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About Digital Art / Hobbyist Just Call Me BrambleMale/Unknown Groups :iconwarriorcatsbeginners: WarriorCatsBeginners
"May Starclan Light Your Path."
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Torn by TheRealBramblefire Torn :icontherealbramblefire:TheRealBramblefire 20 0 Fire Alone by TheRealBramblefire Fire Alone :icontherealbramblefire:TheRealBramblefire 19 2 Larksong Design by TheRealBramblefire Larksong Design :icontherealbramblefire:TheRealBramblefire 18 6 Crowfeather by TheRealBramblefire Crowfeather :icontherealbramblefire:TheRealBramblefire 29 2 Chibi Crowfeather by TheRealBramblefire Chibi Crowfeather :icontherealbramblefire:TheRealBramblefire 25 5 Cloudtail by TheRealBramblefire Cloudtail :icontherealbramblefire:TheRealBramblefire 21 0 The Fern and the Ivy by TheRealBramblefire The Fern and the Ivy :icontherealbramblefire:TheRealBramblefire 21 1 Scepteros New Ref by TheRealBramblefire Scepteros New Ref :icontherealbramblefire:TheRealBramblefire 7 0 Paradise Event Part Three by TheRealBramblefire Paradise Event Part Three :icontherealbramblefire:TheRealBramblefire 4 0 New Astral Ref by TheRealBramblefire New Astral Ref :icontherealbramblefire:TheRealBramblefire 6 0 Breezepelt by TheRealBramblefire Breezepelt :icontherealbramblefire:TheRealBramblefire 29 5 Heartbond Collab by TheRealBramblefire Heartbond Collab :icontherealbramblefire:TheRealBramblefire 7 1 Scepteros Ref by TheRealBramblefire Scepteros Ref :icontherealbramblefire:TheRealBramblefire 8 0 Paradise Event Part 1 by TheRealBramblefire Paradise Event Part 1 :icontherealbramblefire:TheRealBramblefire 2 3 Mapleshade by TheRealBramblefire Mapleshade :icontherealbramblefire:TheRealBramblefire 24 4 Sleekwhisker by TheRealBramblefire Sleekwhisker :icontherealbramblefire:TheRealBramblefire 15 0


30 Loons Decorated In Bones by ShadowDemon40 30 Loons Decorated In Bones :iconshadowdemon40:ShadowDemon40 11 19 Heartbond by whiteclaw001 Heartbond :iconwhiteclaw001:whiteclaw001 8 2 Crowfeather by BRlCK Crowfeather :iconbrlck:BRlCK 179 5
Summer Event 2018 - Part 1 and 2 - closed
Summer Event 2018 - Loonatic Park!
Part 1 and 2
Part 1 Deadline: June 30th in Honolulu
Part 2 Deadline: July 31st in Honolulu
You can only enter if your team got approved by a mod.
You can only do part 2 if you finished part 1 and got it approved.
Leaders only comment on the approval comments!

Number 1 rule:
Please read the entire journal before you start working on your entries :D (Big Grin) Thank you!
Enjoy your summer Heart
Part 1 - CLOSED

Evoloon - Summer Event part 1 Content

Part 2 

You can only enter Part 2 if your team passed Part 1 and got it approved!
Each art needs to show one or more Evoloons of your team according to the Visibility Rule! Ea
:iconevoloons:Evoloons 27 221
A by whiteclaw001 A :iconwhiteclaw001:whiteclaw001 3 3 PIXEL: Ryker the Salty (EVOLOONS) by CoffeeAddictedDragon PIXEL: Ryker the Salty (EVOLOONS) :iconcoffeeaddicteddragon:CoffeeAddictedDragon 25 4 Prizes by ThePorcupineWriter Prizes :icontheporcupinewriter:ThePorcupineWriter 10 10 Jaden by InspectorLia Jaden :iconinspectorlia:InspectorLia 6 1 Prompt #27 - Dreams (Part 2) by Tarkfir Prompt #27 - Dreams (Part 2) :icontarkfir:Tarkfir 48 36
Melanoid Event - 2018 - CLOSED
Melanoid Event - 2018
Part 1
The days are becoming warmer this time of the year. 
Bot is glad spring slowly sneaks in. On his morning walk he noticed a couple of pretty black flowers!
He's seen those before.
Aren´t they a sign for something to happen?
Then he remembers!
It is said that this flower only blooms once a year and effects all hatching Evoloon eggs while it is blooming!
He runs off to show his friends!
Melanoids are back again for Evoloons´ three year anniversary!!

For those new to this event!
March 24th is the Anniversary of our group, and to Celebrate each year for a limited amount of time you can make Melanoid Evoloons!!
Melanoid Evoloons are a time based mutation that is not breedable and can not be attained any other time of the year!
Making a Melanoid Evoloon is super easy! All you have to do is take ANY Evoloon d
:iconevoloons:Evoloons 48 213
Contest - Injured Cats (CLOSED)
Since our last contest was June 21st, (Woah, time flies huh) We’ve finally decided to host one again!
Currently Being Judged!
Deadline Extented till April 21!
Theme: Permanently injured cats/And their struggles (Examples:
Contest Rules:
You must follow the regular submission rules.
The deviation must be entirely original (no lineart, recolors, etc.)
The deviation MUST NOT include nudity, any non-feline topics, or anything along those lines.
The deviation can include moderate gore, but only if it appears in the book scene
It MUST be a scene that actually took place in one of the books. NO OCs.
You can send in unlimited entries
Deadline: April 18th (Roughly one month, if you need the deadline to be extended, note me)
:iconforever-warriorcats:Forever-WarriorCats 4 63
8962faa8-7fa2-4bf6-b559-4bb31cdf65c5 by candyiguana 8962faa8-7fa2-4bf6-b559-4bb31cdf65c5 :iconcandyiguana:candyiguana 9 7 Strackt and Sabri Contest Piece by Curse122 Strackt and Sabri Contest Piece :iconcurse122:Curse122 4 3
Evoloon Event: Glow Festival - CLOSED

A legend says that a long long time ago, the night sky of Loonia was fully black, without stars or moon. One night, Caligo, son of Nox the sorceress of darkness, fought against a terrible monster to protect Loonia. He won the fight but was gravely wounded. The Evoloons of a nearby village, with their tiny candles and lanterns, went into the forest to find Caligo. The brave little loons took care of the humble warrior and nursed him back to health. When Nox heard of this good deed, she decided to reward those who helped her son. She asked her brother Lux, the wizard of light, to create the stars to guide them, and a travelling moon to chase the monsters.
Once a year in winter, when the fuzzbuzz arrive, the Evoloons host a light festival to honour the ancestors and the blessing of light. The towns are lit with candles and lanterns, and Evoloons gather for food, music, dance and games. Depending on the region of Loonia, the festival might end with a huge bonf
:iconevoloons:Evoloons 36 545
River in the bubble. by BriAnimations River in the bubble. :iconbrianimations:BriAnimations 8 9 The water is colder than I thought. by BriAnimations The water is colder than I thought. :iconbrianimations:BriAnimations 9 2


I think you did I nice job over all on the head but I believe you should put a bit more detail into the mouth and parts of the body. IT...


TheRealBramblefire's Profile Picture
Just Call Me Bramble
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
*deviantID picture drawn by Specklemouth :)

I like drawing and writing.
I live up in the northern Midwest
where the air hurts my face.
I am usually a fun person that
can be depressed at times.
Deal with it. :)

KoreaLanguage Level stamp3 by Faeth-design China lang2 by Faeth-design
Expert in the musical language of the treble clef by BrunettePanda Danish Language Level: Beginner by MicoNutziri
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Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART


The Saga

Leader and Team Member 1 TheRealBramblefire with:
Searian:  Searian Updated Ref by TheRealBramblefire

Kiro:  Kiro Plan by TheRealBramblefire

 Astral:  Astral Ref by TheRealBramblefire

Team Member 2:
MonsterRife Mekiopo:  Mekiopo by MonsterRife

Team Member 3: HatsukoLin
Pio Ref Sheet [05/05/18] by HatsukoLin

Toby Ref Sheet [05/05/18] by HatsukoLin

Art for Part 1:

Event Part 1 Drawing One by TheRealBramblefire
Event Part 1 Drawing Two by TheRealBramblefire
Summer Event Part 3 by TheRealBramblefire
The Adventure Begins:
Event Part 1 Drawing Four by TheRealBramblefire
The Park Will Open in One Hour:
Event Part 1 Drawing Five by TheRealBramblefire

Art for Part 2:

 Part 2 

You can only enter Part 2 if your team passed Part 1 and got it approved!

Each art needs to show one or more Evoloons of your team according to the Visibility Rule! Each art needs to have a have a background with depth and needs to be fully colored.

The park finally opens and all evoloons enter it´s gates for a day of fun!

1. Action  Evoloon Summer Event Part 2  ACTION  by HatsukoLin

2. Can you win that plushie?
  Summer Event Prt 2, Number 2 by TheRealBramblefire

3. Splash!
Summer Event 2.3 (Splash) by MonsterRife

4. Once upon a Time...
Summer Event Prt 2, Number 4 by TheRealBramblefire

5. Time for a Lunchbreak!
Summer Event Part 2 Picture 5 by TheRealBramblefire

6. Junk Food!
  Summer Event Part 2 Picture 6 by TheRealBramblefire

7. Romance!
Summer Event Prt 2, Number 7 by TheRealBramblefire

8. Spooky! 
Summer Event Part 2 Picture 8 by TheRealBramblefire

9. Ferris Wheel!
Summer Event Prt 2, Number 9 by TheRealBramblefire

10. Souvenir Shopping!
Summer Event Part 2 Picture 10 by TheRealBramblefire

Leader's Note (Please make sure you try to get your part done this time or notify me with plenty of time so I can try and get it done for you.)


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Neiot Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2018
Greetings, stranger! :wave: 

I am here on behalf of myself to wish you a great day. I hope you're doing well. Keep up the awesome work, I love your gallery!
TheRealBramblefire Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I hope you are doing well and thank you. It is very much appreciated. 
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Of course you can :)

(Yeah I saw the username change. I love your new one :) )
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Okay haha, what are your prices

And thank you, its almost the same as my instagram art account haha (the one in my signature is old)
TheRealBramblefire Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Depends on what you want me to draw, my full body full background are 100 points right now, full body simple backgrounds are about 70 with a normal character with a single colored background and shading is 50. No shading takes ten points off. A normal drawing without a background is 25. Adding a character is 5-15 points depending on difficulty. 
jebyhead Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2018
hey bramble, would you like to play a little game of WOULD YOU RATHERRRRR!!!!?
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ok first round. uh um! Would you rather the general public think you are a horrible person but your family be very proud of you or your family think you are a horrible person but the general public be very proud of you?
TheRealBramblefire Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ha, the first one is already my life.
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