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The Angel

"The Angel"
My personal work for fun.The concept is she come to the world for hunting demons.hope you enjoy.

easy to contact me for the art commission here>>
Thank you for your support.
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This piece is beautiful! I was wondering if I could have your permission to use this art as a character picture on a MUD RP website called Hollow ( your artist name and a link to this picture will be provided on the profile if given permission.
Have a good day ~
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WOW. Excellent! PLEASE tell me you have a tutorial somewhere!
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I love the expression on the character. The dark hues in the artwork perfectly fits the mood of the character as well! Clap 
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That's totally awesome! :clap: :love:
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It's interesting to see an angelic character with such dark colouring. She looks quite malicious almost. Her wings though white are dark and brooding, and her expression is quite derisive rather than simply righteous. It's not just her red eyes, its the human way she looks at you while maintaining an air of superiority that seems to do it. In the same vein she has quite dark blues, and a turquoise which has a very green tint.
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Very nice armor and clothing design :clap:
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She's a hotty ^^
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Huh. A female angel. According to lore, presuming IF they appear human at all, it's normally always male, since, being inmortal, they'd never have had need for sexual dimorphism.

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Angel similar to human when they are on earth.
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you are welcome :)
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This is amazing, nice work!!
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Thank you very much.
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