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Minnesota Pone

Based on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic S5 E10 "Princess Spike"

I'm going to be honest, I was expecting that from an episode featuring Spike, just the same stuff as always: He gets some sort of "Political Power" because he is friend of Twilight and then something happens, he realice about his mistake and finally he apologize with everypony. Just the typical. Anyway, I wasn't in the mood for drawing some Spike stuff, so I decided to made this one about that "Minnesotan look-alike" pony. Hope you like it :3

UPDATE: Alright, I've had enough changes on the name of this one, hope I got it right this time :/
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She sounds like diet Canada.
Heirophant's avatar
Her cutie mark shoulda been a wood chipper, dontchaknow.
TheRandomJoyrider's avatar
Nope, I didn't know that :v
Sparkliee's avatar
I love her accent...and her cutie mark..and her hat...and everything else about her...and OKAY THIS IS ENOUGH.  Her cutie mark makes me wanting to drink coffee ;v
TheRandomJoyrider's avatar
Me too!!! Ponies and coffee, what else can you wish for? :3
MegaAwesomeZX's avatar
Hah! I like that pony's cutie mark! Well, I love everything about this pony! Shes too adorable! :D
TheRandomJoyrider's avatar
In deed, she's an amazing pony!!!!
MegaAwesomeZX's avatar
:iconchuuplz: That and she's very beautiful! :D
:icongoodjob-plz: Please do moar Senpai! :meow:
kManalli's avatar
Lamento venir de aguafiestas con el nombre también, aparentemente, es/sera "Marge Gunderson" es un referencia a la pelicula Fargo. Puedes estar al pendiente de la votación que definirá el nombre aquí.
ElderToast's avatar
She's not Canadian... She's Minnesotan. At least that's how she is portrayed in the episode. She even mentions that she is from Whinneapolis (Minneapolis, MN) in the episode, and by the looks of it her design was based off of a character from the show "Fargo", which takes place in Fargo ND but was filmed mainly in Minneapolis, MN. Just saying. A little backstory. I love it anyways. ^_^
TheRandomJoyrider's avatar
Thank you so much for letting me know about my big mistake!!!! I'll solve it right away :3 oh and btw I didn't know she was a reference and thank you!! I'm so glad you love it (even if I got the wrong name/nationality) :3
ElderToast's avatar
Lol, it's all good. In Minnesota we tend to get mistaken for Canadians quite a bit when we're out and about. :P /)
jeremeymcdude's avatar
Officer Marge Gunderson. thank you IMDB. 
SAMLED's avatar
un episodio algo bien al estilo de mlp xD
TheRandomJoyrider's avatar
Siiiiii......eeehhhhhh....... de hecho para ser honestos no me gusto mucho en realidad :/
YesImDeadpool's avatar
I thought she was from Minnesota. XD
TheRandomJoyrider's avatar
Yeah, sorry but don't worry I'm going to change the name to solve this problem (again :/ )
YesImDeadpool's avatar
NToonz's avatar
Canadian is fine, but I'm convinced she's the Chief of Police from the movie "Fargo".
She could pass for a Yooper, too.
QuantumPinkie's avatar
Myself and three people I spoke to thought of the Chief of Police from Fargo as well! :D
Neko-kun67's avatar
She said she's from Whineyappolis. And I think she a reference to a character from the movie Fargo, which actually takes place in Minnesota
TheRandomJoyrider's avatar
Well, thank you for sharing this information :3
Anybronym0ti0n's avatar
She reminded me of Russia because of the hat, but seeing her with a toque would make her lot much more Canadian.
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