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Dragon bird

By TheRafa
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White dragon bird stay high on fantasy world.
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Awesome work! Orange Heart Bullet

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I joined Deviant Art just to like this photo

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CzyDauTepStudent Digital Artist
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I see all of these on a phone app, Do you work for them? Or do they steal your art

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HelloYatta Traditional Artist

Awesome work!

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Amazing !

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ArquiridenHNKStudent Digital Artist

How do you paint your wings?

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This is beautiful 😀
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That is Lovely! Would be great to see it developed into a miniature figure
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Great dragon: And the background is amazing too!!
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Your artwork is fantastic.  Do you do work for hire?  I am looking for a great art piece for my cover for my Alaric can see the first book at  which is my children's picture book site......this book is for pre-teen/teens about a Prince that is 12 years old and leave the castle (takes place in the 1800's) early one morning just as the sun is peaking through the darkness to go on an adventure. He ends up falling down a hole and ends up in the underworld where he meets some scary creatures and meets the Raven Queen....a beautiful woman with a raven sitting on her shoulder.  He meets a young maiden and cannot figure out why she looks familiar to him and to his dismays he discovers that everything he thought he knew is not true......the cover would be of Alaric leaving the castle, pointy spheres daylight and he is dressed in pheasant clothing...not as a prince......he takes a satchel that he fills with a knife, some twine and some food.  If you are interested in doing this or me would you please contact me and tell me how much you would charge.....thanks so much.  Rosemary Evans  and I will describe more of what I am looking for.  Thanks!
What I love most of this Dragon Bird is the coloring and how "real" it are a brilliant artist and have a wonderful imagination. 
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sivousplayHobbyist Artisan Crafter
The entire piece is glorious, but I can't even come up with an acceptable adjective for the wings!!!
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Adora-ManderHobbyist Artist
Amazing work
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Karissa-SaltonProfessional Digital Artist
same person stole this as well Untitled
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SkylCianHobbyist Digital Artist
you draw with a tablet or digitizeror mouse ?
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VorsethHobbyist Digital Artist
dude.... just... dude... Now i have to go draw dragons XD
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 Beautiful!!! thanks :)
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Beautiful work ! Excellent color and lighting ! Great composition and I love those wings.......AWESOME. ❤️💫❤️
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Amazing work, beautiful Love
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TheLandlockedKaijuHobbyist Writer
I'm not normally a fan of the avian/mammalian interpretations of dragons, to me they always seem to work best as reptilian, preferably serpentine or varanoid. I'm also not particularly a fan of the "well it's a hero dragon so it can't be reptilian we have to bird-mammal it up because reptiles can't be noble and heroic only *thinking* animals like mammals can" mode of designing.
Now I bring that up because you've definitely changed things up here; not only is this "avianized" dragon not made so to make it more "relatable" when an artist could use the strengths of a reptilian design to still make something relatable, but it still has *plenty* of a serpentine aura about it that I think a lot of dragon designs, particularly on dA, lack to large degrees in favor of the "scaly wolves with bird wings and mohawks" design (not to disparage those who go for that design, it's just not my cup of tea). The choice to use a very serpentine body plan and slinking pose overlaid with well-integrated feathers makes for a rather visual interesting design in this case, showing what a truly chimeric dragon design ought to look like while also showing that feathers doesn't mean the dragon can't seem vicious, nor that they mean the dragon can't still come off as perfectly draconic.

To put it shortly, outside of Eastern and South American mythology, this is the first feather-dragon I've seen that I can totally get behind.
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This is so beautiful. I love how you made a hybrid of a graceful creature and a fearsome creature. Although I've heard swans can get pretty vicious too.
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