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PowerPuff Girls Headcanon Trivias
• my kink is when everybody shuts the fuck up
• *crushes my emotions with my bare hands* as I was saying,
• covers up real feelings with aggressive sarcasm
• u damn teens with your meh mehs and dabs
• wine mom
• w/ a monotone voice 'wow that is so wild'
• *being murdered* finally
• has been screaming nonstop in her head since fifth grade
• nag nag nag
• *flicks holy water on people* leave
• I love being dramatic and half-naked
• 'tell ur dogs I said hi okay?'
• would betray all of u in the Hunger Games
• cute first date idea : fighting with knifes on Applebee's parking lot
• well well well if it isn't the feelings I've been trying to avoid...
• why must the cute ones (me) suffer?
• 'I wonder how it feels to know what the fuck is going on'
• if u're reading this I'm beautiful
• my seduction style is genuinely caring about your life & want
:icongrimesgen:GrimesGen 4 2
RowdyRuff Boys Headcanon Trivias
• too cool for school
• my way or the fucking highway
• 'maybe I'd stop talking about me if u had interesting things to say in the first place'
• 'okay but w h a t  a b o u t  m e ?'
• 'I know you girls are gonna keep sending me pics of your yabbos and I support your decision because you can’t help yourselves'
• 'I don't want to sound racist but I think Boomer is gay, lol'
• always hear "punch me in the face" when Blossom is speaking, but it's sub-text.
• 'hello Bubbles, it is I, Brick, your best friend who'd really like to fuck you senseless'
• 'did it hurt when you fell for me ?'
• T R I G G E R E D
• would fuck Buttercup too tbt
• lowkey wants to kiss kiss fall in love
• anyone get that “my childhood was stolen and it’s not fair” kind of angry ?
• remember the one time I said 'sorry' ? yeah me neither
• is the favorite child, takes ad
:icongrimesgen:GrimesGen 5 5
07 - Adventure by Jawsum 07 - Adventure :iconjawsum:Jawsum 5 0 stream! by gawki stream! :icongawki:gawki 170 2


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