a slack jaw.

"Yes, don't you remember when he had that horrible spell cast on him?" She asked as the realization of this being the same Manticore.

"So, this Manfred is the same Manticore? I always did wonder what happened to him." Naruto asked as he leaned against one of the trees.

"He left shortly after my papa showed up. He's not too keen on dealing with large crowds, poor fella had me worried for a week before he showed up again."

"Well, I'm glad he's ok." Naruto honestly answered. From the account, he had got from the mares he really helped them out. "Should we continue our journey?"

"Well, ok." She gave the Manticore a final pat on the head before walking back towards Naruto. "Have you found anypony to spend time with?" Fluttershy couldn't help but gasp at her sudden boldness. "I mean…s-since you live on your own…n-not that there's anything wrong with that." Fluttershy profusely apologized then did that cute little furrowing on her face when she was disappointed in herself.

For a few seconds, Naruto was stunned that Fluttershy looked like she was trying to start a conversation before he replied. "It's fine Shy, I know what you're trying to say. I don't have any other living relatives. I'm the last of my line."

"I'm sorry."

"There's nothing to apologize for. Does it hurt to think about my family sometimes, yeah, it kind of does, but then I remember I have some amazing friends and that helps me get through those rather tough and lonely days? So don't ever feel afraid to start a conversation with me ok?"

"Ok." Fluttershy nodded.

Finding the last of the plants they needed the two of them began their trek out of the forest. Naruto was thankful that for once nothing crazy occurred like it usually would from incidents like this. Nearing her cottage, Naruto suggested that the two of them wash up and catch a late lunch considering they hadn't brought anything to eat for the journey.

After making sure all her animals had food left out for them as well as water Fluttershy agreed to the invitation for lunch. It was during their walk to find a restaurant Fluttershy began to notice something. It was the body language of the other mares in town.

The reason why she was picking up on it was rather obvious, seeing as this was the first time Naruto and Fluttershy were in town together. While the Summer Sun Festival did see an increase of male traffic into the town the ration was still heavily in the favor of mare residents.

There were only slim pickings in regards to the stallions in town. Those considered at the top and the most desired were the likes of Big Macintosh secluded to Sweet Apple Acres and Time Turner who was always on the move. Then there were those like Caramel who had a marefriend like Sassaflash who had no interest in starting a herd anytime soon or like the Cakes, who had a monogamous marriage. What followed after that were the like of Bulk Biceps who bulging muscles and general loudness made him difficult to approach and unfortunately enough his tiny wings immediately perpetuated the idea of him being less than ideally equipped along with Thunderlane known for his lechery and being on the lazy side.

So when Naruto came into town he turned more than a few heads. At first, it was only a few mares considering his rather scraggy and scrawny state he appeared in town in. Just because the number of males was few didn't mean they didn't have standards after all, but then the months had passed and thanks to the training and his rich diet Naruto began to develop a strong and healthy physique and that drew a lot of attention.

There was also the fact he was rather friendly and seen interacting positively with many of the towns coats and fillies which was a plus. Then there was also the fact he seemed to play hard to get which to this day most didn't realize that until recently and even to a good extent Naruto was actually painfully clueless to the equine body language, often missing many of the cues of interest directed at him and was not in fact playing hard to get. In fact, you had to be pretty damn blatant to the point of admitting you were in love with him to get a clue.

A shame he had finally picked up the cues of human women's emotions, only to end up in an Equine society.

Fluttershy, on the other hand, was not as clueless as the blond when it came to the attention of the other mares. Despite having a nonexistent love life she was taught many things when it came to reading ponies and learning information about them from her mother. And in typical Fluttershy fashion, she linked the action to the little creatures she loved so much.

The mares about town were like hungry mice eying fresh berries or nuts. Contrary to popular belief mice actually wasn't all that fond of cheese, considering how their teeth were suited for tougher food and the soft substance of cheese wasn't enough to fill the vermin or provided all the nutrients they needed. By the way, they were sizing him up, it was apparent that some of them were already making plans to make their move.

After all, single stallions were considered fair game and it was usually always a race to become the stallion's significant other or depending on where you live, more commonly Alpha mare.

After the end of her observation, two thoughts came to mind. The first was the nice and atypical sweet part of Fluttershy that concluded they were nice mares looking for love and took notice that Naruto was a nice stallion.

The other and more unusual thought were quick but just as strong. Spending that day with Naruto was after all the first step and exploring the nature of her feelings for the blond and she wasn't going to lose without a fight.

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Equestrian Heroes


Naruto x ?


Story Start


Naruto currently found himself on the floor of the Golden Oaks Library with Pinkie Pie's face half buried into his neck. "Good morning, Twilight." Pinkie finally greeted, her face still buried in his neck. "And good morning to you, Narry." She looked up into Naruto's eyes and smiled.

"Pinkie could you please get off of me?" Naruto pleaded as he mentally concentrated on not reacting to Pinkie's form on top of him.

"What's wrong Narry? Am I not pretty? I thought all the colts liked it when a pretty mare throws themselves at them?" She continued her teasing with a sultry tone.

Naruto suddenly found it difficult to breathe.

Twilight cleared her throat. "I'm sorry, but could you two please not do anything on my library floor that would result in me having to see a specialist? I like to avoid such oddities if that's possible."

"Okie-dokie," Pinkie Pie rolled backward into a handstand and completed the maneuver right side up. As always Pinkie Pie's smile was beautiful and rather infectious. Pinkie Pie skipped her way over to the table and took a seat. "I'm ready whenever you two are."

"Alright, first we'll start with your full name and any nicknames you may have." Twilight started as a large grin formed on Pinkie Pie's face.

"Well my name is Pinkamena Diane Pie, but nopony calls me that, so just Pinkie Pie. I'm also known as the Party Pony or Pinkie." She proudly answered.

Per usual Twilight wrote down the information as they continued on to the next questions.

"Alright now, what is your date of birth and age?"

"I was born 2002 AD on July twenty-third and I'm twenty-two years old." She answered as Twilight continued her writing.

"Alright, now we're going to ask you about your height and weight, we can put down the last time you had those measured and for the next interview you can come back with the exact numbers." Naruto told her.

"I'm five foot eight and 158 pounds of F…U…N…Fun!" She answered with her usual warm grin. "So what other questions you got? I'm an open book."

"Well, now it's my turn to ask you some questions. I can only assume Celestia has me asking these questions for the sake of gifting you with an outfit or such for your services to the crowd." He began, keeping his face as straight and stoic as possible. With each interview, he was beginning to doubt the validity of the questioning itself.

With her hands on the table, Pinkie Pie easily vaulted up and over the table and slid across, plopping onto Naruto's lap. "If you wanted to see how big they were Narry all you had to do was ask." She teased him with a playful husky purr. Naruto's cheeks darkened and to which Twilight mirrored, but found herself unable to look away. Her top revealed those warm and ample sacks of flesh as the lighting in the room gave her coat a shiny look.

Raising her hands to cup under her breasts she began to move them up and down. "I would say about 40E. A lot of the other fillies say my boobs are big because of all the sugar I eat."

"That is scientifically and biologically incorrect!" Twilight Sparkle loudly rebuttal as if the notion of Pinkie Pie's statement offended her. "There are no foods that will help the breasts or buttocks increase in size. The build of your body is determined by genetics and there is no existing diet for ponies that can change that. It is impossible to increase your breast size by anything except breast augmentation surgery. You may, however, be able to increase the size of your buttocks through regular exercise targeted to that area." Upon seeing Naruto and Pinkie Pie staring at her Twilight averted her eyes and hastily added, "The study of nutrition on the Equine's body was the subject of a paper I did years ago and I like to be rather thorough."

"Right," Naruto added as he cleared his throat and look down at Pinkie. "Pinkie can you please get off me?"

Pinkie pouted but complied to which Naruto was thankful and hoped she didn't notice the thick bulge that had been growing from Pinkie's jostling around. "Oh, while I'm up why don't I show you my Cutiemark?" Pinkie suggested as she began pulling down the top of her jean skirt.

The full display of her cutie mark was presented just above the curve of her ass, three balloons, one yellow while the other two were blue.

"Three balloons, just above the buttocks area, one yellow, the other two blue with the second blue one hanging lower than the other ones." He informed Twilight, quickly averting his eyes once he realized they were lingering a bit longer than necessary.

Twilight couldn't help but wonder what the exact nature of the relationship between her two friends. Was Pinkie Pie really just teasing or was this her way of showing interest? Such behavior was often more attributed to ponies with loose morals, but seeing as far as she knew Pinkie Pie hadn't presented the blond with a flower, or it wasn't brought up in any of their conversations this was simply some form of foreplay between the two.

"Twilight, you there?" Naruto asked, snapping the mare out of her inquiry.

"Yeah, sorry, sorry." She quickly straightened up her papers and began with the next question. "What is your occupation?"

"I'm the assistant baker at Sugarcube Corner and I'm also a professional party planner. I handle nearly all of Ponyville's parties. I handle Birthday parties, surprise parties, dinner parties, tea parties, reception, block parties, costume parties, graduation parties, baby showers, welcome parties, house-warming parties, pre-parties, after-parties…" Pinkie excitedly chattered and listed off the kinds of parties.

Then they moved on to the next question. "Now about your education?"

"I graduated from The Culinary Institute of Equestria in Las Pegasus. Oh, I remember all the bright and pretty lights and all the hustling and bustling. Then there were all the games with cards and stuff and all the dressing up…"

"We really need you to focus Pinks." Naruto interrupted her before she could move on another tangent. "Anyway," He paused and murmured something. "…We need your measurements."

"Now why didn't you just ask for my measurements instead of my boob size differently silly?"

Naruto opened his mouth and then promptly closed it upon realizing he had no retort. After another half hour of questioning, they finally got around to the last part of the bio, which was questioning her place of birth and her immediate family.

Family – Name – Occupation

Father - Igneous Rock – Rock Farmer

Mother - Cloudy Quartz – Rock Farmer

Grandmother - Granite Rock - Retired

Aunt - Butter Pie – Baker

Older Sister - Maud Pie – Petrologist

Younger Twin Sister - Marble Pie – Student

Younger Sister - Limestone Pie – Student

"Well, that was really fun." Pinkie said as she stretched her arms backward in yet the atypical Pinkie Pie manner of flexibility.

"Everything seems to be in order. If nothing comes up in your schedule will one month from now be ideal for the next interview?" Twilight asked as Pinkie nodded.

"Yep," She answered. "Anyway, I have to go. I have to go pick up the stock for the bakery. See you later Twilight, Narry." She bid them farewell with her usual exuberance. Naruto all the while was face planting on the desk and wondering how in Equestria he was going to survive these interviews if they were going to keep going like this.

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Equestrian Heroes


Naruto x ?


Story Start


With Rarity done it was time for them to move on to the next pony to interview. Having had to work out everyone's schedule because of their career there were only certain points in the day that each of them could be interviewed.

As such that meant Rainbow Dash would be the next to be interviewed considering that maintaining the weather patterns for a small town like Ponyville could be handled with a well-trained team in a matter of a few hours if they get started early enough.

With her usual energy and enthusiasm, Rainbow Dashed strolled into the library and took her seat. "So Rainbow Dash you ready for the interview?"

"Course I am. Now all my adoring fans can finally have some of the answers to their questions answered." Rainbow Dash answered as she began to go into her own fantasy.

"The ponies in our head aren't real Rain. They are figments of your ima…" Naruto found himself cut off as a quick slap from Rainbow's wings cut off the verbal jab before it could be finished. Twilight looked rather alarmed at what happened, but Naruto merely turned to face her, clutching the back of his head as he grinned. "Rain hitting me is just another one of our little jokes. Rain here likes to beat up on poor defenseless stallions like myself who can't defend themselves." He playfully teased as Rainbow Dash folded her arms and snorted.

"Defenseless my right flank." She shot back at the stallion as Twilight was alarmed again, this time by the use of the Pegasus language. Considering that Twilight was rather educated and thought of herself as an amateur scholar she never found herself using such terms or forms of slang.

Loudly Twilight cleared her throat to gain their attention.

"Right the interview. You ready rain?"

"Whenever you're ready," Rainbow Dash shrugged coolly.

"Now the first question we have is do you have any nicknames or aliases that you use? Maybe for your career or for any other professional or personal reasons?"

"Besides Dash and Rain not really? I don't have much need for false names or nothing like that. "

Twilight made a note of the nicknames.

"What about your date of birth?"

"August 17th, 2001 AD. Keep them coming."

"Now your height?" As soon as the question left Twilight's lips Rainbow Dash's face tightened into a scowl.

"Part of the questioning Rain." He stated to the Pegasus hoping that Rainbow Dash wouldn't let the review fall into a somber experience because of the sore spot.

"Five foot-seven inches." She murmured as she suddenly found the table interesting. Twilight looked up at her pad and met with Naruto.

"Sensitive about her height." He whispered to her to which Twilight nodded in understanding.

"Okay Rainbow we're moving on to the next question. How much do you weight?"

"One-hundred and twenty-one pounds," This time Rainbow Dash answered a bit more lively.

This time Naruto spoke up. "Okay, would you be willing to identify your cute mark for us?" he asked, hoping that Rainbow Dash wouldn't take this opportunity for one of her lewd jokes. Unfortunately, Naruto knew her all too well.

"Well it's a tri-colored thunderbolt with the colors of red, blue, and yellow inside said thunderbolt." Rainbow Dash took the opportunity to stand up and pull down her pants enough to flash the blond. "Been dying to see this for a while right?" she finished with a wink as Naruto blushed furiously and looked away.

A faint blush dusted Twilight's cheeks as she felt like she was intruding on something rather personal.

"I'm pretty sure Twilight doesn't want to see your plot Rain. Will you quit messing around?" he said as Rainbow Dash retorted with a raspberry. "Meh, you're no fun."

Naruto was inwardly cursing the Sun Goddess known as Celestia and considering creating a faction in the name of Luna to praise her name. Surely Luna was not a pony who was an infamous prank puller right?

"We need…well, we need…" A moan escaped Naruto's lips as he clasped his face with his right hand.

"What Naruto is trying to say is your measurements are needed to answer the next question." Twilight explained as her focus now seemed glued to her notepad.

"I don't know Twilight," a smirk adorned Naruto's lips. "Seems less like questions for the princess and more like wan…"

"Don't you finish that statement miss little sunshine!" Naruto interrupted her with a verbal jab whose meaning went over Twilight's head. Whatever that meant it was enough to make Rainbow Dash blush and Naruto to grin triumphantly. Twilight was sure of one thing.

Her friends were weird.

"Alright, as for my measurements Thirty-two C for my bust, Twenty –six inches for my waist, and thirty-six for my hips. Really odd question if you ask me."

"With those out of the way," Twilight cut in. "Now to ask you some questions about your Education."

Rainbow Dash's postures physically changed upon hearing that going as far as going stiff. "I don't want to talk about that, go on to the next question."

Twilight was about to bring up the question as to why Rainbow Dash didn't want to mention that when Naruto cut her off.

"Your occupation then? Head of the Ponyville Weather Patrol right?"

Rainbow Dash nodded as she flashed the blond a grateful smile.

Despite being a bit miffed at something like education being glossed over Twilight decided to respect the mare's wishes.

"Economic status?"

"I do pretty well. I mean the pay is your average Weather Captain's salary so its decent enough to live off of, but I don't expect to be taking any lavish vacations or nothing like that anytime soon. Not to mention I live in a cloud home so that's pretty convenient in terms of not having to worry about most of the taxes and such that comes with a house.

"Are there any illnesses, allergies, or injuries in your medical history?"

Rainbow Dash leaned back in her chair and began tapping her chin. "Well, there was that wing injury I had a week ago. Busted a few ribs a few months ago. Oh, there was the time I smashed my hand and let me tell you something that really sucked." Rainbow Dash spent the next few minutes listing off her rather accident prone injuries. As for any series illnesses or allergies, nothing came to mind for the mare.

"Now is there any event in your history that deals with any possible criminal activity or crimes committed?"

"No, definitely not." Rainbow Dash answered seriously and decisively. She then shot a glance at Naruto. "Hey Twi, don't take this the wrong way or anything, but you think I can talk to Naruto alone for this next part. You're my friend and all, but its really kind of personal you know." Rainbow Dash softly pleaded.

A bit concerned Twilight had to stop herself from asking what it was. If it was personal enough that Rainbow Dash didn't feel like sharing with her at the moment she didn't have much choice, but to respect her wishes.

"O-Ok. Call me back when you finish the discussion of that particular topic then."

"Thanks, only take about ten minutes top." Rainbow Dash promised Twilight merely nodded, got up, and decided to head into the kitchen to make something. By the time Twilight returned she couldn't help but notice Naruto made some notes on his past and she got a glimpse of the first few letters, FLIG, to which Twilight wondered if the incident she didn't feel like talking about had to deal with flying?

Either way, it didn't matter as Naruto asked her what question they were going with next bringing their focus back to the interview which was still ongoing.

Finally, it was going on near Two P.M. when they finally finished. "Is there anything else you wish to know?"

Twilight finished writing down what she needed to before smiling. "Well, then. That's all. Thank you for the time. "

"Hopefully the next time we have this little get together it won't take as long." Rainbow Dash stood up and yawned, stretching both her arms and wings. "That entire interview sucked the energy out of me."

"Yeah, yeah, go find a cloud to laze on," Naruto said as Rainbow Dashed nearly stuck her tongue out at the blond before saying goodbye and taking flight outside of the library. With the Prism Mare has done that left three more to go.


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I don't do Yaoi, Scathing, or anything of those extremes. I specialize in Naruto x crossover stories, but I am willing to explore other fandoms. 

I am not that well verse in BDSM.

I am willing to explore other secondary characters male or female as the main lead.

I am willing to do what is otherwise known as crack pairings, but I don't do bashing, OOC, Torture porn no will I ignore certain laws or rules of the universe.
So for a story around four to five thousand words just commission me.  



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