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Pear Butter Frolicking

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This is in collaboration with another MLP artist, TheDiscorded :iconthediscorded: ! Obviously, a 2D artist collabing with a 3D artist isn't too usual around here, so here's how it went!

I asked TheDiscorded to create a few sketches with poses of one of the characters I already have modeled out. In this case he chose Pear Butter, and this was one of the sketches he came up with!:
TheDiscorded's Sketch by TheRealDJTHED

Then I got to work replicating this pose, with TheDiscorded's guidance, in 3D, and we eventually got to this point:
PearButterTestRender16 by TheRealDJTHED

After the pose was done, I wanted to actually create a more legitimate background setting for one of my renders for once, but I needed a really solid starting point for that, which I tended to be pretty bad at doing on my own. So I also asked TheDiscorded to create a rough background painting that would be a good fit for Pear Butter and for how she's posed. And this is what he came up with!:
The Discorded's Rough Background by TheRealDJTHED

This was a great starting point for me. So I went to creating the primary background elements first and matched the composition to a point where I felt it to be the most comfortable. I also created a dynamic material system for the grass instead of using grass blade particles. I think it looks better from a cosmetic viewpoint despite there not really being any real grass blades. And the render times sure appreciated the lack of thousands of grass blades it had to render before in my previous renders of the past! (The dynamic material system is also being used on the picket fence in the background to show off chipping paint):
TestRender2 by TheRealDJTHED

And now from this point on, I mostly took some creative liberties and flooded the scene with trees (though it was something TheDiscorded did recommend), and reworked a few things while I was at it. I found out of a way to do mist where I don't really have to worry about weird limitations with how Blender would normally support mist. So overall mist for me is a lot more flexible to use, especially with color configuration and how it creates depth do a scene. The render below is almost identical to the final render, just a bit smaller, no composite settings applied, and other small tweaks I made before I made the final render:
TestRender4 by TheRealDJTHED

And that's that! If I were to do another collab with another 2D artists, this is generally how I would see it going. First a sketch of a pose, then some rough background art to go along with it that I can then replicate in a 3D scene. It was fun working with TheDiscorded, and honestly I can't say I could've done something like this alone. I'm able to do a lot of things with Blender, but I lack the ability to create a strong starting point for a lot of what I do, or the ability to create something that can guide me the entire way to completion. Collaborating was a great way to cover those weaknesses I have, and I was able to innovate while I was working on this piece at the same time. It was a great experience and I'd like to do something like this again!


Special thanks to my patrons:
Rainer Jürgensen
Katharine Berry
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What app do you use to make your 3d models it looks stunning! I wanted to get into 3d modeling myself so i just couldn't help but ask lol

berrypass's avatar
the scenery is beautiful!
MrsLauMau's avatar
That’s so cute 
Jagged--Unicorn's avatar
I really dont like 3D art of mlp, because it usually looks lifeless. but you make it look so good! i love it :D
Crossfire7's avatar
This is just beautiful. Like a scene straight out of a CGI movie!
DanteAyagawe's avatar
Please be the animator of MLP Studio XD
Anthro-animals-rule's avatar
The detail on all of this is amazing. That 3D model will make jaws drop, because that's how great this is! :)
ilovecoffee65's avatar
This is one of the best 3D models I’ve seen in my whole entire life. Lots of details, and it look natural almost real. Great job
ToastyWhiteBoy's avatar
So what is working at Disney like?
FuckDeviantartshit's avatar
whos gonna be the next pony?
FloofPuppy's avatar
Pone models like this look SOOOO much better than the SFM ones =D
BB-K's avatar
That's a lovely Pear Butter. :)
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Awesome work! I particularly like the composition, the sense of movement of the character is spot on.  The early morning lighting and mist are a nice touch but, the image overall seems a bit flat;  my suggestion would be to crank up the ambient occlusion on the character and use a gradient on the volumetric mist.  This would make the figure and foreground pop more creating more depth. Great idea collaborating with a 2D artist, will have to look into doing that myself.
Brietta-IG's avatar
youre the only artist I know, where 3D ponies looks awesome <3
Pirill-Poveniy's avatar
Thanks for sharing the process on this! It turned out amazing and it's great to see what went into it!
InsanityAnimations's avatar
woah, will these models be public?
AngelAjofitial's avatar
is this real please tell me it is 
Kenidot's avatar
Holy shit this is awesome <3 <3 <3
Aion0o0's avatar
aww its too good I love itPearl Emote 43 
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