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Megaman Tribute

Got the Okay from :iconudoncrew: to finally put this up!

This piece was submitted as an entry to the Megaman Tribute artbook, it focuses on the battle between X and Vile that happens early on in the game "Megaman X" which was the first game in the series that I got really into. It showed a great way to evolve the franchise and managed to tell a meaningful story with very limited exposure, mix the awesome graphics and music and there's no way I wasn't going to be a fan!

Really thrilled to be a part of this collection of talent, here are the details concerning the book itself and its release :)

-the book is premiering at the San Diego Comic-con at the UDON booth (#5037), July 20-24
-for fans not attending the show, you can preorder the book at ([link] )

- The standard softcover edition is also available for preorder on ([link] )
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Good art, But its overdone again, I don't remember it being THAT dramatic.

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Megaman Badass X
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Oh man, the Vile fight. I love this.
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Dang this is nice. Love the action going on in this piece, and all the character you put into this. The detail work proves you put some great effort into this, and I would say those efforts paid off. I like how there are gritty details found about the painting that give it a battle worn feeling. I can feel Vile's fear coming off this picture, and X's confidence. Nice job!
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Gah! So much energy in this picture! Always been a sucker for MMX stuff (especially Vile's Ride Armor) Everything is captured so well in this frame that you can't help but imagine what happens immediately after.

Also, I find it a nice touch that you can see a little bit of wear and tear on the ride armor, bullet holes here and there, indicating it has been a fierce battle all the way to this point.
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I will be honest. I hated that battle. what's the point of the fight that you can't win? -_-
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An interesting thing about the second fight with vile was that if you shot fully charged fish homing rockets the moment before he trapped and immobilized you, you could totally push him off the screen and it would lock the game.  I found that on accident when I was just trying to see how long I could last and fired those homing fish rockets right before he trapped me.
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The first battle with Vile was suppose to show growth. X barely had any battle experience, hence why he didn't stand much of a chance with Vile. The designers wanted show that X seemed weak at first, but is capable of overcome obstacles, hence why they made it where you couldn't win the first battle. If you noticed after beating the Mavericks, X showed he had "limitless potential".

Heh, sorry for the long comment. ^^;
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alright, but what about the second battle? even all that, X can't destroy Vile's mecha suit. Why not?
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It was suppose to be that X used up all his strength to take down the Vile and his ride armor. Seeing how Zero sacrificed himself to destroy Vile and that the said sacrificed failed, X gained his strength back after seeing that he lost his best friend. So if you take that into consideration, you're seeing an example of X's limitless power/potential. Maverick Hunter X for the PSP also makes this true.

Here, I highly recommend watching this:…
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I'm talking about the mech armour he uses. even after that, X still can't defeat vile without zero's help. is the creators Bias towards Zero?
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Well, Keiji Inafune developed the X series, and had Zero planned as the next megaman. There's that and Zero's his favorite character. He scrapped the idea only believing that fans would not like a "red megaman". So X was born instead and Zero served as his friend and mentor.

Keep in mind, Vile was pretty unbeatable when he had that mech armor. Don't forget, Zero was captured by Vile on the second encounter and he blew himself up. But you see after Zero dies, X manages to tap into his power and murder Vile. Besides, Zero died at least twice (Once in X1 and then in X5. Not counting X3 because he was only seriously injured in that one optional mission.) So how could they be biased? X has about 10 games named after him. Zero only has the 4.
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I didn't say that. only biased in the first game. Sorry.
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that is totally magnetos helmet
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It actually does look like Magneto's one. Damn
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Great intensity of color, really pushes this piece to the limits! we all know Mega has no limits tho haha
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Megaman X VS Vile in Mech Armor, and you made it legendary, just like the series. You should make art for Capcom.
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This is awesome! 
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Epic incarnate, if I do say so myself.
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Wow, killer action, styley, and details!
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