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Keno - Design Reference

After doing my newest Keno artwork, I decided to make a design reference for her. This is a very rough version, but I thought I'd start somewhere. I still can't get the details right easily, so some things are very basic here, and others are just scaled up from the original drawing, but the point is the set down the concept for all of it.

Update July 7, 2021: I put the Little Visitor artwork at the top as it's now the definitive portrait for her and I changed the cheek color reference accordingly.

Update September 1, 2020: I elaborated further on the practical items Keno keeps with her to help myself remember better. Most of them are based on her "Master Skin" variation, but since none of those designs are final either I only visualized the thermos from the rooftop artwork.

Update July 31, 2020: I have decided that part of the useful things Keno carries around are, after all, a pair of shoes.

Update February 9, 2020: I'm phasing out Benji and adding a favorite stuffed animal for Keno.

Update November 28, 2019: I've added new details to the jacket, vest, and belt, and also replaced the picture of Keno in the scale reference section with one that is closer to her canonical proportions.

Update October 27, 2019: I added a new Checklist section at the end. It's just some reminders of things I tend to have issues with when drawing Keno artwork.

Update April 1, 2019: I decided to go back and tweak a few things on this considering new design ideas, mostly with the head and face. First of all, Keno's official nose color is more pinkish now. I have colors for the inside of her mouth now as well. Finally, I decided to do a bit more of a hair guide, since I've spent more time deciding on how I want her hair to be.

Update October 7, 2018: I always say I forget I want Keno to have her headphones more often. Turns out I forgot to even have a design reference for them, so I added them here. Hopefully this should help.

Update June 9, 2017: Changed the hair and face section to reflect the full design done on my newer model sheet.
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