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One of Us Always -- OHSHC and Labyrinth crossover
Kaoru felt somewhat odd towards the end of July; having to remind himself this was the American summer.
No school unless required or needing to be tutored. 
It was amusing; as he recalled mounds of homework - that even lower schools felt obligated to complete. His eyes drifted towards the newly purchased clarinet.
Same as music lessons?
In Japan there was a festival the first week of August.
One renown for its heroes and legends and incredible beasts.
The younger Hitachiin boy remembered the many children attendants but more vividly - the costumes and floats.
Wondering if there was anything close nearby...
There was Carnival -
no wait...
He caught himself in the detail from his studies and socialization from his hometown classmates.
Mardi Gras.
But even the so-called pharmacy stores already had some Halloween items alongside back to school supplies.
Would Haruhi want to dress up this year?
Candy was a nice perk to the holiday but were usually given free
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Luck Be a Lady - Labyrinth
Sarah awoke a few hours later.
It was either very, very late or early depending on...
There was a peculiar tightness on the side of her face but it was not a hangover.
A compress?
There was a bandaid on her hand too.
Where was she?
Her other hand connected with something oddly familiar...
Turning to his sleeping form, which she had not seen since -
"Good morning."
Almost mute, though her surprise if not thinking she was still under the spell of the night before.
"Ditto. Where are we?"
"My place. We're alone. The little ones are either in the northwest common room on patrol or..."
He. We?! They??
"Do you need some water?"
He stood up, looking so damned hot in only his skin tight ebony pants. Nice bod for a...wait - where was his shirt??
She was wearing it?!
"You passed out. I turn around for one second and -"
"Had you turned around before?"
"Not really -" he sat next to her again. Assisting to sit up and to hold the glass &
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Heroes by Entropician Heroes :iconentropician:Entropician 80 28
Sickness and Bedtime Stories
:bulletpurple: Sickness and Bedtime Stories :bulletpurple:

Timey was to the breaking point; caught quite evenly between laughing and crying. Though either action would have currently been murderous to her person. . . So she opted for a beautifully disgusted scowl instead, making the lithe figure who sat at the end of her bed snort indignantly.
“Hate me all you like, my dear. It makes not the slightest of differences.”
Timey continued to glare at her uninvited house guest- the one and only Goblin King, named Jareth- before she moved a clammy hand to her forehead. Despite her will to show him her discomfort, pulling such vivid expressions only made her head hurt more.
She had been conflicted by a nasty case of the flu/cold for almost three days, and it showed no signs of leaving her be. A trait that her sickness and the man watching her shared.
“Would you please just go away,” the woman croaked in annoyance, as she rolled over in her bed and
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Tribute to David Bowie by funky23 Tribute to David Bowie :iconfunky23:funky23 19 0 Worm-ent To Be - Goblin King and Sarah by ScarletQuill Worm-ent To Be - Goblin King and Sarah :iconscarletquill:ScarletQuill 15 5 David Bowie by MaxHitman David Bowie :iconmaxhitman:MaxHitman 166 17 ziggy stardust by marychain ziggy stardust :iconmarychain:marychain 13 11 ziggy by marychain ziggy :iconmarychain:marychain 113 47 Waiting In The Sky by Delphoene Waiting In The Sky :icondelphoene:Delphoene 24 0 Bowie Collage WIP by EmilyHitchcock Bowie Collage WIP :iconemilyhitchcock:EmilyHitchcock 30 4 David Bowie collage WIP2 by EmilyHitchcock David Bowie collage WIP2 :iconemilyhitchcock:EmilyHitchcock 18 3 David-Bowie-Where-Are-We-Now by firemaster96 David-Bowie-Where-Are-We-Now :iconfiremaster96:firemaster96 8 0 The Legacy of David Bowie by JoniGodoy The Legacy of David Bowie :iconjonigodoy:JoniGodoy 23 11 David Bowie II by paulnery David Bowie II :iconpaulnery:paulnery 41 20
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Thank you for letting me join David bovine is awesome
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You mean David Bowie.
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Yeah that's what I meant sometimes I hate spelling mistakes
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I auditioned for a pro band in San Francisco and they thought I was a stupid turkey. The crowd was all gay and I got kicked around until one night I was on the Beach near Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. He was in a Ford Capri and was about six feet tall. A doctor in Santa Clara told me to beat it and I was out in the cold with no friend in the world.
I'm no dummy so I asked him if I could engage him in fellatio, even this was the most despised and hated thing to do. He said that would be fine and he fed me a peanut butter sandwich and I slept comfortably in a sleeping bag on one of his seats.
This dude really called me Uriah Heep and I thought you might dig my Last.fm page featuring Uriah. I used to truck around the Bay Area and most did enjoy listening to Bowie in the years when Blue Jean was a popular hit.
Figarro-Luv Featured By Owner May 5, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist

I have 3 nieces...

-Willow - 3 yrs
-River - 1 yr
-Aria - 1 mo.

I got to spend some time with my oldest yesterday when she came over. My mom was busy, so she and I got to watch movies in my room. Willow really wanted to watch James and the Giant Peach, and I said "NO!" I was really tired of the movie so I said "We are watching Labyrinth!" I knew it would be okay with my sister because she SHOWED me the
labyrinth when I was younger, but my brother-in-law was going to hate me... even more...


We watched labyrinth...

This morning I get a text from my sister. It says, and I quote:

"Willow hid her baby doll and told me that aliens took her. She told me her name was Sarah and she had to find the aliens that took her baby. I of course explained that she meant goblins and now she won't be Sarah. River is Sarah and Willow is the Goblin King..."

You're welcome, Sis... :iconhurrhurrplz:
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Bowie Top 100
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