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Nena Ref Sheet by TheRealBlackLion Nena Ref Sheet :icontherealblacklion:TheRealBlackLion 14 12
The lonely cougar
   Even from a distance it was easy to tell the mountain lioness was shy, painfully so in fact. Over the weeks Moyo had never once seen her play or engage in conversation with someone, a fact that both pleased and saddened him; for one thing, it meant that the female wasn’t involved with anyone, but it also meant she had to be lonely. Or at the very least bored. Her expressions were a bit difficult to read.
   The first time he had seen her, he stumbled across the cougar quite by accident. His early morning walk had taken him down a new path as was the usual each day, but it had yet to show him anything more interesting than the uppermost branches of a leafy tree in the distance. Deciding to use it as a landmark, the two-tailed tiger let his feet carry him forward until only a curve in the path blocked the full view of the tree. A sense of anticipation had fallen over him as he walked, so he rounded the bend eagerly- only to come to a half followed by a few ra
:icontherealblacklion:TheRealBlackLion 7 8
Sanaa Ref Sheet by TheRealBlackLion Sanaa Ref Sheet :icontherealblacklion:TheRealBlackLion 31 21 Moyo Ref Sheet by TheRealBlackLion Moyo Ref Sheet :icontherealblacklion:TheRealBlackLion 29 65
    It was one of those nights that could be described as nothing short of radiant; that is the light of the full moon glancing off of the snow had set everything a blaze with soft sparkling light, making the forest glow in all but the deepest shadows. The moon’s light cast gentle rays between the branches of the trees, still green despite the chill of winter. Nestled carefully on one such branch was a young snow leopard who had taken refuge there from the cold; though she was already slight in stature, she appeared even smaller than usual, curled up in her sleep in an effort to stay warm. She seemed content to sleep, but found herself wakening quickly, tensing at the sound of crunching snow under paws below her perch. Instinct and habit had her lurching to her paws to defend herself- momentarily causing her to forget exactly where she was. With her grip loosened and her paws unsteady, the snow leopardess slipped from the tree, her eyes going wide and a gasp escaping he
:icontherealblacklion:TheRealBlackLion 6 2
Tiger/snow leopardess Necklace Ref Sheet by TheRealBlackLion Tiger/snow leopardess Necklace Ref Sheet :icontherealblacklion:TheRealBlackLion 16 17 Habu and Lily Ref Sheet by TheRealBlackLion Habu and Lily Ref Sheet :icontherealblacklion:TheRealBlackLion 50 91 Luna Ref Sheet by TheRealBlackLion Luna Ref Sheet :icontherealblacklion:TheRealBlackLion 33 66 Jua Ref Sheet by TheRealBlackLion Jua Ref Sheet :icontherealblacklion:TheRealBlackLion 8 31 Giza Ref Sheet by TheRealBlackLion Giza Ref Sheet :icontherealblacklion:TheRealBlackLion 12 5 Amani Ref Sheet by TheRealBlackLion Amani Ref Sheet :icontherealblacklion:TheRealBlackLion 15 8
Chapter 1: The beginning of a new pride
It was a nice day, beside the fact that it was windy and a bit chilly. River was kicked out of her pride. There were too many lionesses, so she had to leave. She doesn’t know where to go. Wandering through different kingdoms to find a place to live, searching for a new mate.
River walked for hours now, still not found a kingdom to live. Her paws hurt. She was exhausted, so she decided to rest on a rock in the side of a forest.
Hafiz was walking through his new kingdom. Hoping to find some food. The sun was hot, shining in his beautiful white fur. He walked into the forest, to explore it. The forest was not that big, so it’s easy to get out of it. There is a path that goes straight through the forest. Hafiz walked over the path and looked around. Trying to find a place to lay down.
Almost at the end Hafiz could smell a lioness. *I’m not alone*  he thought. Hiding in the bushes he could see a lioness laying on a rock. He studied her from behind the bushes. *What do
:icontherealblacklion:TheRealBlackLion 1 4
Nura Ref Sheet by TheRealBlackLion Nura Ref Sheet :icontherealblacklion:TheRealBlackLion 25 14 Aibu Ref Sheet by TheRealBlackLion Aibu Ref Sheet :icontherealblacklion:TheRealBlackLion 21 25 Almasi Ref Sheet by TheRealBlackLion Almasi Ref Sheet :icontherealblacklion:TheRealBlackLion 12 11 Jioni Ref Sheet by TheRealBlackLion Jioni Ref Sheet :icontherealblacklion:TheRealBlackLion 15 35
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I will only draw TLK styled lions. I won't draw backgrounds or do shading for now (because I'm really bad at these)
If you have a question, feel free to note me.

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Anna-Krylova Moyo and Sanaa
Gondoix Frost and Misty
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myceliocorvidae Frost and Misty
Lyra-lions Habu and Lyra (her character)
Mazii13 Aibu and Nura
NiaWolf15 Hafiz, Aru and Ura
NiaWolf15 Sanaa and Moyo
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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
☺ Goedendag!
I’m a beginner artist from Holland.
I started drawing a few months ago, but I've never had art lessons before. Most of my work is inspired by the magic that is Disney’s 1994 film, The Lion King. When I’m not drawing, I like gaming and watching movies. My Biggest dream is to go to Africa and see lions in the wild.

My first language is Dutch, and I’ve been learning English for about four years, so I can speak it pretty well. I learnt German for two years at school, but I’m not studying it anymore.

Slimline Widescreen User Stamp (Small) by MarcellenNeppel Adobe Photoshop User Stamp (small) by MarcellenNeppel Paint Tool SAI User Stamp (small) by MarcellenNeppel Microsoft Windows User Stamp (small) by MarcellenNeppel

My birthday badge

Other sites:

If you want my skype, please note me ^^

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Long time no journal! Not online here a lot lately.

Okay, last time I did this for charity I raised around 200 dollar. It was some kind of a school project and we did so well back then. 

But this time I want to do it for a foundation that saves big cats, and later put them back in the semi-wild. It's a Dutch foundation and gets only money from sponsors and donations, not from the government or anything like that. 

That's the reason I ask if people would be interested to watch a 24 gaming livestream (which I will do with a friend), where you can donate for that foundation. All money donated will go to that, and nothing to ourselves. The streaming will probably be on twitch, so I can switch between pc cam and ps4.

This is the foundation:

I would put my paypal account for donations and do stuff people suggest. Like, donate to suggest a game to play (which I have of course), Every donation would be welcome to help the charity. Could also be fun to do something like this: If a certain amount of money is raised, I donate a certain amount myself. Such stuff.

So please tell me if you would be interested in this, and if you would donate even a small amount. Also you can suggest stuff which could be fun to see us doing and maybe which you prefer to watch the livestream on.
Hello everybody :D

It has been such a long time! I know! But I'm really busy with school at the moment, I don't even have spare time anymore ^^

But that's not why I write this. I write this because I search a human artist ^^  If you are/know one, please give me your commission prices! (points or money)
The best would be if it could be finished before valentines day ^^




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