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Request number one by hannahj76 Request number one :iconhannahj76:hannahj76 7 0 Medieval Sonia Nevermind (sprite edit) by BakuBakuNyaNyaa Medieval Sonia Nevermind (sprite edit) :iconbakubakunyanyaa:BakuBakuNyaNyaa 10 2 Celestia as the Ultimate Princess (sprite edit) by BakuBakuNyaNyaa Celestia as the Ultimate Princess (sprite edit) :iconbakubakunyanyaa:BakuBakuNyaNyaa 5 0 Celestia Ludenberg - Danganronpa by MimiEmotion Celestia Ludenberg - Danganronpa :iconmimiemotion:MimiEmotion 24 2 Celestia Icon by Mellow-7he-d00dler Celestia Icon :iconmellow-7he-d00dler:Mellow-7he-d00dler 6 0 Celestia Ludenberg - Danganronpa by MimiEmotion Celestia Ludenberg - Danganronpa :iconmimiemotion:MimiEmotion 28 7
Does it fit perfectly?: Maki/ Tenko feminization
“So, this is her lab, it is interesting to say the least”- Say Tenko while she walked through Miu’s laboratory.
“What are you doing here?”- A girl with a serious tone asked from behind her.
Tenko got defensive and tried to attack a possible opponent or murderer, just to get blocked by surprise to realize that was Maki the girl behind her, she didn’t have a weapon or wanted to caught her by surprise, Maki was just standing there.
“Ma…Maki! Why did you follow me?”- Tenko said trying to not sound surprised.
“Miu pasted a paper on my room’s door, she wanted to see me here”- Answered Maki, she didn’t sounded very enthusiastic to meet up with Miu from the start, finding Tenko there didn’t help either.
“How unexpected, I also found the note!” Said Tenko showing her note to Maki.
“Just… no, where is Miu?”- Said Maki wanting to leave as fast as possible.
Tenko shrugged, she didn
:icongoth-roses:Goth-Roses 14 5
Queen Monica by Lazybuns Queen Monica :iconlazybuns:Lazybuns 102 10 Ultimate Gambler, Celestia Ludenberg by SadisticSketching Ultimate Gambler, Celestia Ludenberg :iconsadisticsketching:SadisticSketching 5 1
The Weight of the Elegance.

Jason: Argh.. I'm booored....
Amelie: Yeah.. me too... let's turn on the tv. I think there was going to be a good episode of MHA now....

Ochako: Good morning everyone. My name is Uraraka Ochako, and I'm student in the U.A academy, where I'm improving my skills in order to become a great Heroine and earn mone.. to save people and protect the defenseless!!

Ochako: Kyaa!! What is this!? Is the U.A being attacked another time ??!

Ochako: That was weird even for the U.A.... but seems I've been transported to another place? At least I'm wearing my heroine outfit, which is pretty convenient...

Juvia: Oh? Juvia doesn't know who you are.... How did you managed to come insade Juvia's guild?
Ochako: NO! I.. I'm Ochako Uraraka ... and .. well, I ... i didn't want to
:icononoge:Onoge 21 8
Celestia Ludenberg ddlc sticker by FuntimeMangleChan Celestia Ludenberg ddlc sticker :iconfuntimemanglechan:FuntimeMangleChan 3 0 Celestia Ludenberg by CuteCandyCane Celestia Ludenberg :iconcutecandycane:CuteCandyCane 7 1 Sketches - June by elisee-ysum Sketches - June :iconelisee-ysum:elisee-ysum 39 10 RWBY x Danganronpa by Yurikastel RWBY x Danganronpa :iconyurikastel:Yurikastel 40 2
Moving up in Society

Gigi: Alrighty. Just a few more adjustments and it should be complete.

Gigi: Alright, time to try it on~

Gigi: Woah!! It worked!! The transformative fibers made me taller and more developed~

Gigi: Huh? I feel funny.

Gigi: W…woah…

Gigi: Oh my~

Gigi: How simply marvelous~ Being rich is the best thing ever~ Ever since I invented this wonderful line of clothing things have been simply splendid~ Time to go count my large sum of money~
:iconebagigi:Ebagigi 31 9
Kyoko ana Sayaka tea party palette 83 by Almison Kyoko ana Sayaka tea party palette 83 :iconalmison:Almison 4 1



So any of my watchers skilled with 3d model and MMD model creation in general?
So any watchers fans of vintage fashion and 50's fashion?
So any fans of Mad Mod from Teen Titans? Thanks for reading the post and have a nice day.
So who's up for a chat about RWBY? I would like to share some ideas.
Anyone up for an RP in notes? i would like the RP to have no one word replies and no short sentences.
So out of my watchers who knows about team buddy?
Not sure if i should ask this, but does anyone genuinely like me on this site? I dunno im up for some honest answers.
So who's descriptive in their writing? If so i would like to do an RP, though  i would like the RP to be descriptive in writing if that's fine.
Any watchers of mine up for a chat? Sorry if i keeping making this status post.


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