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Rainbow Dash

TIMELAPSE of the Creation of the Model:

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It's been a while since I made a new character model, hasn't it? Well, a lot of that has to do with the wings, but I'll talk more about that in a future submission.

Anywho, I linked to a Timelapse video at the top of this description. The timelapse goes over the whole process of the Rainbow Dash model conversion regarding the mane and tail. I'm pretty happy with how the timelapse turned out, and I'm also pretty happy with how Rainbow Dash's mane and tail turned out too.

I'll be posting more Renders soon, showing off the wings a bit more. While I figured out a lot of the technical hurdles when it comes to rigging the wings, I still want to improve how they look, cosmetically. So, feel free to critique the wing's appearance, especially in the renders I'll be posting soon after this one. I'm happy with how the wing rig turned out, but I want more outside perspective on how they look cosmetically.



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Katharine Berry
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She's Scootaloo's mom.
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That's a cute 3D Rainbow. :)
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wish i could boop her :3
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I need to print this
She looks so adorable! ^^
HikaruHaru5566's avatar
Mlp is my 10th favorite show
GyroGun's avatar
Super cute, I love the style! ^~^
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SorasLeafeon's avatar
She's looking cute and awesome, just like she always does.
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Beef-n-Potato-stu's avatar
If the show looked like this I’d definitely watch it.
SwordSparks's avatar
Fantastic render!
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Amazing, reminds me of claymation 
TristanMendez's avatar
This Model is Great this is something we need for Rainbow Dash vs Sonic the Hedgehog.
Phenometron's avatar
Nice expression she has.
wilnet1tractor's avatar
Rainbow Dash: Huh, are they serving cider? WAIT FOR ME!!!!
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brony niggas really just eat up the same shit on repeat for like ten years
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Cuz' it's so good my niBBa
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