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Thank you for letting me join David bovine is awesome
Yeah that's what I meant sometimes I hate spelling mistakes
Haha i hate spelling mistakes too!
I auditioned for a pro band in San Francisco and they thought I was a stupid turkey. The crowd was all gay and I got kicked around until one night I was on the Beach near Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. He was in a Ford Capri and was about six feet tall. A doctor in Santa Clara told me to beat it and I was out in the cold with no friend in the world.
I'm no dummy so I asked him if I could engage him in fellatio, even this was the most despised and hated thing to do. He said that would be fine and he fed me a peanut butter sandwich and I slept comfortably in a sleeping bag on one of his seats.
This dude really called me Uriah Heep and I thought you might dig my page featuring Uriah. I used to truck around the Bay Area and most did enjoy listening to Bowie in the years when Blue Jean was a popular hit.

I have 3 nieces...

-Willow - 3 yrs
-River - 1 yr
-Aria - 1 mo.

I got to spend some time with my oldest yesterday when she came over. My mom was busy, so she and I got to watch movies in my room. Willow really wanted to watch James and the Giant Peach, and I said "NO!" I was really tired of the movie so I said "We are watching Labyrinth!" I knew it would be okay with my sister because she SHOWED me the
labyrinth when I was younger, but my brother-in-law was going to hate me... even more...


We watched labyrinth...

This morning I get a text from my sister. It says, and I quote:

"Willow hid her baby doll and told me that aliens took her. She told me her name was Sarah and she had to find the aliens that took her baby. I of course explained that she meant goblins and now she won't be Sarah. River is Sarah and Willow is the Goblin King..."

You're welcome, Sis... :iconhurrhurrplz: