Krita 4.4.0 has been released!

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A release for those who love patterns and gradients, Krita 4.4.0 has a ton of new fill layer goodness like screen-tones, scriptable fill layers with seexpr, and pattern transformation, as well as a lot of gradient goodness in the form of gradients that dynamically change with the fore or background color changing as well as gradient maps for brushes and textures. The latter set allows for creating brushes that do the following in a single stroke:

Flowers Gradients Lightness

Go check it out!

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undeadcrabstick's avatar

What a wonderful update! I don't think there is another art software that gives pleasant surprises as frequantly as Krita does. And it's completely free!

EarlyOnion's avatar

Oooohohoho yasss~ Thanks for informing. I am a sucker for patterns and gradients. Can't wait to test the features out! xD I'm still enjoying the watercolour brushes and textures from versions ago, haha~

However, Krita now feels heavy. So, I checked the system requirement today on their website and realised I am now at its minimum. Any heavier, I'd have to say goodbye to Krita... and that is very sad! :<

Maybe Krita can separate its software, one for normal art and another for the animation (I assume that's what makes it heavy).

Kalia24's avatar

Yay, seems helpful in my never-ending struggle with making backgrounds xD

EDIT: Oh, and I see a "spark generator" - something I chiselled myself in previous Krita by turning on almost every randomizing option i star-shaped brush xD It's nice it would be handled in a bit more elegant way now.

Erameris's avatar

This is what I've been wanting in Krita, thank you.