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Some Oddworld fan art I did a few months ago. Drawn with a Cintiq 22HD Wacom and Photoshop CS5

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oh my gosh, I played this game when I was little and it scared the living hell out of me with the music and the tension, thus the story line itself.
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haha yes. I used to love it but I think I was more in love with the inhabitants and the story rather than the game play. It was hard especially for a child.
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true...the characters were really well developed in my opinion, like the main character Abe, his mouth is sewn shut so he would be quiet but they failed at that, since he could utter sounds to get the other slaves attention in order to lead them out of their fate. The plot was very dark, like turning slaves into meat products, that would've resorted the residents into become cannibalistic if they were to succeed. From what I read up, the American release of the game and the opening cinematic had an actual head on a stick as they were presenting an idea on how to boost up their food sales in the game, so when it came to the Japanese release, they had to change the design like a kiddie Popsicle. As for the gameplay, it is hard for the character only having one life, step on a mine and it kills you instantly, or fall off a short cliff with man eating animals below and you're done for. The game centers around strategy and mind in my thoughts. Sorry if I sorta bored you of my review of the game.
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lol its okay. Yeah I recall the japanese version being slightly more...child friendly. Some of the hidden mudokens were practically impossible to get. I dont know how I ever played games before youtube walkthroughs came along lol. As for the mouth sewn shut thing, in the second game some mudokens had their eyes sewn shut which I found pretty sinister as a child.
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They put a lot of evil in those games (what was going through their heads?)
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Wow!! O.o awesome!!!
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