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Liara Human (Blonde) DL

Specially made for :icondorianpavus:, he loved the blonde version. I really like it myself now too. I did a separate version to mainly keep the file size small, to give people an option of blonde or brunette, and to show it off. Anyways, all I ask is that you DON'T
use it for PORNIf I see it used for porn I will remove the download link.

Original Liara model by ObscureMemories

Romance body by: ?

Hair by SonYume
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...I feel like I should use this for porn, for some reason.

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What can be this model opened with? I raged trying to find suitable soft! Wild .mesh format... 3dmax couldn't open it, Blender couldn't, Daz studio couldn't.
XNALara opens this format but not this exact model. It gives error.
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It's meant to be opened with XPS, not XNA. :)
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welp i used it for porn
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I specifically asked people not to, don't ruin it for everyone else you douche.
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If I were Shepard, I'd marry her in a heartbeat.
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Really well made! Thanks!
Blonde is the best color for her I believe!
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I think red hair would be cool too.
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I'll think about it. :)
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Ok! Take your time!
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I love it indeed. The blonde goes so well with the white and blue. Ah, Liara. :heart:
Thank you for this version! It's absolutely gorgeous. :hug:
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Oh my, Dorian is gonna love this! :giggle: I :heart: Liara this way, too...but ergh, I can't decide which way Human Liara looks better, blonde or brunette!

Seriously, you did truly awesome work with them both! :love: Please keep us posted if you make any more outfits for Blonde or Brunette Liara...or, ahem, no clothes at all? (I only use nudes for *art* with romance in mind, NEVER for porn, my word of honor on that!) :hug:
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I can definitely try though. :)
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That would be awesome, please! I have no idea how busy you are, take your time! :)
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