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Pose based off of my previous render:
Ooooo by TheRealDJTHED

It's been a while since I've made a short and sweet animated gif. And yes this animation test come with a purpose. Same with the render I linked above, I wanted to try out animating the revised mouth rig from a fresh start to get a feel for how it works. And while I'm at it, keep practicing weight-shifting based animation. I personally really love animating like that too, it's so satisfying to pull off once it looks just right. This animation also took less than 24 hours to put together. Feels good to get animations done like this again.

Also random fun fact, there are a total of 6 eye darts, and 3 instances of the iris and pupil changing size in this animation.
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Was watching a GameGrumps compilation as I clicked on this, and Dan said "wow" right as Coloratura said, I thought that was cool (:
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this is... perfection

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Its me watching yours works 8]
now this is epic
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Is the image a bit grainy because of the gif format or is it because of the amount of rays used during rendering. Other than that, nice animations you got here in your gallery.
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I'm pretty sure It's the format. It's dithering to reduce filesize.
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Is blender REALLY that good?
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Blender is as good as the artist who uses it. Some things might be easier to do in other paid programs, but blender is quite powerful itself already.
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I always considered SFM the best, but what do I know? I'm just a scrub.
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My reaction to everything you make
Seriously, you neeeeeed to be the animator for the next My Little Pony movie (when there is one) cause god damn
This is movie quality
sincebecausepickles's avatar
these animations are good enough to be in movies 
hasbro should make a movie in blender with amazing effort and help from other blender artists.:happybounce: 
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Your animations are stunning to watch
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me after seeing this animations
its beautiful!
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tfw I could never hope to be in a girl like Rara's league irl...
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Great expressiveness! I love it!
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If there is ever a 3D MLP movie, you better be on the team!!!
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They should've hired you to work on My Little Pony: The Movie.
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This is incredibly good! Fantastic work! I absolutely love the models too... It all looks so professional!
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ого это круто :3
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новая порция зефира)
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