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The Dark Descent

I choose to forget.
Find strength and comfort in that fact.

I wish I could ask you how much you remember...

I know it is too much to ask:
Descend into the darkness..
Redeem us both.

Your former self

Letters of the notes.

Inspired by the game "Amnesia- the Dark Descent", developed by Frictional Games. It is a horror game, based on evasion rather than battle.
The main concept is that, you are Daniel, a young archeologist who wakes up in an haunted castle, with the memories only of his name, his mission to kill the owner of the castle and the fact that a dangerous Shadow is after him. Later on he discovers a note to himself (the forementioned quotes come from there), and he starts on his mission to redeem himself for a past he is unaware of, but slowly discovers it's obscurity through his descent into the darkness...

A masterpiece of the horror game industry I have yet to finish, but I truly recommend.

EDIT: Finally finished the game, after 3 years of playing it with extremely long breaks! It was indeed amazing, and the ending, especially the good one, was oddly full and satisfying :heart: This game deserved all the publicity it got (and it still gets). Next stop: Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs!

For the contest "The Dark Descent" held by :iconphotomanipulatorsx3:.

Stock used:

Background: :iconelandria:…
Girl: :iconddlinstock:…
Candles: :icongracies-stock:… :icondarkenedheart-stock: darkenedheart-stock.deviantart…
Lantern: :iconchop-stock:…
Bookcase: :iconmarmaladepip:…
Books: :iconmoonchild-ljilja:…
Papers (notes): :iconftourini:…
Bottle: :iconraduluchian:…
Rose petals: :iconla-chatte-noire:… :icontwo-ladies-stocks:

This was truly exhausting, but one of my few works I am satisfied with... I thank my brilliant stockers, and the magnificent ChristabelleLAmort for her advise on lighting effects from the bottom of my heart!

Hope you like! Favourites and comments are much appreciated!
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You are most welcome! :tighthug:
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wonderful lights dear, beautiful
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Oh, thanks a lot sweetie! :hug:
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Nice lighting, it really adds to the mood
KaterinaTheStorm's avatar
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Great work! Thanks for using my stock! :hug:
TheRainGirl's avatar
Thanks a lot for your kind words! :hug:
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Ohh Amnesia! Have this game already for a long time on my computer, but actually played about just half an hour and stopped :fear: Now instead of playing I'm watching a walkthrough of the game on youtube :rofl:
You created truly wonderful manip, sweetie! In my opinion it represents the mood of the game very well. Rose petals, the lantern, the notes, candles and other details - everything contribute greatly to the overall atmosphere of the work (I'm just glad that there is no that horrible grunt monster here :sprint: :laughing:) And I'm happy that my small tips concerning lightning were useful, I think you've done it very good :clap: Good luck in the contest, I do hope you will win! :tighthug:
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Oh you have played it too? :w00t: That is so awesome! Amnesia is certainly my favourite horror video game (I so love Frictional Games :heart:) alongside with Ib!
I have played until the water monster and then I got stuck... Once I get my laptop back from the repairements I am restarting though.. :happybounce:

Well, it is a VERY scary game, nobody can blame you for quiting (I have done it many times myself ;p But mostly I play with friends so it is ok).

Youtube walkthroughs rock! Especially Pewdiepie and Cry, they are so awesome! :tighthug: Though I rarely watch Amnesia walkthroughs (just custom stories), I don't want to get spoilers! :squee:

Thanks a lot! Your words honor me a lot! :huggle: I am glad you think I got the feeling across, it was certainly my main objective! :tighthug: (haha,this artwork is grunt-monster free, I couldn't find stock for that ;p)

Thanks again, I am certainly going to need luck there are MANY good entries for the contest! :happybounce: And for the lighting tips.. I couldn't thank you enough! :tighthug: :glomp: :tighthug:
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Amazing! <3 There's so much energy in this piece!
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