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Coloratura Animation - Nice House AJ!

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I haven't animated Coloratura in one of these one off animations in a while. I wanted to challenge myself a bit with something I haven't been doing a lot lately, which is walking, with the walk getting interrupted by other actions, and just overall weigh shifting. Making sure the model feels like it has weight is one of the most important things in my opinion to get right at this point. I've usually done a pretty good job at it, but I haven't tried to implement it in an animation with a lot of movement like this one, usually I only hyper focus on stuff like that for more subtle animations. Things I tend to focus on to give the model weight is to imagine where in the body all the weight is being loaded onto. When Coloratura starts putting a lot of weight into one place, especially when she's pushing herself forward as she's wandering around this hallway, he hooves will buckle a bit more and her shoulders and/or hips will raise more, for example. If there's barely any weight being put on one side of the body, for example when a hoof is raised, that side of the body would sink a bit as the weight of the limb weighs that side of the body down combine with the other side of the body getting the weight load. That's usually what goes through my mind as I work on something like this in a nutshell.

I also wanted to mix things up with backgrounds again. I want to find better more interesting ways to present my models that's not just in plain and easy studio lighting conditions. This hallway she's in was modeled and detailed by me, but is heavily based on the interior of Applejack's home, specifically one of the hallways. And considering Coloratura's friendship with Applejack, this seemed fitting! Pretty satisfied with the result, with lighting I haven't applied to my models before, with just a couple warm ceiling point lights to light the scene.


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The physics on the silk dress is sooooo good!

PeanutButterKitty01's avatar

I mean, I am NOT a fan of my little pony, hell no, but ur art is just breath taking. 😱😨 NO joke.

pokemon-fireevee's avatar

That fabric movement. GEES.

Prince-Jays's avatar

Instead of making anymore shows Hasbro should just remake every season of G4 with this style...who else want's to see that?

TyrantKing1998's avatar
WOW... the time budget on this must be insane. 
BB-K's avatar
Awesome walk animation for Rara. :)
XxPoptartsxX2's avatar
Disney should hire you

Omg you need to be an animater for MLP!

InvaderXMovies's avatar

I seriously feel that this is what gen 5 should at least somewhat look like! HASBRO HIRE THIS MAGICIAN!!! :clap:

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AlyssaMaiya's avatar
This is like TV show worthy animation...omg what if g5 could be animated like this?
ponyguy456's avatar
wish i could use these in my scenes to learn from them but i guess its a pipe dream 
LimpSeatBelt's avatar
dude calm down these take a long time to correctly make- even if they look fine to you I can tell that these aren't 100% ready to be fully released- stop guilt tripping the artist- models take a lotta work to make and animating them right takes even longer! Be patient- please-
ponyguy456's avatar
i dont need the scene its in to have key frames in it i just want the models and rigs so i can understand how he did it 

i want to figure out what i am doing wrong in mine and to do that i need hands on with something that was done right so i can then make a new scene and then kinda figure it out by comparing what i made with these 

i cannot see what is left to be done with these.... i dont see any missing polys ... i dont see any odd cuts or angles on them as they move ... i dont see whats left to be done ... if you can see what i cannot can you elaborate on it so i can understand 
LimpSeatBelt's avatar
There may be some parts of the models at break if moved a certain way, yet we may not know about it. He also just wants to be happy with the models himself and wants to take the time to be happy with them. He sees ore mistakes than either of us even could. He also makes moving the models around look easy but uh- it's not lmao. I'd just keep waiting my dude- he wants to be happy!
ponyguy456's avatar

i could expedite the process

i have gotten so much better at rigging but it will take time for me to finish a few new rigs with the new technique i am using

i would be willing to put up with a few small errors with the model and how it moves because i can fix it on my end

LimpSeatBelt's avatar
Well, in the end, he is NOT giving anyone the models until HE is proud of them, not you. :/
ponyguy456's avatar

then he may never give them out

he is trying in vain to find perfection and will never get there ... in art there is never a thing as "perfect" there is always "close enough" or some variation of that idea

i can understand bug fixing and things like that but if we are realistic here these models (like the one in this post) look perfect enough to be usable by anyone who is not a beginner in blender

i know for a fact i could use these as they are and maybe find ways to make them different but most likely not

at the same time however it is something to be said that he does not need to make each one from scratch (it seems like he is tho when thats not needed)

he can instead make a base and then put all the work into that base to make it move and whatnot .. then after the base is ready for release he could release that and people could then make their own OCs with that base ... another point i should put out there is MLP is dead at this point more or less .. yes there is still conventions and fans and whatnot but the fact is that its not nearly as popular as it once was

i know that if it was me and i had made these models myself and people were clamoring for the use of them i would make a simple but very usable base and upload that publicly to a place like BlendSwap and say "have at it"

i feel he should have done the same so that then there would be higher quality pony art made instead of the middle tier to lower tier sfm stuff we got

LimpSeatBelt's avatar
bro please just realize he doesn't want to give them to you or anyone
doesn't matter if he may like them or not. He does what HE wants, not what you want.
He also may not want his models used for certain things, which if they are just given out people will
certainly do.
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AlkemyFreak's avatar
Is that Rara?!
Your stuff looks AWESOME, btw. I wish I could be a patron for it. :Sad Monkeys:
TTCCD's avatar
OMG, so fluid and awesome. great.
joeysclues's avatar
I like the computer animation!!!
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