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Pinkie's Laughter Army Propaganda



Well, this idea begun a long time ago when the "Too Many Pinkies" episode appeared. And you may ask, "What has the "Too Many Pinkies" episode do with this?". Well, now let me explain you why my little fella:

When the episode finished I went to one of my friends house to play some videogames, when I suddenly asked him "What do you think about the new episode (He's a brony too :3)". He told me that it was OK and nothing else because he was very concentrated. I can't remember what he was playing, but I remember that it was a war game. Suddenly I said: "What if some Pinkie's doubles ran away before Twilight and the others could get them? And what would happen if all those doubles start some kind of army based in smiles (Just like Timmy's father in The Fairy OddParents)". Then, he answered me that in case that happen, Ponyville would be pretty screwed.
But then I asked him, "And if some doubles get depressed and turn into Pinkamena and create a new army, this time of sadistic and angry Pinkamena's?".
We kept a long silence, thinking about a name for that army, and suddenly I shouted: "Pinkie's Laughter Army and Pinkamena's Anger Army" (Wow, how original, doesn't it?).
Now, after a long time, I decided to draw the propagandas of those armies. So here's the Pinkie's laughter army. Hope you like it :D

Pinkamena's Anger Army Propanga:
Both propagandas on a big Wallpaper: (WIP)(I'll add the link when I finish it)

UPDATE: Featued on EqD Drawfriend Stuff #1507 in the 14th place!!…
Thank you so much guys :D
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