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Halo C-511: Sacrifice (Ben's story part 2)
Ben-055, Reach, August 30th 2552
Reach was gone that was a fact, but what about the people left behind?
‘Thirteen.’ Hitman counted taking a knife from a body of a Spartan lying motionless half buried in the ashes from the Covenants bombardments. ‘Will you stop that it’s disrespectful these men and women are heroes they deserved better than this.’ Ben lectured. ‘Aye true enough, they’re heroes but they are also dead and last time I checked dead heroes cannae use these.’ Hitman said waving a knife in front of him. Ben sighed and realised it was useless trying to argue with this Scotsman. ‘Man, this must be hard on Five-One-One. I mean it’s devastating for you an_’ Ben was interrupted ‘and who says it’s devastating for me? I couldnae give two rats arses about Earth, the UNSC and especially ONI.’ Hitman snapped. ‘As I was saying, Five-One-One_’ He was interrupted again. ‘Enough with that &
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Halo C-511: The Package (Ben's story part 1)
Capt. Ben “Ben-055” Winters, UNSC Gettysburg, Reach, August 30th 2552
‘Your mission is to support Noble One, Four and Yellow-Team to the Pillar of Autumn if they don’t make it retrieve the package and bring it to the Autumn.’ Captain Keyes said outlining the mission briefing. The ODST squad was small only three troopers, two troopers with standard armour but the front most ODST was Captain Ben Winters although his fellow marines and ODSTs would jokingly call him “Ben-055” because of his similarities to the Spartan-IIs.
The funny thing was they weren’t wrong, well mostly wrong he was part of the Orion project which was later dubbed the Spartan-I program ONI placed him in cryogenic stasis until he was needed which was when the Covenant first attacked humanity.
Ben used an upgraded variant of ODST armour, with magnetic holsters on the thigh pieces and back piece. His helmet had a yellow visor which could dim to allow him to stealth through o
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My Halo OCs 1
Name: Carp-511
Birth date: Unknown 2511, Unknown (age: 47)
Species: Human, Spartan-II
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Office of Naval Intelligence, UNSC: Yellow-Team (formally), Fireteam Crimson (formally). Mercenary (formally)
Rank: Senior petty officer, SR-43
Main weapons: Various, Combat knife
Equipment: Mjolnir Mark-VI-GEN 2 hybrid armour, Spartan abilities
Carp was indoctrinated into the Spartan program in 2517. He was given his first suit of Mjolnir armor in 2525, the start of the Human-Covenant war during the war he commanded a platoon of prison conscripts. Later he became the head of a head hunter squad called Yellow Team along with Cloning experiment Spartan-090 and Experimental Spartan-A161. After boarding a Covenant ship at the end of the war Spartan-511 and 090 were reorganized into Fireteam Crimson in 2553 and continued service until 2558 after the creation of the Created when both were dismissed. Since the death of 090, Carp-511 swore vengeance on the mercenary army called
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Halo C-511: Revelation part 3 (Finale)
Sume ‘Vodall, Intallation-10, Library, 11/29/2558
The team was walking down a long corridor as the honour guard introduced himself ‘I am Johl ‘Tusalee… Just ‘Tusal. The hierarchs trusted me to slaughter the wicked, then named me honour guard to then shortly have that title stripped from me by the Brutes.’ Johl looked at the Brutes with them. ‘I realise that the actions of one cannot speak for the rest of a race. Tarturus did not speak for all Brutes and the Arbiter does not speak for us. I only wish my brother and his son realised that truth.’ Johl said looking to the floor.
‘The only one in my family who still lives is my Sister Suzu she bears the burden of being the last of the line unless she marries.’ Sume said lifelessly, he was not comfortable talking about his family as in his time with the Covenant he was taught to disregard all things unrelated to the great journey, he has no place with her or the rest of the ‘V
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Halo C-511: Revelation part 2
Sume ‘Vodall, Intallation-10, Library, 11/29/2558
‘Where were the Grunts? They have the heavy weapons.’ Occium snorted trying to start a conversation noticing how quiet things had gotten.
‘The cowards will pay if they have not met their deaths at the hands of the sentinels.’ His brother announced his voice bouncing off the walls as though he was trying to yell at the distant Unggoy (Grunts).
‘Silence!’ Sume said with equal ferocity in his voice.
They came to another door Sume ordered Occium to use his “Key” to open it. The door led to a labyrinth of Data servers with terminals attached to them. ‘Interesting.’ The former Zealot said.
‘Hand, what are we looking at?’ Infius said looking at the tall monoliths.
‘We are in a library. This must be where they kept their knowledge. There are also no openings in the walls it is safe here.’ Sume said calmly.
‘Safe? And here’s hoping we’d fa
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Halo C-511: Revelation part 1
Sume ‘Vodall, Intallation-10, 11/29/2558
The Banished are a mercenary organization formed to rebel against the Covenant. But after the collapse of the covenant in 2552 their leader Atriox set his sights on gaining more power and influence over the Covenant remnants recruiting any who would answer his call. Sometimes they would come to him and others he would find them. This was the case with one Elite Sume ‘Vodall former shipmaster and commander of a Zealot team called the Brothers of Lament. He became stranded on a Halo ring after three Spartans took his ship and killed most of his forces with the ship’s glassing beam.
Recently Atriox had encountered two of the three Spartans including their leader who was only identified by the numbers on his chest plate 511. Atriox killed 511’s comrade and though 511 survived he doubted even a Spartan could survive the injuries he had branded on him. He brought Sume his helmet and chest plate as proof and the Elite pledged hi
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Halo C-511: Welcome home
Agent Walker and Carp-511, D79-TC Pelican, November 28th 2558
Interstellar travel without a slip space drive was one of the worst forms of torture even the most seasoned veteran could endure. Staring blankly at her COM pad Walker had lost track of time she had forgotten how boring space travel was even with good company. Carp-511 in contrast had frozen himself in time not moving a muscle as though he had placed himself in stasis. Before boredom and weariness gripped her soul and let her drift into unconsciousness she received a message from ONI informing her of their destination the world of Ulster.
Ulster was a human colony in the edge of space and was one of the first worlds hit by the Covenant during the war. In early 2527 they glassed the planet evaporating every water source, choking whatever life survived. After the war researchers backed by the UNSC set up a research station called Fiji base that also has a UNSC security team and an ONI bunker with a command centre with long ran
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Star Wars: The Ones by TheRealCarp511 Star Wars: The Ones :icontherealcarp511:TheRealCarp511 24 7
Halo C-511: Arrival part 2 (Finale)
Agent Walker, Sanghelios, November 27th 2558
It had been an hour since Carp-511 woke up, his physical wounds had healed but he appears to have some emotional ones, he lost someone before being comatosed. Agent Walker was still waiting outside the hospital tent wondering ‘What could’ve hurt a Spartan that much?’ she heard a voice ‘Agent Walker.’ It was Colin the doctor from earlier ‘I think we should check on our friend?’
They both went to Carp’s room which he had torn up in a fit of rage. He was sitting on the side of the hospital bed looking down. Colin was furious ‘Hey I don’t care how strong you are you can’t just mess with this stuff at least you didn’t break the machinery.’ Colin continued ranting but both Carp and Walker tuned him out. ‘I am sorry I lost someone very close to me.’ Agent Walker could only guess the “very close” friend he was talking about was Clone-090 who was dis
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Halo C-511: Arrival part 1
Agent Walker, Sanghelios, November 27th 2558
“Spartan-511, You were abandoned by us for reasons that were un-justified and cruel. I only hope that you can forgive us or at least work with me to help us be the good guys for once. I need you to help me take down the banished.” Agent Walker rehearsed to herself. She needed to take the opportunity that ONI (Office of Naval Intelligence) had given her. To them this was a simple assignment, brief Spartan-511, get him on board and stop the Banished from interfering with their affairs while they dealt with the Created. But to her this assignment was much more, payback. Revenge for the family that was taken from her, the husband she loved and the son she would never see grow up. To her this was more than an assignment.  
‘I don’t know you had me ‘til the part where you started talkin’ about “the Banished” whoever they are? But somethin’ tells me that’s on a need-to-know basis.
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The Last Jedi vs The Lord of Pain. by TheRealCarp511 The Last Jedi vs The Lord of Pain. :icontherealcarp511:TheRealCarp511 43 11
Halo C-511: Inbound part 4 (Finale)
Agent Walker, D79-TC Pelican, November 27th 2558
Agent Walker was still researching Carp-511’s history and possibly meeting the rest of his team to help her in her mission to stop the Banished… or just stop them from interfering with Humanity’s resistance against Cortana’s created. She has now gotten to the point when Yellow team returned from deep space.
April 30th 2553
ONI deep space scouts discovered the Covenant cruiser Pyre of the Wicked drifting. They went to investigate hoping to find the body of high-value target Sume ‘Vodalee. When the scouts got close to the Cruiser they picked up a distress beacon from the ship it was “This is ONI Yellow team we have commandeered this vessel we have been forced into stasis if you attack us we will wake up and retaliate, you will not survive.” The ONI team disabled the stasis pods YELLOW_TEAM were in and brought them back to human space.
April 31st 2553
Two incidents occurred. Clone-090 tried to corru
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Halo C-511: Inbound part 3
Agent Walker, ???, ???
Walker woke up in the Pelican but something felt off the engines weren’t buzzing with the annoying hum that her ears had adjusted to. In fact the Pelican felt like it had landed but the door was still closed and she listened thinking they had landed on a space station to re-fuel. But there was no sound outside. Walker got up and went to check on the Pilot as she entered to the cockpit she said ‘Godmother you in here?’ thinking the light-hearted Pilot would respond but she noticed no one was there. Walker investigated the windshield and saw that the pelican was half buried in dirt and rocks it was clear that they crashed.
She opened the door at the rear of the Pelican and looked in horror ‘Oh god not here, not again!’ it was a large crater lined with collapsed buildings. Walker saw a familiar building at the edge of the crater it was home, her home which she lived with her husband and son, she moved knowing too well that she will regr
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Halo C-511: Inbound part 2
Agent Walker, D79-TC Pelican, November 27th 2558 - 00:12  
Walker couldn’t go to sleep, was it because of her excitement to meet a Spartan-II and his Clone friend? No of course not, she couldn’t go to sleep because sleeping on a row of Pelican seats was extremely uncomfortable and not to mention the humming of the engines flying through space. She switched on her COMpad to find that ONI approved another file for her, so with no chance of going back to sleep she decided to do more research.
‘Huh, wait a second that’s the day I was born, huh small universe.’ Walker said to herself.
February 14th 2531.
The //error// was assigned another experimental Spartan. This Spartan’s designation was Hitman-A161, he was the first successful Spartan candidate to have been augmented as an adult. He was a prison conscript from the colony of New Glasgow. He was equipped with repurposed ODST armor modified to attach onto a Mjolnir suit.
Hitman-A161 was talented wit
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Halo C-511: Inbound part 1
Agent Walker, D79-TC Pelican, November 26th 2558
A few hours had passed since take off and only now have the Office of Naval Intelligence approved the requisition Walker had made to access Carp-511’s files. When she got the approved files, she grumbled “ONI bureaucracy at its best.” They could only approve of Carp-511’s early record and files from 2552 to 2558 the rest were above her clearance to read. “Well I guess this can last two days,” she said to herself as she opened the first file.
September 10th 2517
Carp despite his unusual name was conscripted into the Spartan-II program after being screened by Dr. Catherine Elizabeth Halsey for all the physical and mental attributes needed for the Spartan-II program. He was replaced by a flash clone that died due to extreme degradation as planned.
Walker after reading about Carp’s conscription remembered to before her encounter with the Banished. A war journalist Benjamin Giraud tried to expose ONI
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Halo C-511: Departure (Inbound Prologue)
Agent Walker, Classified ONI Base, November 26th 2558
The Galaxy is in a fragile state strange anomalies have devastated the outer colonies. Mass spread panic occurred as the United Nation Space Command’s sphere of influence was weak on these world’s most of them fell under insurrectionist control. But one world called Sundar was picked clean by mercenaries like vultures pecking at a corpse these mercenaries are known as the Banished a group that rebelled against the Covenant during the war and now murder anyone or anything that get in there way and made sure they left no trace. But when they pecked at the corpse of Sundar they made a costly mistake leaving a survivor who was an agent from the Office of Naval Intelligence.  
‘Agent Zoey Walker, employed to perform autopsies on various Covenant species, Crash course ODST training to become a field agent, recently married to Adrien Walker decorated marine Commander, had your first child Alexander Walker shortly the
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Why hello there and welcome to my page TheRealCarp511 please look at my stuff don't be koi.


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Ben-055, Reach, August 30th 2552

Reach was gone that was a fact, but what about the people left behind?

‘Thirteen.’ Hitman counted taking a knife from a body of a Spartan lying motionless half buried in the ashes from the Covenants bombardments. ‘Will you stop that it’s disrespectful these men and women are heroes they deserved better than this.’ Ben lectured. ‘Aye true enough, they’re heroes but they are also dead and last time I checked dead heroes cannae use these.’ Hitman said waving a knife in front of him. Ben sighed and realised it was useless trying to argue with this Scotsman. ‘Man, this must be hard on Five-One-One. I mean it’s devastating for you an_’ Ben was interrupted ‘and who says it’s devastating for me? I couldnae give two rats arses about Earth, the UNSC and especially ONI.’ Hitman snapped. ‘As I was saying, Five-One-One_’ He was interrupted again. ‘Enough with that “Five-One-One” pish his name is Carp.’ Hitman corrected. This realisation confused Ben, he needed confirmation ‘Carp? Like the fish?’  ‘Aye, “Carp like the fish" he doesnae like it when people call him it.’

Carp-511 was supporting Clone-090 still injured from the Brute stalkers he encountered earlier, the Spartans were ahead of the ODST and the conscript. Carp hadn’t said a word since destroying that Covenant cruiser, he didn’t carry a weapon with him through the desolation, there was no point. In the barely visible sky through the ash and smog in the far distance a small fleet of Carriers remained in orbit. The larger fleet had probably chased the Pillar of Autumn to its destination wherever it was. Covenant patrols were few and far between, why were there any patrols at all? anything breathing without protection would choke on the dust alone not taking radiation into account.

The place Clone was guiding the Spartans to was a communications outpost made from wood and sheet metal how it was still standing was a mystery. It’s antenna still intact which under normal circumstances would be a miracle but then again these are not normal circumstances. ‘Oh Aye, while your phoning them up just get them to bring the spare fleet and blast these bastards! Oh, wait they don’t have one? Why’d you bring us here ya’ prick!’ Hitman yelled. Ben looked at Carp hoping for a sign of life but no he was just holding his squad mate up.

Surprisingly no bodies were around or inside of the outpost ‘Gotta take your victories when you can have them.’ Ben thought. Carp with Clone’s directions in one swift motion tore the floorboards off and threw them out the door. A hidden basement Carp jumped into the hole he had just made and helped his squad mate down. They found a boon to any survivor in any disaster let alone a glassing, a fallout shelter. ‘and how did you know this was here? What the Operation: Tip of the Spear? I don’t remember a shack near here?’ Hitman was dumbfounded by Clone’s explanation via SQUAD_CHAT.

The fallout shelter had a tough metal door not even X-4 charges could blow this vault. Carp after a few seconds inputted a pass code into the locking mechanism and with a few bleeps the door opened. Clone as though he had held on to life just to get into this bunker collapsed. Without any alarm or panic Carp hoisted up Clone and carried him into the Bunker.  He laid him down in sick bay and exited the room. He was just going to leave his squad mate in agony and not even try to ease his suffering? Ben had to call him out ‘Wait you’re just going to leave him?’ Carp didn’t even look behind him as he felt an armoured hand touch his shoulder ‘I’m going to need your help, pal or he’s gone.’ Hitman with a worried tone unusual for him.

‘Ok we need to take the helmet off, ah ya bastard stuck on tight.’

‘all right on the count of three. One, two, Three pull!’

They both pulled and heard burned skin tear from the helmet. His head was not in as bad condition as they thought most of it was a pink colour indicating first degree burns though it probably hurt like hell it was far from the worst that happened. He was breathing, again a good sign.

‘Aye breathing good that means no punctured lungs. Next the chest piece we need to get to the burns on it before they get infected.’

They continued until the external armour was removed, then they removed the under suit with the EB tape patch job revealing his charred right shoulder and puncture wound, ironically the burns were the only thing keeping him alive at this point because they cauterized the wound. They dressed the burns and wound and left him to rest.      

Ben sat down on a bench it felt great to finally stop walking. The main room was spacious with several rooms connected to them at the back of the main room was a large console with scouting drones. Hitman sat on a bench across from him taking off his helmet and dumped it next to him. ‘He’ll live, hell we’ll all live we did it! mission a-bloody-complished!’ Ben weary took his own helmet off and leaned back against the wall, forget everything else, it’s time to rest if only for a moment. Ben and Carp sat along the same bench Carp’s uneasy silence was disturbing after a while and impossible to ignore it was as though he was golem awaiting its master’s command, but its master had abandoned it leaving it frozen to the mercy of time.

Ben-055, Reach, September 1st 2552

Ben’s eyes opened it was as though he only slept for a minute. Carp was still frozen how long will he stay like that? Until a thick layer of dust forms on his armour? Hitman was still asleep spread across the bench. Ben preferred sleeping sitting up, he would always sleep in his pod prepared for any mission, his fellow ODSTs made fun of him for it but he did not care, nor did his superiors mind. ‘Are you up, Sir?’ Ben addressed Carp but he didn’t listen ‘Carp!?’ the Spartan’s slumped position switched as his neck snapped up ‘What?’ although annoyed he was too tired to confront the ODST.

‘We need a plan. What are our orders?’

‘I don’t know.’

‘You don’t know?’

‘Yes, I don’t know after everything that’s happened, what more is there to say? Reach is gone, the Pillar of Autumn was chased by half the occupation force and is most likely wreckage floating in space. All the while the Covenant probably are readying for an attack on earth as we speak, and we are stuck here unable to do anything about it. So yes, I don’t know!’

‘So, we are just going to give up?’

‘I don’t- ‘

‘and stop saying that, it’s starting to get annoying!’

‘Shut up I’m trying to sleep it’s been weeks since I’ve haven’t had my life on the line, and I’d like to have some goddamn sleep!’ said Hitman whose sleep was disturbed by the ODST.

‘Do you have any ideas then?’  Carp snapped again

‘Yeah shut up and let me sleep.’

‘Not you, the trooper.’

‘Hitman keep treating Clone’s injuries. Once he can walk, he’ll use the drones for long range scouting to monitor activity outside while you take stock of our supplies it’ll be a while before anyone comes near here. Carp you need to clear your head go outside and scavenge what you can, Weapons, transport, supplies anything we can use. We’ll rotate shifts you for an hour then me for an hour.’

‘Sounds like a solid plan.’ Carp said impressed.

‘Aye sure can I go back to sleep?’

Ben-055, Reach, September 9th 2552

Over the course of 9 days Yellow-Team had recovered from the verge of collapse. Carp got his mind together, Clone’s burns were healing nicely, Hitman being bored ventured onto the surface and found booze to replenish his incendiary grenades Ben was glad everything was slow. He was driving back to base in a Warthog from a scavenging run, it was fruitless like the all the other times any weapons he or Carp found were in bad condition and no maintenance could ever bring them back to working order. Any Covenant weapons they found had some sort of failsafe lock so they could not use them. However, Ben did not need any weapons except his Silenced SMG and Pistol he found several magazines of ammo for both weapons.

His visor was blocked off by the dust and ashes making him resort to using the VISR mode on his HUD to see where he was going, he couldn’t even imagine how Carp got back. He arrived at the COMMs tower. 5 crosses stuck out from the scarred earth with helmets on top of them, Graves for Spartans both II and IIIs, ODSTs and Marines, they couldn’t strip their gear out in the wasteland so they brought the corpses with them and gave them a decent burial the ones that the Covenant could not care any less about. Carp knew each of the Spartan IIs they buried and delivered a eulogy for each of them and each time it became more and more difficult for Carp to honour each Brother or Sister.

Ben found Hitman outside of the base with a tub of water, he then grabbed handfuls of irradiated soil at a time and dumped it in then mixing them with a broken piece of rebar.  He was singing something it was in English, but Ben couldn’t make out the words it didn’t matter. What was he up to?

‘Hey Hitman, what are you doing with that water?’ Ben asked, ‘It’s not like we can just go to the stream or what’s left of it to get more.’

‘Oh Benny, guess what!’ He sounded elated could it be Clone got a signal out how and to whom?

‘Clone got a signal out?’

‘No, I wish. Covies they’re back looking for something they’ve set up a camp!’

‘Wait you’re excited. You’ve gone crazy it’s the Covenant! Not a rescue party!’

‘Oh, you think I’ve gone doo lally you should wait until you hear Carp and Clone’s plan, now that is insane.’

‘I’ll go ask myself. But what are you doing?’

‘Oh aye, you know how you guys arenae having any luck wi’ weapons well I’m making home brew poison. You see all ‘round us is deadly radiation and well I figured instead of it slowly killing us all, how about I weaponize it and coat our… my knives in it because you know how it is. You throw a knife at an elite, it just tears it out and gets on with its day of human annihilation. But this shite’s no ordinary shite, this shite will also give him a little dose of radiation poisoning making him weaker immediately then slowly killing him.’

‘You could’ve just said I’m making poison.’

Ben found Carp cleaning a BR55 battle rifle. Cleaning guns seemed to be his new hobby, good thing too most equipment found in the dust and decay were far from pristine although most of the time they still didn’t work.


‘What’s your plan with the Covenant, going to give us up and hope they take us prisoner?’

‘No, the plan is far simpler. They are on the surface which means they have a dropship, which means we
can use that dropship to get off Reach and-’

‘and get blown up by their Carriers.’

‘and we infiltrate one of the Carriers and plant this device and X-4 charges onto their slip space drive make a random portal, go through and blow them to hell before they can chase us. Understood?’

This had got to have been ‘the’ single most insane plan he had ever heard and yes, he had questions. How are they going to keep hidden? Who is flying?

‘Well how do we keep them from incinerating us when we are in?’
Carp threw something in Ben’s direction, he caught it.

‘Active Camouflage from those Brutes you painted for us they block motion trackers and if they block ours, they can block theirs. If we’re lucky the dropship we commandeer will have a stealth generator too. Clone will fly, Hitman will support him, and we’ll infiltrate. We’re leaving tonight that’s when they rest.’  The spartan said loading a magazine into the battle rifle.

‘Got it.’

The four armoured figures stood in front of a table with the equipment they needed on it. Obviously, they needed the device that will hack the slip space drive and the X-4 charges to blow it up to stop the Covenant from chasing them. Hitman and Clone did not need any weapons as they would not be directly engaging the Covenant, but Hitman had several of his knives and incendiaries on hand in case he needed to fight. Carp and Ben were the infiltration force, so they needed to be prepared to fight in both close quarters and long range. Ben carried the ODST signature weapons while Carp had his battle rifle, he also had some of Hitman’s knives should he need to take any Covenant out quietly. The Spartans decided to approach the Covenant camp without the Warthog, this gave Hitman an idea to siphon fuel from it and use it against the Covenant forces.

The ODST always thought that the Spartan’s armour would make a lot of noise like the cyclops mechs used in warehouse heavy lifting, but no he heard nothing except for the swashing of the  canister of fuel hitman was lugging as well as the his own equipment as he volunteered to carry the hacking device and X-4 charges in order to allow Carp to easily defend him.

They could see the bluish-purple shimmer of the phantoms silhouette. The phantom itself had an ominous purple glow of a campfire below. It was Brute in gear like the ones they fought nine days ago, possibly the same unit. Brutes were the obvious choice to send to the surface because the Jiralhanae home world according to ONI was a bombed-out hell hole not unlike Reach presently. Ben wasn’t sure if the Spartans had translators in their helmets, but he did and managed to listen to their conversation.

‘Damn that Elite, not even a demon could survive this hell.’

‘Shame he didn’t let us search before all the corpse rotted, then we may have some food.’

‘We shouldn’t talk about him. Remember Potim? He spoke out against his treatment of us and the engineer’s barley recognized him! Do you wish to share his fate?’

‘But do you remember Infius and Occium? Apparently, they joined Atri…’

‘Don’t you dare utter those cowards or their treacherous leader’s name. They know nothing only faith in the great journey shall save us!’

‘You sound just like that Elite. I thought you were one of us.’

Ben couldn’t eavesdrop into their conversation because Carp started taking.

‘Spartans, Three-pronged approach around the campfire. Trooper go up the dropship’s gravity lift and fire on them we’ll finish them off. Give Clone your pistol, he will need it if this turns into a fire fight.’

He did what Carp asked and Clone nodded towards the gravity lift. While sneaking he listened back to the Brutes conversation.

‘I remember the ship master talking to the Zealot. The ancients left gifts for us here on this planet.’

‘Listening in on a conversation like that is a good way to disappear.’

‘The Humans already destroyed one. Probably the rest were destroyed too.’

‘Then the Zealot will have us searching until our hair falls out and covered in tumours.’

The ODST found the gravity lift and entered the phantom without the Brutes noticing they were staring deeply into the fire as they talked it was strange. He entered the cockpit a Brute was sleeping, Ben pressed the silenced barrel to the back of his head and let out a small burst of fire without alerting the Brutes outside.

He opened the port side ramp. Moving back to the centre of the phantom Ben manned the plasma turret there, the Brutes were looking up wondering why the ramp was open they reached for their weapons but before they could ready them Ben held down the triggers and let fly with plasma bolts at them. One of them was down before the others could find cover. The ones who made it to cover thought they were safe and could plan a counter attack on the human raining fire down on them. They started moving closer together and when they did, they saw a red tank of fuel land behind them, the human was not alone and before they caught a glimpse at a green and yellow demon he fired and burned them alive.

‘Good work trooper. Are you okay Clone can you fly this dropship?’

Clone gave a firm nod and pulled the dead Brute out of the pilot’s seat and got in.

‘Good Hitman, throw that body out and take his weapon.’

The pilot’s weapon was a Type-52 more commonly named the Mauler ‘Ya dancer! I love these things.’ The Scotsman said spinning the revolver like chamber while shoving the dead Brute off the ramp. Clone closed it and deactivated the gravity lift and began ascent. Clone looked through the view port and decided to try and land in the largest ship left in orbit. Clone tried to pull as much data as he could about the vessel he was flying towards and just as he found the information Ben was checking it.

‘The Pyre of the Wicked it’s a CCS class it’s not the worst thing in the world. At least we won’t be fighting the supreme commander. Who is ‘Vodalee?’

‘Whoever he his were going to be taking control of his slip space drive.’ Carp chipped into the conversation.

‘An’ maybe kill some of his pals.’ Hitman said getting into the co-pilots seat.

‘Trooper do you remember the plan? We cloak, head to engineering, plant the charges and device then leave. We cannot get pinned down or we are dead understood.’  


‘Good, Clone activate the cloaking if this phantom has it. Turn off radios, Trooper keep the VISR on. We’re coming in.’

Ben-055, CCS-Class carrier, Pyre of the Wicked, September 10th 2552

The cloaked phantom entered one of the hanger bays of the ship it was quiet only a few grunts moving crates. The infiltration team jumped off the cloaked phantom. Ben could see the green outline of the cloaked spartan giving him directions. Carp pointed to a maintenance shaft.
They entered the shaft Carp activated his COMM channel.

‘We can talk here. These maintenance shafts are built like faraday cages they won’t find us. Don’t let the engineers near you but don’t alert them they’ll sound the alarm and we’ll be compromised.’

Traversing the shaft was as simple at following cables mounted to the sides of it while dodging engineers floating by to preform maintenance. The marines passed by the Control room and they realised why the hanger was sparse the room was densely packed with Elites listening to one Elite in golden armour this must be the ship master ‘Vodallee (the Elite that made the Brutes skin crawl) he was spewing some hate filled sermon about the end of humanity and ascension.

‘And now our brothers gather to the Unyielding Hierophant to eradicate the humans. We have found their home world. Fear not brothers we shall join them once we find the gift from the gods, this boon will give us incomparable speed and the Prophets shall give all the fleet a taste of its divine power.’ They had to keep moving but.

‘Spartan did you hear that they know where earth is!’

‘One problem at a time trooper we need to get back to FLEET COMM before we can do anything.’

Carp’s unusual calmness soothed the ODST, besides what else could they do wait for them to find whatever they were looking for, which would probably not be a good idea. All they could do was sabotage this ship and get back to Earth or nearby.

The engine room was empty except for easily avoidable engineers which was a godsend for these soldiers.

‘Ben plant the X-4 charges, I’ll plant the device and link it to Clone. We need to sever some of these cables in case the charges don’t not work it will slow them down and buy us time to make some distance between us and them. We need to work quick, once it’s connected, they’ll track us quickly. Blow the charges as we leave, we do not want to get caught in the explosion. Ready?’


They exited the shaft and got to work. Ben planted the charges on the port and starboard engines and linked them to the detonator he stared at the detonator and saw two red lights indicating that the charges were set. He looked at Carp talking to Clone via radio and decided to get to work cutting some cable he pulled out his knife and severed a handful of thin fibre cables. Looking over at Carp again he saw him holding cables down with his foot while he tore them.

‘That’s good enough let’s go Trooper through the shaft!’

Just as they entered the shaft the alarm sounded. Passing by the control room again they could hear an Elite addressing the shipmaster.

‘Lord ‘Vodallee we have intruders they’ve severed the engines we must find them.’

‘I underestimated the Humans, activate the advanced sensors find their vessel I shall head to the hangers myself to redeem my failure.’

‘Understood, we must resolve the situation before the Prophet of Compassion arrives.’

The went back to the hanger bay. The phantom was pushed back to outside of the hanger, it was on an altitude of witch they could jump. Both the Spartan and ODST made a dash towards the open port ramp with Hitman on the turret. The Covenant were too busy firing at the phantom to care about the cloaked soldiers running towards it. Ben readied the detonator to press the button as they escaped. Hopefully Clone can open the slip space portal near FLEET COMM and get the information about the “Unyielding Hierophant” and the attack on Earth.

‘Jump Trooper!’

Carp jumped exiting the hanger. Ben leaped as far as he could, he reached halfway out of the hanger before he came to an abrupt stop. He felt a crushing pain on his right leg. He looked back and saw a golden Elite uncloak staring at him with a terrifying grimace. He heard his radio buzzing it was Carp.

‘Trooper, Ben where the hell are you? Repeat where the hell are you?’

The spartan looked back and saw the ODST feebly try to free himself by kicking the imposing Elites hand as he flung him back into the hanger.

‘Negative I’m not going anywhere. I’m blowing the charges, get out of here and spartan see you on the other side.’

‘Copy that, it was an honour Ben now blast them straight to hell!’

In the hanger a crowd of Elites gathered around the Shipmaster and the ODST trying to get up. When he got up, he raised the detonator even though they could not see it he shed a tear despite everything he had experienced, no amount of service could prepare him for death.
He screamed as he pressed the button firmly.

And… Nothing, ‘what’ he thought. He secured them and linked them to this detonator, be pressed the button again, and again, and again. The Shipmaster busted out laughing at the ODSTs pitiful display of courage. After his laughing fit three Elites decloaked, two of them tossed the charges defused and unstuck in front of the Trooper and the third threw the hacking device.

‘I was unable to close the portal before they entered. I will search for the destination.’

‘Indeed, and the damage they caused will take time to repair, in the meantime.’ ‘Vodallee said as he turned his glare to Ben. ‘Your suffering shall be prolonged.’ He tossed an energy sword at Ben. ‘I have seen our sword play butchered by your kind. Unsheathe your blade and fight honourably for once in your miserable life and die a worthy opponent or die a coward paralyzed by fear.’

Ben grabbed the sword and activated it. He took the same stance Carp did against the field marshal although this opponent is twice as deadly and well, he’s no Spartan-II. ‘Vodallee charged with the speed of a cheetah and one swing knocked the sword out of Ben’s hand breaking his defence and with his free hand the ship master punched him in the gut knocking him to his knees. While on his knees ‘Vodallee’s armoured foot struck his visor cracking it, flinging him against the wall. The rest of the Pyres crew were cheering their leader. This isn’t even a challenge for this Elite, he grabbed his defeated opponent by his weapon hand and dragged him up. How Ben was conscious was a miracle the Elite pointed his sword towards the ODST’s chest plate ready to thrust.

‘Stop!’ a harsh voice called from the other side of the hanger its voice amplified over the distance. A shrivelled figure in some sort of flying throne hovered towards them, at the sight of the creature the shipmaster released Ben and bowed in front on it.

‘A human here? How?’

‘Demons, they stole the Brute’s phantom. We are_’

‘You will hound them to the end of time. You ‘must’ not let them retreat to their home world. Such a task should be a trifle to someone of your stature.’

‘And this insect?’ nodding towards the broken marine.

‘I will take him to high charity for questioning. I assure you Elite he will suffer. Now redeem your incompetence. Destroy the Demons’ The shrivelled figure slammed his fist on the side of his throne. Ben could not hold on and he passed into unconsciousness and into enemy hands.
Capt. Ben “Ben-055” Winters, UNSC Gettysburg, Reach, August 30th 2552

‘Your mission is to support Noble One, Four and Yellow-Team to the Pillar of Autumn if they don’t make it retrieve the package and bring it to the Autumn.’ Captain Keyes said outlining the mission briefing. The ODST squad was small only three troopers, two troopers with standard armour but the front most ODST was Captain Ben Winters although his fellow marines and ODSTs would jokingly call him “Ben-055” because of his similarities to the Spartan-IIs.

The funny thing was they weren’t wrong, well mostly wrong he was part of the Orion project which was later dubbed the Spartan-I program ONI placed him in cryogenic stasis until he was needed which was when the Covenant first attacked humanity.

Ben used an upgraded variant of ODST armour, with magnetic holsters on the thigh pieces and back piece. His helmet had a yellow visor which could dim to allow him to stealth through ops if he needed to.    
‘They’ll make it.’ Ben said with resolve.

‘Good luck, Keyes out.’ The captain said before ending the transmission.

‘Alright troopers let’s get- ‘Ben was interrupted by a tremor on the ship. It was the Covenant they were converging on the Gettysburg and destroying its support.

‘Abandon ship! Abandon ship!’ Ben-055 heard from an officer with liquor stolen from the Officers club making a run for the escape pods, the officers voice was almost drowned out by the alarm blaring.
ODSTs didn’t need escape pods, they didn’t escape from trouble the dived head first into it. Today was no exception all three jumped into their drop pods loaded with jetpacks and the ODSTs signature weapons the M7S SMG, the silenced SMG and the M6C/SOCOM or simply referred as the silenced magnum.

Under normal circumstances the drop would stimulate Ben making him battle ready but today was different instead of looking at any old outer colony backwater, it was Reach the most important world to the UNSC except from Earth herself.

‘Sir?’ a trooper called him his helmeted head appearing on a screen inside his pod.

‘Yes, Trooper?’

‘Is this the end?’ the trooper said as his voice cracked.

‘Hell if I know.’ Ben said sombrely.

The three pods broke through the atmosphere ash smothering their viewports mercifully covering up the massacre below. ‘Switch to GPS.’ Ben ordered as he change the screen from his horrified comrades to a map indicating where they were in relation to the objective. ‘Good they’re near the Autumn but noble one is gone.’ Ben said ‘Deploy the breaks were coming in hot!’

With the brakes released the pods decent decreased making sure that the occupants were safe. While descending some of the ash had cleared from the viewpoint, Ben saw the Pillar of Autumn it was an old ship, but it had a charm that gave him a sense of hope. Close to the drop point ben heard the trooper that spoke to him a few minutes ago. ‘Oh god plasma salvo they’re locking on to me! Oh god, oh god not like this let me die with a- ‘The trooper couldn’t finish his sentence as a plasma lance from one of the ships in orbit struck the pod Ben heard the explosion from his left.

Before the ringing of the first explosion ceased a banshee fired a fuel rod round at the pod to his right. Both Troopers were dead in a matter of moments. He saw the Banshee swerve around facing his pod. Ben reached for the emergency release, the banshee fired, he pulled the lever.

With a loud bang the front of the pod fired forward colliding with the fuel rod shot. He quickly grabbed his equipment and leaped out of the pod landing on the accelerating Banshee and quickly commandeered the flyer its pilot plummeting to the hellish ground below.

‘Noble four, Yellow-Team this is your backup don’t shoot the banshee coming your way, repeat don’t shoot the banshee.’ Ben relayed. The reply he got was filled with static but whoever he was talking to it sounded like they understood.

He saw two Spartans it looked like they were pinned by a pair of Hunters. Spartans he thought remembering his own augmentations during the Orion project hell people just called them Spartan-Is but unlike the Spartan-IIs or IIIs he wasn’t a child when he was augmented hell it was kept so top secret no one was supposed to know he was even augmented. Nope ONI just Augmented him and stuck him into an icebox and thawed him out when they needed him. He shook his head and went on with the mission.

Noble four, Emile-A239 a Spartan wearing unique armour including an EVA helmet with a skull scraped into it and Hitman-A161 a Spartan-III with what looked like pieces of ODST armour attached to a Mark-V suit with several pouches with throwing knives in them. His colours were Blue and white a colour scheme that no self-respecting ODST would sport.  

‘Hitman, you have any grenades left?’ Emile said loading shells into his shotgun.

‘No all-out sorry.’ Hitman said strapping something onto a bottle. ‘But my pal jack does!’ he raised an empty bottle of whiskey with a cloth down the bottle neck in his hand. He lit the cloth with a plasma pistol and threw it at one of the Hunters. It was writhing in pain each individual Lekgolo worm burning. The gestalt fell and remained motionless, the Other Hunter yelled in rage and charged at them. Hitman only said one thing. ‘Ah shite.’

Ben saw the enraged hunter run knocking Emile away with its mighty shield Hitman fired on it with the plasma pistol but was ineffective. It knocked him down and pinned him with its large foot. He saw the hunter charging its fuel rod cannon, the green glow reflecting off hitman’s black visor. Ben fired a fuel rod of his own impacting the hunter’s back blowing it into two.

Yes, he thought, but his victory was short lived when a passing Phantom caught him unawares and destroyed his starboard wing causing him to crash. He narrowly avoided being caught in the ensuing explosion’s blast radius however the blast did destroy his jetpack. Lying on the concrete ground he looked up and saw two helmeted heads looking at him it was Emile and Hitman.

‘Hey scotty get him up, I’m scouting ahead.’ Emile said picking up his shotgun and moving forward.

‘Aye, Aye, ‘mon pal mammy says you got to get up for school.’ Hitman said mockingly grabbing the ODST by the arm pulling him up.

‘ugh, you alright?’ Ben said head pounding from the multiple explosions he heard within a short time.

‘Never better.’ he said taking off his helmet reaching into a pocket and took out a cigarette and lit it, again with a plasma pistol.

‘You know that’s not healthy?’
‘Aye I’ve been trying to cut back on them myself.’

‘No using a plasma pistol as a lighter that’s deadly radiation.’

Hitman shrugged his shoulders and extended a hand ‘Hitman, prison conscript, science experiment and runt of the suicide squad that’s called Yellow-Team.’

‘Ben Winters, ODST and ‘super’ top secret science experiment.’ Ben said introducing himself trying to one up Hitman while alluding to his own augmentations.

Hitman put back on his helmet and stood and saluted mockingly at two Spartans flanked by marines ready to fight. The two Spartans were Hitman’s squad mates Carp-511 a Spartan-II who wore green Mark-V armour with yellow stripes and a black visor and Clone-090 a mute Spartan-II wearing grey armour with a CQB helmet with a gold visor like Ben had.

Without looking at the ODST Carp coldly said, ‘You took care of the hunters, where is A239?’

‘His name is Emile and he’s off scouting the building ahead. The Hunters though weren’t all me, the backup arrived just in time.’ He said indicating Ben.

Carp snapped to Ben ‘I’m assuming you know our mission, you saved Hitman? Impressive. Marines hold this point.’ He continued towards the building with the ever-silent Clone at his side.

‘Aww you hear that Benny you’ll see how Spartans fight. You “super-secret science experiment” you.’ Hitman said sarcastically.

‘Don’t call me that! Let’s just get on with the mission.’ What the hell have I gotten myself into he thought.

They caught up with Emile who was hiding in cover pinned down by Jackals that had needle rifles. He was firing back with his magnum because his shotgun was useless in long range encounters. ‘Trooper use your magnum the SMG has too much recoil on my mark you take the left most one, Clone centremost, Hitman keep the infantry off us.’ Carp said through the COMS. Ben holstered his SMG and used his silenced magnum to pick off the Jackal snipers along with the two Spartan-IIs.

The Jackals fell and emerging from behind them was an Elite Ultra with an energy sword Ben fired three rounds and in a flash the elite swung his blade three times and the bullets fell to the ground as though he just swatted a fly. While the Elite was laughing at the ODSTs pitiful attempt to put him down Ben heard ‘I got this!’ Emile said charging at the Elite shotgun in hand. ‘Hold this’ll help’ Hitman said charging his plasma pistol using it for once its intended purpose. Emile held the shotgun out at arm’s length, the Elite supremely over confident let his shields be depleted by the plasma pistol, he raised his energy sword to cut Emlie’s gun in half them him.

Ben seeing that the Elite was ready to cut aimed for his head, Carp lowered his arm ‘Spartan are you insane!’ ben snapped Carp coldly responded ‘I’m not. He is.’ In a flash Emile dropped his shotgun as the Elite swiped then surprise washed over the Elite’s face as he dropped his sword and coughed up blood as he looked down, he saw that a knife impaled him, he was too concerned with the shotgun to realise that it was a ruse for Emile to draw his Kukri and stab him. The Elite looked at the skull faced helmet and said a word that shook the room ‘Demon!’ he said in English it was unmistakable he wasn’t talking in the Elite’s language, they know our language Ben thought.

The Spartans reached the landing pad overlooking the Pillar of Autumn. One of the many depressing talents Ben had developed throughout the war was telling how his fellow ODSTs were feeling behind their helmets this ability seemed to transfer to Spartans as well. Carp seemed somewhat agitated why would he be? The Pillar of Autumn was one of the last UNSC ships on this entire planet. Emile addressed a marine with an unusual amount of hope in his eyes.

‘What’s the situation?’ Emile inquired.

‘We’ve rigged the mass driver up top. We lose that, the Autumn will have no covering fire. She’ll never make it to orbit.’ A marine responded.

‘Noble to Keyes, we’re at the pad.’

‘Copy. Noble. My Pelican’s ready. Clear an ZL, and I’ll meet you there.’

‘Will do sir. All right Spartans this is it. I’ll man the big gun. You just get to the platform and deliver that Package.’

*A map suddenly appeared on Ben’s HUD of the local area it was split into three main areas a building, a central platform and the landing pad itself. In addition, two small cliffs at the sides connected all three sections. ‘Spartans this is the plan. Trooper there are marines this building, rally them and provide cover fire for us. Clone do you see that turret? Get on it and cover the sides, Hitman keep them off Clone and I’ll cover the landing pad and. Understood? Good here come the first Phantoms let’s get to work.’
*Check Description

In the building a squad of three marines were there taking stock of their weapons, one marine was looking through a hole that had been blasted by a plasma weapon of some sort. ‘Spartans they’ve sent Spartans, wait, wait why is the ODST coming over here? Oh come on?!’ one of the Marines in the building. ‘Shut up will you. Spartan or not anyone who made it through ‘that’ must be a tough son of a bitch, alright ladies breaks over. Make peace with god and let’s give these aliens a fight they won’t soon forget, I want a thousand dead Grunts a hundred Brutes You got me Marines!’
‘Sir, Yes sir.’ The marines yelled. The door rumbled Ben opened the door and said. ‘Let’s give them Hell.’

Emile blasted as many dropships as he could, but Covenant still poured onto the landing pad. They send Brute siege breakers unshielded brutes armed with Spikers. Ben and the marines stood their ground and he only assumed the Spartans were holding them back as well because Clone was still showering them with lead. Ben found his Silenced SMG ineffective against the Brute’s tough hides at long range, so he just let his fellow marines cover Carp while he dealt with approaching Brutes.

A drop ship hovered over them it dropped three Brutes, two normal and a chieftain. The big guy was carrying what his fellow ODSTs called the Plasma Launcher, nasty weapon that can fire up to four homing plasma bolts that detonated on impact. One of the henchmen aimed his Spiker at him, Ben grabbed the Brutes arm it was heavy, he struggled but with effort he managed to move it just as the Brute fired the spikes landed on his comrade.

Ben heard a noise that would make any marine greenhorn or vet soil themselves, the Chieftain charged up the plasma launcher at him. With new found adrenaline he managed to move the minion towards the bolts that fired at him they landed on the Brutes back. Well at least I’m not dead but this’ll hurt thought Ben closing his eyes and clenching his teeth bracing for the detonation.

The blast made him stagger after he opened his eyes all he saw was thick dark red blood plastered onto his visor. He focused and through the thick veil he saw that he was holding the Brute’s forearms the only part that survived the blast. Ben stumbled and fell, hanging onto the ledge of the roof. He tried to climb back onto the roof, but something was crushing his hand, it was the Chieftain covered in his underling’s blood his smile was sickening his eyes were psychotic, he pointed the plasma launcher at the ODST. Ben tried to drop off the ledge the Brute just pressed harder onto his hand causing the armour on his wrist to dig into his hand and he let out a yell. The Brute charged the launcher “Make peace with god.” He remembered the Sargent say as he entered the building, making peace with god was easy but he could never make peace with the corps especially if they found out he died to some Brute and leaving a mission incomplete now that would be hard.

But that day was not today as he felt the pressure release from his hand as he heard the Brute scream in pain, Ben looked up to see a knife had been thrown into the Brute’s eye causing him to stagger in pain. The other marines rushed the half blinded Brute and shoved him off the roof with considerable effort. Ben followed and let go landing on top of the Chieftain he wrapped his hands around the handle of the knife and drove it deeper into the Brute’s brain finally the Brute ceased all resistance and laid motionless.

The Marines rallied on Ben ‘We sure got him’ a marine said to him as she smiled, it was probably the first human smile Reach has seen since the Covenant showed up. Ben returned the smile despite his visor was opaque meaning she couldn’t see it. As the ODST blinked he heard a spiker fire upon opening his eyes the smile which enchanted him a moment ago was gone with a spike through her head she fell adjacent to the Brute.

‘Trooper get into cover we have Stalkers!’ Carp ordered. ‘Dammit can’t see them with motion trackers, Hitman any more incendiaries?’

‘I used my last bottle on that Hunter. We’re fu-’

‘Clone keep on them! Fire where they’re firing from!’

Clone obliged and continued raining lead on them then suddenly a Brute threw an incendiary grenade at him the fire drained his shields luckily Spartan armour was designed so he could easily survive that. But before he could hide in cover a spike was lodged into his right shoulder knocking him off the turret platform.

Ben snapped out of the trance and switched to VISR mode on his helmet which highlighted cloaked enemies which included these types of Brutes. ‘Painting the targets!’ he Yelled as he readied his SMG and shot at them. He didn’t need to kill them just make sure the Brute’s blood would make them visible for the Spartans.

They pushed the Brutes back they went into their cloaked Phantom and retreated.

‘Noble to Keyes, the pad is clear.’ Emile reported.

‘On my way.’ Keyes responded.

‘Spartans, time for you to leave. Get the Package to the pad and get your asses off this planet. I’ve got your back.’

Captain Keyes’ pelican landed, and the Captain followed by some marines stepped off the dropship.

‘Ready to take possession of the Package Yellow-Team.’ Keyes said his neck stretched up to meet the visor of Carp holding the package. The spartan gave the package to Keyes as they turned to step onto the Pelican, a large shadow grew over them. A Covenant cruiser is moving towards the Autumn.

‘Cruiser adjusting heading for the Autumn Noble Four, I need fire on that cruiser or we’re not getting out of here! Do you Copy?’ Keyes barked as he steps into the Pelican.

‘You’ll have your window, sir.’ Emile said calmly.  

‘Bridge, this is the Captain. We have the package. Returning to the Autumn, over.’ The Captain said as Hitman helped the injured Clone into the pelican and got on himself with Ben behind them ready to take the fight to the Covenant.

That readiness soon turned to dread as a Phantom taking pot shots at them as it flew to its destination the Mass driver cannon. The Stalkers were only a distraction until the real assault force could infiltrate the perimeter. The Phantom dropped of a squad of Spec ops Grunts an Engineer and a Squad of Zealots. The swarmed the cannon, Emile took out two but was impaled through the chest by one yelling one last hoorah as he took the Zealot out with him ‘I’m ready! How ‘bout you!’  

‘Trooper get on board! We got to get the hell out of here!’ one of the marines yelled at Ben who was staring at the Mass driver.

‘Negative, I have the gun, good luck sir.’ He turned to Carp ‘Spartan.’ He said with a nod. As Ben turned around on what would most likely result in his horrible death or worse Carp stood up. ‘Wait! You won’t last two seconds I’m coming. Hitman? Clone?’

‘Why’re you asking me you know they’ll hang me if they see me without you… You Bastard.’ Hitman protested in vain.

Clone grunted as he stood up and jumped out of the Pelican.

‘Good luck, Spartans’ Keyes said as the Pelican takes off leaving them behind.

‘I’m guessing you had a plan to take care of some of them?’ Carp said throwing his empty rifle away and scavenging off the dead Brutes he found two spikers one of which he gave to Hitman as well as several incendiary and plasma grenades.

‘No but if I were to improvise, I would use that Plasma launcher to blow up the Engineer, I heard they amplify the shields of their squamates.’ Ben suggested.

‘Good start but that won’t eliminate the Zealots .’ Carp interrupted.

‘and that Engineer is outfitted with an explosive device that sends Plasma grenades in a 360-degree axis leaving only one or two injured Elites to deal with.’ Ben continued

‘Creative, too Creating for a normal ODST, a normal trooper can not move a Brute like you did, alright before we die, I want the mystery of the “super-secret science experiment” put to rest. What are you?’  Carp inquired.

‘The truth is I’m technically a Spartan, a Spartan-I you could say, I was in the Orion project, I wanted to fight back against the insurrection but ONI had other plans, they put me in cryo until they needed me. I’m not like you guys but believe I am just as loyal and will do anything for Earth, even if it meant I go alone against a squad of those crazy split-jaw aliens.’ Ben finally admitted his augmentations. ‘Happy?’

‘Now!’ Carp ordered. Ben fired one bolt that would be enough to detonate it. The engineer’s pack exploded, the grenades flew out in all directions landing on Grunts and Elites indiscriminately, some grenades caused a fire with smoke blinding and choking those who remained below the platform of the Mass driver. Only two Zealots were left, one climbed up the stairs coughing and spluttering approaching his commanding officer a Field Marshal. The Field Marshal furious smacked the Zealot and pointed at Ben and the Spartans.

‘Hitman on me, Clone stay here with the Trooper, be his spotter we don’t want any surprises.’ Carp ordered.

Carp and Hitman raced up the smothered lower level picking up Energy swords from the fallen Zealots and reached the Mass Driver protected by their helmets. The Field Marshal pushed his subordinate aside and activated his energy sword which was a silver colour when compared to the blue colour of regular energy swords, the Other Zealot did the same.

The regular Zealot chose Hitman as his opponent and left the courtesy of fighting the Yellow-Team leader to the Field Marshal. Carp fired on him with the spiker, but the spikes simply bounced off his shields. He proceeded to throw the spiker at him which the Field Marshal cut in half effortlessly. The Field Marshal ran to Carp to build momentum, then he lept and struck with a spin. Carp managed to catch the strike with his blade.

ONI and the UNSC knew precious little about the Elites swordplay most marines ran at the sight of their blades in close combat it was almost unheard of for anyone to try and fight back. Whatever fighting style the Elite was using Carp was countering it perfectly with an ancient French fencing style, was there anything they did not teach the Spartans. Ben thought hell the last time he even saw a sword was his graduation from boot camp but even then, it was just decorative. The Elite’s wide swings though swift left plenty of openings for the Spartan to strike chipping away at the Field Marshal’s shields.
The Field Marshal himself was both impressed and furious, impressed that another species aside from his own had developed swordplay and furious because his charge was to destroy demons like this green and yellow knight in front of him.

Ben only now noticed SQUAD_CHAT Clone told him to look up. Ben saw another Zealot who somehow survived the Engineer’s blast on a railing on top of the Mass Driver ready to jump down and strike down the Spartan obliviously fencing the Field Marshal. Ben fired as the Zealot dropped, he did not see it coming. Carp and the Field Marshal only looked up after bolt detonated as purple rain that was the Zealot’s Blood fell on them. The Field Marshal caught his fallen comrade’s blade and activated it and continued his assault with new zeal. Carp was struggling to keep up with both blades simultaneously.

Meanwhile Hitman’s duel was not as glorious as he was pinned to the ground with his sword knocked out of his hand trying desperately to keep the Zealot’s glowing blade from piercing his neck. In his other hand he held his trusty plasma pistol he eventually managed to fire an over charged shot to the Elite’s sword which destroyed its battery. He let go of the Zealot’s sword arm while moving himself so he would punch the ground destroying the sword casing. Hitman punched the Elite freeing himself and drew a knife. The Elite whose shields saved him from a disfiguring punch got up and looked at the sword he knocked out of Hitman’s hand. The Zealot contorted his face into a sickening smile, he activated his active camouflage.

Ben saw that and switched to VISR like he had done with the Brutes. But unlike the Brutes this Zealot had shielding so it was not as simple as painting the target, he locked onto the Zealot who was beating Hitman mercilessly. The Zealot suddenly grabbed Hitman and moved him as a warning to Ben not to fire on him. Zealot grabbed the sword but before he could kill Hitman, Clone tore him away and stabbed him in the neck with his knife.

Ben looked next to him and noticed Clone left him behind. Carp was pinned down much like Hitman was a few seconds ago. Before the Field Marshal could deliver the finishing blow an armoured boot struck his face and knocked him off the Spartan and with a quick thrust the Field Marshal was down.

Ben reached Yellow-Team, Carp was in the Mass Driver firing on dropships. Hitman was sitting on a crate cleaning one of his knives, Ben noticed it looked exactly like the one he pulled out of the Chieftain’s eye he gave it back to him. Clone was patching up his punctured suit with EB Green tape. He moved his right arm it was a little stiff, but he managed.

‘Fire now! It her in the gut!’ captain Keyes yelled at Carp over the COMS and without a second delay the
Yellow-Team leader fired on the Cruiser striking it in the glassing beam generator destroying it.

‘Good guns, Spartan. All stations, brace for cast off.’ Keyes said as the Pillar of Autumn took off with Humanities best, last hope on it.

‘This is the Pillar of Autumn. We’re away and the package is with us.’
Carp climbed out of the mass driver and stared at the desolate valley below.

‘Well sir What’s the plan now?’ Hitman said desperately hoping Carp will say something to give him even a little flicker of hope.

But the only response he got was ‘Hell if I know.’
Rayman 2 might be the best game ever made...
It's a shame that the only good thing about Halo 4 was its story because its gameplay felt like Reach on Dialysis and art style was garbage for the most part.   


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