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Excellent movie, I liked it )
Hachiko by ArtemisA-wolf:thumb140616550::thumb133975230:

two of my favorite breeds of dogs

Golden Retriver
:thumb109015632: I will protect you by feanutri:thumb85800144:
Felicity V by fufuthegreat Princess Kallie by MissAchfoo Felicity I by fufuthegreat impressive title by feanutri
kissing by theVils:thumb133232835::thumb94465909: Small Dog on big Dog by CrazyHuy
Windy Day by Burakku-Takai Golden Retriever by daisiesandclovers Scintille by Kiridou Fallen Leaves by feanutri
Narcoleptic by feanutri the golden path by bryan-cuttance Sweet Dreams are Made of This by feanutri golden retriever's show by eesquiree
Golden retriver by HansBure Winter Winston by SaNNaS GOLDEN winter by theVils Finley by WhiteMilka
:thumb48983946: In Dandelion Collar by DeingeL:thumb103822884:
Sebastian portrait. by eXtremeBiker:thumb63869736: candice by Jamme
.my dog - Dream II. by owczarowana Two by on-my-lips dawg I by Green-Lily GR puppy face by Forgotten-Fairytale
dog II by jeni-cek My dog by Roksolana Golden retriever by Forsword
Puppy by LucidiaBlack With all the snow by EiriSora Tired baby by DeingeL
Not Just Puppy Love III by shatteredmuse smile. by eXtremeBiker good by theVils Snow Puppy by LucidiaBlack
:thumb106433932: Get on top by feanutri Strict by silentiofci In gold by silentiofci
:thumb123361866: puppies by feanutri Feel the Fall by feanutri Yellow Flowers by feanutri
Golden Retriever by LucidiaBlack Jacy-Golden Retriever Puppy11 by sarabil1 New life... by eesquiree
Golden Retriever by Hedling Catch me if you can by eesquiree Golden Retriever Puppy by Phosphos
sad? or not? by feanutri Flying Golden by jevigar mniaaah by feanutri
The sad retriever by Tinalm:thumb50528090::thumb78568230:
A Friendly Face by The-Long-Shot we are angels by feanutri

Shiba Inu
Shiba shiba shiba by Bunnybunbunbunee Snow Miko by ewm Snow Sami by ewm Pink Bandanas by MikoandSami
B and D by incontrollabile Proud Shiba by kaoni701 Dog Nap by BlueTethys
Kuma the Shiba Inu by FallOutAtDisco:thumb79704416: Shiba Inu I by NoirRomance
My First Christmas by smiles2n4u Cute Puppy by photography-gooroo Sin2 by ToyMalice What's That? by smiles2n4u
My Shiba Inu dog Dylan 2 by Spilth Suki the Shiba Puppy by kaoni701 Suki Sneeeeze by kaoni701 Shiba Inu 001 by FoxWolfPhoto
Chico Shiba Inu by KeswickPinhead Suki and the Pot by kaoni701 Shiba inu by samooni
:thumb56976044: Shiba's New Snow by martonsleftshoe Lolapup by tttr0n
Scarf by kaoni701 Happy Puppy by huckfunn
Shiba Inu by fayedilion Playful Shiba by VandalsGirl Xmas time by xPUSYx
:thumb76061230: my baby Shiba by gymnastar1326kairi Portrait of Kiba the Shiba by PuppyDawgChick
:thumb41271232: Shiba by nikkiburr SHIBA INU by kellaymarie
Hirumi by tinctorium Nino4 by ThePyf
The Journey by MoonsongWolf
Shiba Inu by CorvidaeArt
ThornGeld Inu by KatieHofgard a very rozzy christmas by luve the annoyed dog. by thekitty
Allgrownupkeiko by Viewer-Discretion What's in a bucket? by Ryukai Shiba Inu by SicTransit983
Shiba x 3 by sapphirelotus:thumb3493131: Keiko by Calvin-Nobody
I Caught a Leaf by miss-beibei

and few lovely breeds
I hope you find your favourite breed

Labrador retriever
:thumb65892050: Labrador Retriever II by harhaa:thumb116808839::thumb103198693:
Summerdoggie by rakkaut Einstein II by lovable-moments My Labrador Retriever by Bigvicente Labrador Retriever Joker by nele102
:thumb121105405: Kira lounging - close up by IceForest borotrait by yadira-szara
:thumb100276630: vedra by graustufe:thumb112195944:
Kaido and Lotus by Renesj Hannah by snak

Shining Bright by lovable-moments Flatcoated Retriever by SaNNaS:thumb119125428:
The world is so big... by paddee Sitt, stay by SaNNaS

German Shepherd
Little Vampire by unfrozenduck:thumb120998171: Falco, german shepherd by SaNNaS German shepherd by Indycola
:thumb128985041: German Shepherd Dog by lovable-moments Lovable by unfrozenduck
nora sweety by valentina-86 nora2 by valentina-86:thumb93059931:
My Dog Again... by DREAMCA7CHER Lets Play by DREAMCA7CHER

Belgian Shepherd
Athlete dog by Kjutichen
Tervueren puppy by Kjutichen run baby run by Kjutichen
belgian shepherd 003 by yulis 'Cheese' Tervueren by cielshapes concentrated Belgian Shepherd by Kjutichen
belgian shepherd 002 by yulis belgian shepherd 007 by yulis

Australian Shepherd
:thumb107645661::thumb88763173: Spree's Hobbies by FastandFurry
working sheepdog by fairytale33

Border Collie
:thumb108608816: Are You a Sheep? by cielshapes Watch Out by FastandFurry
Christmas elf by svarci Mysterious eyes by svarci Under the snowflakes by svarci
The long way home by svarci Border Collie pic by daisy7 Syke Close Up by FastandFurry
:thumb106970591: Border Collie Baby by FastandFurry Pool by FastandFurry:thumb142174516:
Border Collie 52 by Museik Tennis Ball 01 by aleliaw Walking in Line by FastandFurry
:thumb83757986:Wanna play? by svarci

Rough/Smooth Collie
Foxi by SigitiusCatch me if you can by SigitiusSneaking by Sigitius