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I'm Brittani but I'd prefer you call me Bri. I love making characters both original and fandom based. I love designing costumes and outfits. I love rainbows, plushies, cupcakes, and anything cute.
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If you aren't up here but think you should be, hit me up. ;3
So I've been putting this off for far too long. orz Real life has been crazy hectic and exhausting on top of my physical and mental health issues.

Also weh, I still need to get another core subscription. orz

For one, my sister got married and her new husband joined the military. He actually left for his basic training yesterday. He'll be in South Carolina for a while before he goes somewhere for his AIT. So My sister and Ty are dealing with him being away after living with us for like the past year or so. It's hard because after Ty got sick he got super close and it sucks that he's away. But for now we at least Tiff and Ty will stick around because I'll miss our little monster baby when he moves away to his dad's official station. ;A;

My grandpa is dealing with degenerative disc problems that have finally reached its breaking point. He may be getting surgery to try and alleviate the pain but it's high stakes since it can either work or paralyze him from the waist down. This is something we knew would happen eventually but it never seemed real until the last year or so. T^T

So yeah, a lot has been going on that has been either distracting me or just adding stress.

Not to mention the stress and anger that Gamestop and UPS put me through for almost a month now. So I ordered the Deluxe Edition of KH3, it got lost then damaged and now neither of the companies know where it is. It got worse because when I called Gamestop they acted like it was my fault their shipping company screwed up and after initially offering to cancel the order they lied and said they couldn't. But after getting my mom to chew them out finally it got canceled and I'm waiting for my refund so I can get it from another store. But after all of that, I've pretty much lost all interest in KH3 which is terrible after how long I've waited for this game. D:<

Despite that, I still have the idea of making a new Kingdom Hearts sona and to flesh out the background characters I initially thought of for Tamami's backstory. One is her mage dad and the other her dad's friend who is a keyblade master and Sayuri's former mentor. I'm thinking Tama will seek him out during KH story to better learn to use her powers and wield her keyblade.

But right now Zelda is my priority fandom as usual. I'm working very hard on a new DoD cover piece with some help from Ashuri. But Rinku is making things very difficult for me. I've gone through like five different poses but lucky for me themaunster helped me sort it out finally. orz Atm, Zelas looks the best and Gandali is only a rough sketch but it's progress. >A> At the very least I'm learning a lot of anatomy from it. I also have a big pixel piece of the DoD deities including the canon goddesses, Metroid-Tamer's Ethiel, and my Breya. It's got a nice rough sketch but nothing more atm.

I'm also almost done with my BotW styled Zora base. I thought I had been done with it but I noticed a few things were bugging me so I had to go back and fix them. But once it's done it will have tadpoles through elders for both genders. :dummy: On top of that, I have rough sketches of some BotW adult Rito bases too. I'll still have to do bases for my Goron, Keaton, Minish, and Yeti characters but they won't be as extensive as the Zora so that's ok. orz 

I think once I get my BotW next gens and designs for the dod champions I'll put Zelda ocs on the back burner. Seriously, y'all don't even want to know the total number of Zelda ocs I have now. |D So I think that will be best until I make some progress on the NFA ones. Though working on my Steven Universe gems is very tempting. TwT At the very least I'd like the redesign Coral and Maren as well as post the rest of the Prism Gems finish Black's Court.

I don't want to make any promises but I'm considering opening up another pageant. Maybe a Magical Girl pageant since it should have a wider audience than the fandom ones. D:

Other than that, I can't say what else I'll be up to. I'd still like to make a new base for normal adopts. As well as follow through on those style specific reference bases I have planned a while back. :la:

Oh! And I have a Pearl Project in the works too. Special for Steven Universe fan Pearls and including all of mine as well as a few cute Pearl designs that I like. I may even take requests/suggestions of fan Pearl designs I like. I already have some nice sketch ideas for this but I'll start out with Black Diamond's Pearls.

So that's all I can think about atm, but if I remember anything else I'll probablly do a status post about. XD
So how are y'all doing?



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Drunk shenanigans by PaddysDemon  hope this makes u laugh :D
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Guess what I finished~

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Happy EXTREMELY belated birthday
plz don't kill me ;A; I'm not worthy, I'm a worm! 
please let me make it up to you, what would you like as a gift? 
seriously though I'm so sorry, I'm not worthy of being called one of your besties OTL
school got me all fucked up ;___;
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