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Halli Base - Extended Cut

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Attention! You are not allowed to use this for commissions or adoptables of any kind.

Base Rules:
Bri's Terms of UseLast Updated: 8/21/2016
Properly updating my terms of usage since people have been misusing my art for their own uses. And honestly I want to plaster them over everything so that it get through the thick skulls of the ignorant people out there.

Base Rules

- You are not allowed to use my bases for point or paypal commissions/adoptables/ect unless I have given you permission. However, you can use them for fake currencies.
- You can edit my bases as much as you want but remember to link back!
- Send me any edits you make!
- Link back wherever you post a doll made with my base.
- Do not display my bases anywhere!
- Don't franken-base (steal parts of my bases to use in your own or with others) or claim my bases as your own.
- Don't copy my base to make your own.
- Please let me know if anyone has not been following the rules mentioned above.
Pixel Rules
- You are not allowed to use my pixels for your own art. i.e. taking a part of the doll like the hair and recoloring

Edit// Forgot to mention earlier, but I don't want to see any 'inspired by' bases like this one because I worked really hard on it and I don't want any knockoffs. Its free to use for personal stuff so use it, just don't copy it. D:<

So this is a major update to my Halli base that I'm sure you've seen already:
Halli Base by theRainbowOverlord

I simplified the actual number of poses but you are welcome to mix and match them and even use different angled heads but still the number of bases is huge so you will have to download the zip or note me and I'll link you to my stash uploads.

This update includes new poses for the original sets and an all new forward facing sets and some fantasy race edits for both including elf ears, centaurs, fauns, mermaids, nagas, etc. Also there are sets for teens, tweens, children, toddlers, babies and even some infants. This update took a lot of work and I'm quite proud of it so if you use it be sure to link back to me or the deviation.

Anywho, I hope you have fun with the new edits and show me what you do with it by linking back to me. ;3
© 2014 - 2021 theRainbowOverlord
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I'm using your base here, but its just a wip right now :D
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:happybounce: They look awesome so far! :D
bunifu's avatar
I am working on an Albino Wyvern girl with Leopard spots. It's taking a while, but I'm very happy with how Nagendra's lookin' so far!
theRainbowOverlord's avatar
She looks promising. I'm sure she will be great when she's done. :3
bunifu's avatar
Thanks! I rarely doll-up these kinds of bases, so I'm not the best, but I try ;3
theRainbowOverlord's avatar
Welcome, I'm the opposite I don't use the types of bases that you do! XD
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I'm wondering, can I use this for Points commissions?
Of course, I'll give you a share of the points depending on how much I actually get. :)

If you say no, I understand and thank you.
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Sorry but this base is off limits as it my favorite and got the most work put into it. But I might be open to you using my other bases for similar commissions. :3
invertqueen7's avatar
Well then....Can I use the Desi Base? :)
theRainbowOverlord's avatar
That would be much better. XD
invertqueen7's avatar
Then when I get points, I'll give you a share of them :) K?
theRainbowOverlord's avatar
As long as you are just using them for point commissions that works for me. :3
invertqueen7's avatar
Oh, and also the Alexander & Brianna bases too?

If you say no, then that's ok :)
RavenclawChic's avatar
OMG this base set. :heart:

Used here, and I'm definitely thinking this'll be my new go to base when inspiration strikes :)
theRainbowOverlord's avatar
Thank you! <33
I just saw it in my watch~ I'm glad to hear you want to use it. :D
invertqueen7's avatar
If you end up doing the KH oc collab, I'd join in :)

Oh, btw, I love the base too
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