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(Draw Again) OC: Paranoia the Warden

"It's been a week? Maybe two, or perhaps a month, years? I don't know and I don't care, I'm never going outside again; I'll never leave this room. And so I did, I stayed here, in my own filth, eating my clothes, paint from the wall, hairs, skin flakes, anything I could get my hands on. Madness didn't seep in as I thought it would, I figured I'd go insane before the pain of living like this would set in. I can't breath I need to get out I need air! I flew open the door, the stagnant air that I lived in rushed out of the room. Freedom- was short lived. In front of me, I could see it, it towered above me, it had to hunch forward to fit in the hallway. No! No more, I shut myself back in my room. I'll die here if I had to- I wont let it get me, my own paranoia."

Name: Paranoia the Warden

Paranormal Species: Psychological Manifestation/ Spirit/ Ghost 

Occurrence: It appears only to recluses or shut-ins, isolated homes, mental institutions, and murders who have not been caught.

Symptoms: Haunting, it will usually create a smell similar to rotting meat or in some cases alcohol. Unusually dim lighting even in rooms with lots of lights. People affect by the warden will hear their names called, but will be unable to place where the voice comes from. Enhanced paranoia in the person it's afflicting. The person afflicted by the Warden is unable to walk past it, or leave whatever room or confinement the warden is in front of.

Behavior: Non-violent, benign. It will manifest stronger during the evening. It stays in cramped areas, symbolizing the afflicted and their preference to be alone or hidden.  HOWEVER, if the afflicted person tries to physically assault the Warden, it can respond with incredible strength, but it will not kill the afflicted person because they are subsequently its host.

Appearance: It will normally take the form of a large pale humanoid figure, however based on who it is haunting, can change form to look like someone the person knows, especially to murderers, where it will take the form of the victim.

Weakness: It is tied to the psyche of the afflicted person, so curing the persons paranoia will cause the warden to disappear. It can also be temporarily disrupted by lighting candles near the place it manifests, however once the candles go out it will quickly reappear. Holy objects can be used to pin the warden in place, however the effectiveness is dependent on how strongly the person afflicted believes in said holy object, so it can be assumed this strategy does not work on apostates.
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Dude your OC is so cool!!!