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Valkyrie and Silver

Collab with Lotus-Wolfdragon  ! They sketched/lined/coloured and I finished it on up for us!

Valkyrie and Silver spar, honing in on their skills and burning some excess energy in the cool of the night. As a bonus, Valkyrie active moves to prove her strength to her pack, completing her Rite of Strength.

Refined FB; +8
Extra Character Bonus x1; +2
= +10 antlers to Silver
Rite of Strength Bonus; +8
= 18 antlers to Valkyrie.

Rite of Strength (Solo/Multi)
Before one becomes Kindred, they must prove their strength to the Tuka'ii! Either physical strength, or mental.
Reward: +8 antlers
Replay Value: Once per character.

Valkyrie (c) TheQuietCorvid
Silver (c) Lotus-Wolfdragon 
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I still can't get over how gorgeous the sky is! Thank you so much for another fun collab <33