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Frog -Chrono Trigger-

Im a HUGE fan of the SquareEnix RPG Chrono Trigger, this is merely a tribute to one of the coolest characters in the game, Frog. Easily one of my favorite characters in any game.

This was drawn by hand (in 2003, lolz) and colored in Photoshop 5 years later
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Hello!!! Can I use this art to my album's cover of the Frog's Theme?

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The coolest amphibians in the world.
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Yes! This is so awesome! 
Fuck I love this image! I've noticed it on the internet from time to time over the years, had to track it down. I feel like you characterized Frog better than he originally was in the game!
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Hi! I use your image for a school project. I am sorry I didn't ask of you. This was back in 2010 I didn't knew better. You inspired me and I will like to upload my project, which was doing pointillism from your beautiful art. But I want to give you credit or something, or at least send it to you as a thank you!!!  This art always make me feel so good about Chrono Trigger. 
Frog cut a mountain in half. What have you done today?
I want your permission to use it as a tattoo!
I want your permission to use that as a tattoo!!!
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:icongreatjobplz: OOOH ! I see what you did there... brilliant ! Magnificently Brilliant !
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the most interesting character in a beautiful perspective. Conglats
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Epic piece of work!! Was always my favorite character of the game!!
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Frog just showing all your epicness!!
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The Frog, epic or just plain out awesome. .. no one knows lol
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One of my fav games of all time as well, frog was an awesome character. Great pic
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Hey! May I have premission to ude this *wonderful* piece of art for my worldpress? I cred you, and link the picture to your DA!
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This is the best image of frog, nice work =)
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This and the theme makes him the most epic character in the game
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thou hast made an epic illustration
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"I'm not a pet. I'm a Knight and master swordsman." - Frog. I think you really captured that here. Awesome stuff.
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