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I’m having a lot of severe anxiety since starting tomorrow, I’ll be at a seminar at this art school I’ve always wanted to go to. I’m paranoid out of my mind of doing something wrong or genuinely discouraging myself on accident by messing everything up.

I just don’t know what to do, but panic.
Childhood Trauma: Mr. Meaty 2: The Sequel: 2x
Why. Why do you guys motivate me so much.

I marathoned Mr. Meaty for a big majority of yesterday. And now this show has been growing on me. So I did a sequel to a dump I only did YESTERDAY. *goofy stern voice* You people and your inspiration and your talk of why these two would work as a couple. *cough cough* :iconabrigedfoamy:...

Anyway, let’s get into the information:

1. I don’t really imagine much regarding Mr. Meaty mpreg honestly. I know I did promise it someday and I still promise, don’t worry. But for now, I’m just gonna stay true to the characters. Josh would probably see children as being a permanent babysitter since he barely tolerated his customers lol Parker on the other hand would totally want to have children and probably would go to great lengths to get kids of his own. Nevertheless, Josh held onto the finances to keep Parker from adopting or getting in contact with anyone on Craigslist or EBay.

2. Though Parker did find his own way, as he created a child out of ribs, bacon and chicken legs. Dubbing the child Hammie, he was adamant that him and Josh were now parents to this creepy raw meat baby. Josh tried to play along for the most part when he realized that Parker was serious and that no talk of what the baby really was was going to tweak Parker’s mind. So Hammie stayed.

3. Until finally 3 months later, he rotted into a husk of green fuzzy moldy raw meat. Josh decided to soften the blow for the heartbroken Parker by giving Hammie a proper burial and a funeral. To say that Parker was distraught was... an underestimation. And I guess you could argue that Josh missed Hammie too, of course he’d never admit it.

4. Parker‘s melancholy towards losing his meat son was comically sad in many ways. As Parker didn’t like cooking with ham, set up a shrine for his son and even tried to Frankenstein Hammie by digging up his rotted meaty corpse and waiting for the next lightning storm. And then he tried to make a new son and luckily Josh stopped him.

5. Realizing that Parker needed to be snapped back to reality, Josh used his Josh way of thinking to try and cheer him up... what? I drew these two fucking in a deep frier and you’re seriously disgusted?

6. This is an interpretive thing. I’ll let you decide which one of them gets pregnant here. I thought Josh at first since he’s the smaller of the two, but then I remembered how I said that Parker is the definitely more feminine of the two. Ehhhh. I’d say both are fair game. Also yes a pregnancy test is in that burger patty ;P

“All god’s creatures fresh off the grill, so come on down to Mr. Meaty where friends meet to eat MEAT.”

Comment down who you think the pregnancy test actually belongs to.
Stupid Faculty Fusions
Whew, I got too many things done today. Basically, this is just a very stupid idea I had. But I remember that many people like SU, so accept this as me baiting you to watch Sit Down Shut Up. Ahahahaha.

This is just me playing with the hetero ships I made for this show. So let’s just explain:

Andrew= Egyptian Diamond (gem on right shoulder)
Helen= Brown Zircon (gem on throat)
Fusion= Angel Aura Quartz

Larry= Onyx (gem on forehead)
Miracle= Rose Quartz (gem on bellybutton)
Fusion= Thulite

Sue= Red Diamond (gem on upper chest)
Stuart= Pearl (gem on heart)
Fusion= Kunzite

A very stupid idea, but shoutout to :iconkatiebug586: for her OG idea of making a Steven Universe/Sit Down Shut Up effect

So theres this OTHER cartoon I made
So this is a cartoon idea I had for a while, from an old comic I did in my freshmen year of high school. I drew one singular comic and stapled the pages together, but it’s stored away. It was called Mindstar and was basically a series of mini comics that could be just standalone strips, if you’ve seen things like Oh Yeah Cartoons, What A Cartoon or Kablam, you get the picture. This is where Aubrey and the Queens and the cancelled Akuma from Shadows started, so you can thank this comic.

But this comic was actually intended to be what now is Aubrey and the Queens as a series. The Astral Plane is a black comedy-normal comedy-fantasy comic, following three siblings: The neurotic and somewhat sarcastic Peter and his two sisters flighty, hippie Bodhi and spoiled, self-centred valley girl Blair. The difference with the sisters is that Bodhi is an astral projection. The plot is basically this: Bodhi was an easily distracted hippie who is one day hit by an oncoming train trying to save flowers from the tracks. Her parents stupidly call a witch doctor as opposed to be a real doctor who cures Bodhi of her now coma by making her into a magic astral projection that can only communicate with the family. Bodhi also has some increased powers, such as telekinesis, levitation and illusion creating. United, her and her siblings go on wild, crazy adventures as she learns about her new powers as an astral projection and gets to know her new environment since nobody except for her family can see her. Usually the adventures are Peter, Blair and Bodhi granting wishes willy-nilly. I originally cancelled doing more episodes though because nobody really would be interested in something that isn’t story driven since this series really isn’t a big story just mini adventures with a boy, a girl and their not there but still there sister. Plus Aubrey had an ongoing plot line from the get-go.

Other ideas I had for cartoons included;
* The Artsy Menace Alebrije— The adventures of a college girl who goes to a fancy art school in the big city, who works as a colourful superhero called the Alebrije, who wears a colourful 80s looking costume, has a tail, wings and horns. Cancelled due to it being too much like Ladybug and the fact that this would’ve grated my nerves to write.
* Aloha Jupiter— A school for superheroes and supervillains, following a team of five superheroes: Zaff, Jaime the Flexible, Voyd, Wallflower and Barabus. Cancelled because My Hero Academia And Mucha Lucha nailed this trope better.
* Family Matters— A family of superheroes consisting of a mom, Dad, their two biological kids and three adopted children. Obviously we know why it got cancelled.
* Karanormal— A girl named Kara who can see and befriend ghosts, including gay ghost Parker and old fashioned princess ghost Josephine, as they befriend new ghosts in Kara’s new house. Not cancelled, but I’ll draw it out.
* Computer— Just a series about two college students who are an on again off again couple and their annoying robotic Brainiac-like alien that lives with them as a refugee. Cancelled cause WHO CAREEEEEEES lol I didn’t like this one at all and I still wrote it.
This Ship Made Me Sit Down and Shut the Yaoi Up

Okay so funny, funny story I wake up one morning, make some coffee, grab my cup, sip that shit and go to my laptop. And I go to my handy dandy nifty Instagram app while I google recipes for Mac and cheese cuz that’s what I do in my spare time. And then my friend who I watch cartoons with quite frequently (and knows how to do mean adaptations of them as well) DMs me with a screenshot from the episode Hurricane Willard of that teacher cartoon I never shut up about what’s it called again? Shut Down, Sit Up? And it was of Well Stuart on top of Sue.

Confused? I find Stuart the hardest character to ship with since all the circumstances point that any soulmate he could have that’s male can’t be with him. Ennis is straight af, the show kinda jams down your throat how straight Larry is (this hasn’t stopped me from shipping them though if we’re honest), Willard and Happy? No. Andrew, for a while, but it wasn’t as cute as Starry. Sorry Andruart people. But in the episode Hurricane Willard, Stuart spends the whole episode trying to impress Sue, giving her a microphone as a gift and even performing a puppet show in which he saves her from a wolf and calls her a princess. I hated this ship at first, because I didn’t want to make Proszackian a straight normie, but as I kept going I just COULDN’T not ship them. Both of them are kinda sociopathic (Stuart put Willard in a breaking fortune machine and kept putting coins into it so it would electrocute him, gave Happy a miscellaneous body to burn when everyone thought Willard died of a heart attack, said he got arrested 15 times and one could argue being a prison clown is not an actual career lol Sue on the other hand would fuck over her whole schoolboard with an episode dedicated to stopping her, attempting to cover up when she hit Ennis with her car and resusitating all the teachers that had heart attacks (yep there’s an episode where these characters fucking die) cuz she couldn’t afford to rehire more.

So technically speaking, I could see these two hooking up in some sort of heterosexual AU I would do for the show. Especially since he actually succeeded in impressing her and it seemed genuine from her reaction. So here’s some headcanons for this ship nobody asked for:

1. Stuart’s always late to dates because he wants to go above and beyond. Sue gets irritated sometimes when Stuart wants to impress her because he does that too much. Changing his appearance is one thing.

2. Throughout Hurricane Willard, Sue gets mad at Stuart everytime he does something Looney Tunes-esque. Like holding up signs to speak, turning his feet into a motor, trying to jump through a portal he throws at the wall, etc. She kinda still hates it to this day, but finds when Stuart does certain things cute. So if his heart beats and pumps like crazy out of his chest, it’s nothing she won’t find secretly adorable.

3. Office chair naptime. I have a personal Headcanon Sue kinda needs Stuart to get something done. Like she gets thrown off if he can’t come to work that day. It’s a little silly on her part but you kinda feel with her. I guess she needs the opposing spectrum to do something successful. So whenever she falls asleep in the office chair, Stuart will just come in casually and flop on it too.

4. Sue pondered for a while how important she made Stuart. I could imagine a scenario where Stuart is working next to Sue, cutting a piece of paper by chewing it (since he’s not allowed to use scissors) and doing tasks for Sue here or there Like getting her coffee and all that. And then he finally shakes it in her face and she takes it and it’s a love letter. Normally she wouldn’t keep the note but because he’s very dedicated, she started to wonder a lot. I mean, he’s the only guy in the show who was really ever nice to her and I think the show was actually trying to put these two together, putting on Stuart’s website profile that he’s Sue’s happy subservient and even listed Sue as “the woman he closely works for.” ... well if that isn’t obvious enough.

5. The mature content is up because of this picture. Stuart is allergic to wild parsnips, but because he’s oblivious, he’ll set off that allergy whenever. One time Sue dropped her microphone in the Bush and he saw it a friendly gesture to reach into it, getting horribly scratched by the plant and getting a bad reaction. Bloodshot red eyes, puffy body, amongst other things. Figured body horror wasn’t the best thing to show any 10 year olds who watched this show lol

6. I nailed the artstyle without tracing the screenshots this time Hahahaha



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART


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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Lizz, bisexual, Canadian, nature spirituality, 17, Aquarius, amethyst

I do what I wanna do, say what I wanna say, draw what I wanna draw, play how I wanna play, ship what I wanna ship, watch what I wanna watch, and enjoy what I wish to enjoy~!

Come tolerate my toaster oven brain, lighten your aura and help yourself to some juice on the counter.

:heart: Lizz
It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these, haven’t I? I couldn’t keep this story to myself. This literally happened about two hours ago. You can believe this or you cannot believe this. I leave it up to you. But anyone who meditates or can decipher things like this, please read ahead and try and help.

I have said that I’m agnostic, but I’ve always had an attachment to meditation and spirituality in general. So I decided two weeks back to buy some chakra stones and healing stones.

Tonight, when my parents went out, I decided to sit and meditate for a bit. I didn’t have my stones or anything. But I did wear my trimoon necklace (a chain that is a symbol of three phasing moons, kinda like Hekatia the Necromancer’s cheekmarks). So I meditate for a bit, listening to a calming playlist, my dog resting next to me. I then decide to do some yoga, including downward facing dog and bicycle kicks balancing my legs and lower body upwards. I suddenly get this epiphany to look outside.

And there was a brown rabbit in the garden. It was burrowing and exploring this tree that I am very fond of. I watched it. I got some lettuce and left a leaf for it. A scary thing was that I stopped meditating for a bit and the rabbit went away. When I did my meditation again, the rabbit would return.

I then began to feel this odd feeling in my forehead that is still going on as I type this. Not a headache. It was in between my eyebrows kind of. It felt like something was on my forehead even though there wasn’t. I went upstairs and grabbed my quartz crystal and rubbed it against my forehead and it actually made the feeling become more and more prominent.

And what was even better? The rabbit gave birth to bunnies in that burrow. I don’t know what it means or if it was an odd phenomenon.

But as an agnostic person, I find this to be a real eye-opening experience for me.

Anyone know what this could mean?


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