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Expressive Pinkie Animation

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Also want to remind everyone that if I meet my next Patreon goal, I'll be releasing my models (as beta) publicly.
4-5-18 Patreon Screenshot by TheRealDJTHED
Thank you guys for supporting me lately! The goal is ever closer than it ever really has been.


It's been a long time coming, but I'm glad to announce that I am finally considering the facial rig revision phase of mine is now over. It has lasted since around November of last year. The effects were obvious; I have only been posting Pinkie renders and animations for the last half a year. I've only been doing that because the facial rig revisions have only been applied to Pinkie, and it wouldn't be a great use of my time to transfer unfinished tweaks to other characters (AJ, Pear Butter, and Coloratura) while I was still tweaking it. But now I am considering it pretty much done. I know some of you might be sick of seeing Ponk all the time (or maybe you think I'm some sort of Pinkie fanatic), but you can expect my future renders to now feature more character variety effective immediately.

Anywho, the point of this animation was to finally test the facial rig and make sure it was all working as intended before I considered it done enough. Got the animation done in about two days. Was surprisingly tricky to bridge all of these emotions properly as they transition without it feeling fake or disingenuous. 


Special thanks to my patrons:
Katharine Berry
Rainer Jürgensen
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Oh, she is so cute. :aww:
InvaderXMovies's avatar

Sorry but I need to know: How do u animate the eyes?

InvaderXMovies's avatar

EEEEEEEEE I LOVE IT!!!!!Pinkie Pie #2

KazerOnDA's avatar
aa very cute! The only thing I noticed that's off are the irises in the eyes: the blue iris get smaller as she opens her eyes along with the pupils. Only the pupils should get smaller! :D
But other than that everything is literally perfect and I love your animations so much!
saltyb0ba's avatar
no, it's the just style of the show :D
ParallelPoisonArtsXD's avatar
im ded from le cuteness
RupertBlueFox's avatar

The way my favorite horse here displays her emotions in this animation make me wanna connect with her even more now! :heart:

BEAUTIFUL work, man! =D :heart:

Calmsphy's avatar
Aaand this is why it's high time i get started with Blender XD
Very nice work!
Nuka-Corgi's avatar

Awww one of my favorite ponies! <33 I love how you model and animate, they're so expressive and fluid just like they should be. Love the mane textures and the way the ears are crafted too!! Since there's an MLP CGI movie coming out I hope it looks something like this :^)

DarthLangdon's avatar

The great and expressive pinkie pie

1MCElias's avatar
She is like she is sad but then see someone and fake happiness. 😔😢
MercenaryMaster's avatar

Dark side: Where are the tears?
Your CG models of the MLP FIM characters look so much more aesthetically pleasing than the SFM models! These are on the same level as the CG versions of the Spongebob characters from Spongebob Movie 2!
Tetsuya-Kintame's avatar
JayaByte's avatar
I was never a fan of the 3D sfm ponies but this... it’s pretty awesome. 
ArtsyShmartsy13's avatar
These are amazing dudeee I wish I could learn to animate so smoothly fASTER
Masterbuscus's avatar
This isn't sfm is it? If so holy shit I didn't think it could look so good. If it's not..... again holy crap that looks so... so smooth
Lucario-Stl's avatar
Pinkie. The one pony that can, and will prove to be a challenge for 3D...
HateManagingAccounts's avatar
Hasbro should hire you
IZA-illustrations's avatar
This is so cool! and so are the rest of them, cuz i just went through them all
ClorblindDraws's avatar
This is so cute

My heart literally warms when she smiles
This is amazing!!!
DominicD209's avatar
This looks like something outta a Pixar film.
Sikudhanii's avatar
Anyone ever think that Pinkie Pie is suffering from depression? She shows all the signs.
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