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Rainbow Dash Animated Wing Showcase
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Published: March 25, 2019
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Finally, I get to show off the wings in motion. The wings as you see them here is the same exact wings as the Version 2 render I published about a week ago.

As you can see, the wings are able to fold unfold without the use of model swaps, and with barely any use of corrective shape keys. On top of that, the wings are very flexible, despite all of the individual feather models being present.

While I did make this animation to show off the wings, I feel like I spent a lot of that time animating the hair manually again. Spent around 2 whole days just dedicated to that part, while the entire animation has been done in about 5 days. Par for the course now, I suppose.

I'm glad that the wings are as good as they are now, and I should be able to move on from this. But of course, if you feel like there's something that could still be better about how the wings look, feel free to let me know. Just keep in mind that the type of wings I'm going for is for the wings to be functional enough to properly fold up, but I'm not necessarily gunning for hyper realistic wings either. I'm still trying to keep the overall shaping and styling of the wings as close to show style as possible while allowing the wings to be functional. Basically, I'm not gunning for hyper-realism. where every piece of wing anatomy being present. Instead, there should be just enough of it to allow the wings to fold and animate properly without model swaps.


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TrulyLimboGeneStudent Digital Artist
I think that the wings are bit too "bird"-ish; you know what I mean? They are on a horse so they should be a bit thicker and have more "bone" to them near the top of them so it look a bit more realistic. Don't get me wrong, it looks amazing as heck! The wings need some revision.
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Gotta say, the MLP models are amazing! Much better than SFM.
Human-Legacy-Anime's avatar

This looks SO good!

Gielnik's avatar
this model is literal perfection. I straight up cannot imagine a better RD model ever existing. Infinite kudos to you
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starfright9606Student Digital Artist
what app do you use? this is amazing
bbasco2's avatar
From the tags, it looks like this was done in Blender
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Your animation looks really well.
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inside-our-mindHobbyist Digital Artist
Very nice! Though, the wings feel a bit thin, like paper... have you tried slightly thicker wings?
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MvStanislavskyProfessional Filmographer
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TwilightIsMagicStudent General Artist
So cute, so very RD, and so very very well done. Thank you for all your work on this one! Particularly for all the extra detail.
XxCookieDohArtzxX's avatar

this better be the animation of mlp g5

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PkzlrHobbyist General Artist
Lol yus
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The animation looks great, but the gif is super grainy.

Nicorendra22's avatar
I like your pony model.
Wooshi4's avatar
I forgot how good you're pony models were. They should be on sfm.
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CherrySapphireStudent Filmographer
This looks so real... and yet it's a My Little Pony... You are amazing!
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DraygornProfessional Filmographer
Your animations are great!
JackDylanPetrovic's avatar
If the show were to go 3D, You absolutely need to be the head animator. I will accept nothing less.
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BlazePlayzDrawzStudent Digital Artist

this is cute

this is smooth

this is perfect

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I wish I could have gotten this could with 3D software.  But it was never to be.  
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Trojan-PonyProfessional Digital Artist
I really admire the way you transcribe the MLP style into such expressive,smooth 3D animations without losing its essence.
Now,this wing rigging got me astonished. Wings are already tipically hard stuff to rig and get good results : primaries,secondaries,folding,and so on. The wing motion itself requires study and observation. And you managed not only to rig it and animate it with quality,but also convincinly stylize it.
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The only bad thing about good art is, I never think that whatever I type in the comments enough to do it justice.  That being said, this is extremely beautifully designed and animated.  It is so smooth and natural, and every part of her looks like it realistically should (her mane, tail, wings, everything.)  It's like if Rainbow Dash could exist in out world, or at the very least was a CGI character, this is how she'd most likely look.

I too love how you managed to make her look feminine in body language and expression - Dashie does have a feminine side, despite being a tomboy character.  If you ask me, she looks really cute like this.  ^_^
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Another incredible animation
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