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Pichu Twirl

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Had to take a bit of a brain break from the work I've been trying to do with pegasi wings and all that. I honestly don't know how I'm going to actually rig them to be fully flexible the way I need them to. So for now, I think I'm going to move on and come back to them later instead of just getting stuck on them. Before I get back into doing other things with my pony models, I wanted to do some animation stuff with my Pichu model. Been playing lots of Smash Ultimate, and a proud Pichu main. I absolutely love Pichu, and as someone who plays Smash competitively on top of the 3D stuff I do, I'm also really happy to see that Pichu is actually looking like a really good character in Ultimate.

So yeah, this model is the one I used in my first Pichu render, not the one that used realistic hair shaders and such. That one isn't rigged sufficiently enough to be used for animation anyway, and I didn't want to spend too much time on this as I actually want to get back into the swing of things. But it was fun doing this. I haven't animated anything bipedal in ages, so it was a nice refresher.

After this I'll go back to the pony models, just not going to worry about wings for now until I understand wing anatomy a bit more somehow, and learning better rigging techniques for wing feathers. I don't know enough of either right now, which is why I've been stuck on it for longer than I really would've liked.


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This is adorable.

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I think I just died because of cute (This is a compliment!)

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At the end he's like TA DA!!!


AVM-Cartoons's avatar

It's pefect the animation for Pokémon GO, when one trainer have a Pokémon buddy in the screen, demostrating the act dance

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This animation is so smooth!

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Your animations are adorable
DEnderGamer's avatar

how how how how how how how I want to know how u did this

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Looks like one of the Pichu Bros.

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Absolutley adorable.
I want to hug him/her.
mad4pokemon99's avatar
When animation only a few seconds long made by a fan is better than the quality of animations GF makes.
SEINICK's avatar
It is Look like a pro animation Nod 
Do you plan to do an animation tutorial in Blender at some point, because there aren't many with quality like yours.
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Looks so amazing, looks almost like a vinyl figurine. Is there any link to download this? I'd love to be able to print it, if you'd like I'd send you a print too!

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Aww he’s adorable
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*happy pichu noises*
ShadySableye77's avatar
Aww, That's Adorable.
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You should work on the next live action Pokemon movie. Like, srsly.
The-Smol-Bean's avatar
it's.....too cute!!!
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