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Fluttershy Render

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Finally we have our next winged main character, Fluttershy! A lot of the process of making her was streamed on Twitch (, and I will also likely make a timelapse of it similar to what I did for Rainbow Dash.

So, this surprisingly didn't take too many days to complete! I've got about 19 hours of recorded footage of me working on her across two work days. Obviously I had to make her new mane, and apply her color palette to the existing base model with her cutie mark texture. But I also had to change a bit of the existing model setup to allow for her unique eyeshape to be formed. Ran into a few hiccups along the way of doing that, but it was done.

There's probably a few things I still want to tweak with the shaping of the mane itself, but other than that I think I'm pretty much done with Fluttershy! I'll hopefully be showing more of her in other renders soon.

Special thanks to my patrons:
Katharine Berry
Steven Luchs
Gabe Klein
Kii Krindar
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simply love her so much
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Your work is awesome!!!

please do fluttershy and a discord hugging with love!!!

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It's always great when you make a new pony! 
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Fluttershy looks pretty, excellent job.:D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) 
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In 9 months, you WILL take my money.

Just... give me some time...

For real now, your work is a true inspiration. I haven't had the chance to support your work on Patreon, but I just want to let you know that you are the only person on Earth who has managed to transition the 2D FiM characters to 3D so seamlessly, so magnificently, that I want to bring these ponies to the real world, just like you imagined.
For now, I would want to ask you, how can I support you for now, if I can't give my money to you?
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why is it that we cant download these either for free or for payment 

i mean i would pay for these and i would enjoy using them but it sucks that these are not available even when these are clearly production ready if you sold each model for 300$ a pop you would make alot of money 
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I keep saying this. These models will be available eventually in the future, but now is not that time. Be patient please.
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i am just concerned that when they become available that MLP wont be something thats as notable as it is now making it something that came out very late 

the animations i see you post show smooth flowing rigs with no notable creases or irregularities and they look cinematic and ready for everything 

i cant see what is left to be done with them save for maybe some physics bits 
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Just keep in mind the things you see isn't everything I see.

You see flawless models, while I still see and touch up a lot of flaws constantly. I do like to publish renders that look nice, but there is a reason that there are some things you haven't seen my models do yet. For example, you don't see the models do things as simple as standing on their hind legs only, or lean their heads too far forwards, or even sitting down (except for one time, which I wasn't too happy with). There are deformation and rigging issues associate with all of that, and things I still need to resolve, among other things I didn't list. But it's not something most people would notice unless they realize the kinds of poses/animation I DON'T do (yet).

So yeah, I get it. They look finished. But I assure you, they are not. And I'm not going to rush what I do for any reason, even if MLP fandom content is dying down, making them technically less viable for other people. The main purpose of these models were for my own use. The intent to publish these models were never the highest priority for me. It's something I intend to do at some point, but on my own terms, not someone else's. Right now, according to my own terms, I want these models to be ready once I complete the Mane 6 models. Right now that includes making a Unicorn base, alongside a strong basis for particle effects related to the horn using Blender's particle system. And along the way continue to fix the issues like the ones I stated about before.

So, again, please be patient. Please respect the fact that these models were made primarily for my own use, and that I'm not satisfied with the state they are in for them to be published. I do want to release them, but not until I feel happy with it.
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but thats chasing perfection and as anyone knows perfection is unattainable 

as they are i dont see any faults with them yes you are right in that but maybe if you can tell me what is broken or odd with them and i might be able to help a touch but am not sure tho 

i am decent at texture working and other things and i dont think you need to worry about a particle system for unicorn horns mainly because its just simple enough to use Boids and a force field in a spiral or that in combination with blenders smoke simulations 

i am very certain if they use Drivers and a version of a Rigify rig that they would be perfect for anyone to use 

if there is some odd stray vertexes that dont move right i am sure that can be fixed easily enough but from the animations i seen from you they all look fine 

tho i guess in a long winded kind of way i am asking if you can tell me what all is wrong with them in their current configuration 

also sorry if i dont reply often this site is not a first "go to" for me as i have been using Inkbunny and FA for the longest time 
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I really like your model. Can you provide a download link? 
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Dis pretty good! Can't wait for Twilight and Rarity!!
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How do you make these? 0w0?
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This is why I love my waifu! She's so cute here, that I just want to hug, kiss and snuggle her!
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i wish i could pay to buy the models rigged and setup for blender 
Your art kinda looks like something for a future MLP movie. Keep it up.
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You know, now that i think about it, using sss on ponies is not that good idea... I mean, they have fur, and with sss it looks like they furless. Aren't so cute anymore, right? Okey, maybe yes, but it's kinda weird, still...
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I don't entirely agree with this. Even if they were covered in real fur, there would be quite a bit of translucency involved in the hair particles themselves. And if I were to turn off SSS now on the models as they are, it would just make them look more like bumpy hard plastic, which is way worse IMO.
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